Orient Software has a long and comprehensive experience on working with education providers on all levels. Our applications for education have always been successful in achieving the objectives. You can trust our expertise to create an educational solution using the best software based on your needs. Read on to see how we do it.

Supporting All Aspects of Education

Orient Software recognizes the different requirements that the three main actors on any education system - organizer, instructor and student – have. Crucial to successful education is the understanding that these three actors have needs and requirements that often are conflicting, but will all lead to a common goal, when correctly interpreted. This means that even if an education software solution has a limited target group, it should always strive to support this common goal, which is learning efficiently and being able to put the learned into practice.

Computer-supported education sees wide use in all levels of teaching and learning, from schools to higher education institutes, professional training, as well as learning coupled with entertainment and leisure. This brings many opportunities, yet one major challenge is to determine, which applications of education technology are appropriate to bring into use for any particular education environment. For this, it is advisable to partner with experts who have gathered long experience on applying education technology to practice.

Orient Software as Your Partner in Education

At Orient Software, education is one of our main areas of expertise, as we have successfully delivered multiple products that support education with technology. Whether your requirement is to integrate an existing Learning Management System into the workflow of an educational institution, or to implement a specialized tool from scratch, we are always able to help.