The Internet has transformed the manner in which consumers access media. From Androids to iPhones, and PCs to Macs, consumers now receive digital content on-demand, customized for their interests. Across radio, e-books, films, newspapers and magazines the media consumption is growing. And while the demand for content grows, those providing content still face the hurdle of leveraging their unique media properties.

Media Hurdles & Opportunities in Digital Asset & Content System Management

Getting the most out of Your Content

When it comes to leveraging your online assets, the online publishing and media industry is two-sided. First, you must be responsive to your viewers’ needs by serving them appropriate content and programming. Next you must deliver on promises to advertisers. That means your content must target the right audience for your advertisers’ desires. The challenges you face serving both viewers and advertisers are unique to the online media and publishing industry. They can include regularly adjusting business and revenue models to maintain your competitiveness and quickly adapt to new technologies.


Integrating ads on multiple platforms gives users the opportunity to access content on multiple devices. And while cross-platform integration is what the market demands today, it also gives advertisers a great opportunity to better target and segment their marketing efforts.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Being in control of where and how your content gets published is paramount in the publishing and media industry. Usage limitations, copyright restrictions and royalty calculations today force businesses to guarantee secure content to ensure the safety of your investment.

Analyzing Data

Being able to provide users’ demographic data to advertisers is critical to making money in the online media market and building an improved income stream.

How Orient Software Provides Digital Asset Management Solutions

At Orient Software, we will leverage your current media assets so they become more flexible and responsive to the constantly evolving online landscape. The custom media solution we design for your business will be adaptable to many devices. Orient Software provides customized, effective technology solutions including:

  • Database maintenance solutions
  • Web hosting
  • Intricate database-driven web applications
  • Digital asset management solutions
  • Digital marketing solutions

Content Providers

Create a digital asset management solution that helps your business publish and manage content online. Integrate your social media platforms, design microsites, and capture your users’ data to later provide them with unique content. On top of that, you can integrate video and audio, flash animations, and contests, and other interactive components to increase user time spent on your solution.

Product Developers

Design a cross platform business-to-business or business-to-consumer solution that will enrich your application and at the same time inviting user participation.


Add to your marketing strategy by having us design a mobile, digital or web solution, integrating social media and capturing user information to better target your efforts.

Orient Software Services in Digital Asset Management for the Publishing and Media Industry

  • Intricate web applications that are database enabled
  • Content and digital asset management that allow easy online content management and publishing
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Developing and designing effective microsites
  • Creating banners for synchronized event promotion
  • Database maintenance and web hosting
  • Designing and providing online word games, card games, puzzles etc.
  • Integrate video and audio, flash animations, and contests, and other interactive components
  • Integrating social media platforms and versatile mobile applications