The Internet of Things

Internet of Things has been stirring up the Technology world for the last few years, as it impacts how everything works and how we proceed in our everyday daily activities. But really, what is Internet of Things and is it really that impactful?

What is Internet of Things (IoT)

In short, Internet of Things technology enables objects to connect to the Internet and communicate to each other. What does this mean? Simply, IoT is an ecosystem of physical objects that are all connected to a mutual network, which is the Internet. These objects can be anything - from a clock, to a heart monitor, or a door sensor, even the car you are driving; everything can be connected and send signals (aka, communicate) to each other. These objects are assigned an IP address and can make decisions without going through any human commands.


Common application of IoT in everyday life

If you are still confused about what exactly IoT is, some examples about very familiar daily real-life objects can help you understand further about the usage of IoT in everyday life. Do you have a smart rice cooker which can cook your rice perfectly by measuring and keeping track of how the rice is being cooked? Have you heard about the self-driving car with sensors to receive and react to roads and objects in the way? Or maybe your house security which can send signals to authorities in case of any break-ins? These are a few examples of IoT in real life that are familiar to any of us, and can improve our quality of life greatly by doing things that might seem very simple and take no effort.


How is IoT changing the business world?

IoT has and is improving the general population’s quality of life. This results in more and more companies are interested in developing and adapting IoT for business. Due to its efficiency in promoting object-self-decision-making processes, IoT can reduce any business’ cost and improve efficiency, gathering real-time insights and analytics for better and more profitable decisions. As the technology world is constantly improving with innovative technologies, and the Internet influence is growing day-by-day, IoT becomes a very valuable part of any business, creating more opportunities for growth and optimizing the flow of information.

Orient Staff Capabilities

At Orient, we understand your needs and want to resolve all your business problems to further improve your potential. Our staff is trained to apply the most advanced technologies to increase business efficiency and create new opportunities for growth.

Long Range (LoRa) Wireless Communications

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) are designed to connect high number of low-powered devices over a large area, with LoRaWAN as its most popular solution. LoRaWAN network is an open network standard developed by the LoRa Alliance, with ensured integrity and security.

LoRa wireless communication has recently been considered as the go-to solution for IoT communication system, as its efficiency for controlling a large amount of devices at once on a widespread area has been proven to work excellently. This increases the potential for IoT technology in industrial solutions, and explains a dramatically growth in demands for IoT applications.

At Orient, we understand the need for efficiency. We can help you apply LoRa to expand your business, or to solve your current device-control or monitoring problems. Let us discuss in details about how LoRa can help your business grow, and any potential concerns regarding the implementation of IoT technology for your business.


Embedded Internet of Things platform based Raspberry Pi and Android Things Operating System

Google’s newest operating system for IoT, Android Things, may or may not be the next big thing for IoT technology, as developers can now implement new applications and system based on Google’s machine learning, Android ecosystem, and Google Assistant voice assistant for communication between devices. With the help of the existing Raspberry Pi 3 Model support, you can now manage up to and over 100 devices using your smartphone or tablet.

Develop applications for your devices now to build a smart network for your connected devices, which helps you in increasing cost-efficiency, scaling your business, monitoring your processes, maintaining your resources, and many more, just by using your smartphone.


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