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Ready-made web applications are considered one of the most convenient solutions for businesses to speed up the implementation process. However, being programmed with pre-built features and functionalities makes off-the-shelf software products that can only fulfill basic needs and lack customization options. This is where custom web applications come into play.

In order to simplify the inherently challenging process of developing custom solutions from scratch, many businesses now take advantage of different web development frameworks. Whether or not to use a framework depends on the user’s specific needs and requirements.

If developers are already familiar with C# and prefer using it for the web application development process, Blazor can be a good fit. Blazor framework, being a relatively new technology compared to popular ones like Angular or React, still has its own unique strengths to stand out from the crowd.

What Is Blazor Development?

What Is Blazor Development?

Developed by Microsoft, Blazor is an open-source web framework that empowers Blazor developers to build dynamic and user-friendly web development applications using C#, HTML, CSS, and Razor syntax. The framework allows the development of client-side applications that run directly in the browser without the need for additional plugins or JavaScript frameworks.

Some key aspects of Blazor application development include:

  • Component-based Architecture: Blazor developers enable the creation of reusable UI using C# components, which can be combined to build complicated web apps.
  • Single-page Applications (SPA): Blazor revolutionizes single-page apps (SPAs) where the entire application is loaded once, and subsequent interactions happen dynamically without page reloads.
  • Server-side and Client-side Hosting Models: Blazor provides two hosting models. The server-side model allows the app’s logic to run on the server while sending UI updates to the client using SignalR. The client-side model enables the entire app to be downloaded to the client browser and executed there using WebAssembly.
  • Integration with .NET: Blazor can seamlessly integrate with existing .NET frameworks, libraries, and tools as it is a part of the .NET ecosystem.

The Benefits of Using Microsoft Blazor for Your Web Apps

The Benefits of Using Microsoft Blazor for Your Web Apps

Web development with Blazor opens a world of possibilities. It brings together the benefits of a familiar programming language, component-based architecture, and cross-platform capabilities. Below are Blazor web development benefits that help this framework gain popularity among developers.

Free & Open-source

Blazor is a free and open-source web development framework developed by Microsoft, which means the Microsoft Blazor development cost is zero. The framework is licensed under Apache License 2.0 and is suitable for both developers with personal needs and companies with commercial projects without any cost.

Due to Blazor’s open nature, the framework allows all types of users to enhance its features and contribute to its development, fostering a collaborative community that leverages knowledge sharing among developers.


With Blazor, developers can adopt server-side rendering as an option (where the UI is rendered on the server and sent to the client as HTML). This eliminates the need for frequent server roundtrips and reduces the initial load time as a whole.

At the same time, Microsoft Blazor also allows developers to run C# code directly in the browser by promoting WebAssembly technology, ultimately promoting near-native execution speed and increasing application performance.

Enhanced Security

Thanks to the help of mechanisms provided by .NET and the browser sandbox, Blazor provides enhanced security compared to JavaScript frameworks.

While .NET offers Blazor developers a built-in robust security model for authentication, authorization, input validation, and data protection, browser sandbox adds an extra layer of security for types of web applications by preventing cyber security risks and malicious activities.

Easier Debugging

By using only a single language, C# helps the Blazor framework easily access Visual Studio, a tool specifically tailored for C# development. With robust debugging features such as breakpoints and step-by-step execution, Blazor leverages C# to streamline the debugging process and aid in the development of optimal web applications. The ability to integrate with popular IDEs also contributes to Blazor bugs and error-resolving effectiveness.

Large Community Support

Although Blazor may not have as large a community as some other frameworks, the framework has been attracting new users and gaining growing popularity in recent years. As the community grows, developers using Blazor expand their opportunities to interact with colleagues around the world, access more resources and tutorials, and receive timely support during development difficulties.

Why Choose Orient Sofware’s Blazor Development Services

Why Choose Orient Sofware's Blazor Development Services

Self-development on web applications using Blazor may be a wise choice for businesses with enough economic potential. However, hiring Blazor developers is indeed a daunting task due to the shortage of top-notch software engineers in recent years.

Fortunately, that’s what we here at Orient Software do to solve the problem and turn your business idea into reality. Why partner with us? How to hire Blazor developers at ease. With reliable Blazor web development services, here are just a few reasons why we could be the perfect fit for your next software development projects.

Long-standing History

Established in 2005, Orient Software is one of the reputable outsourcing companies providing Blazor development services in the tech market. By leveraging a customer-centric approach, we always take time to understand customers’ unique needs and requirements, thereby collaborating to develop quality software products while ensuring budget constraints.

Large Affordable Talent Pool

As a company headquartered in Vietnam, Orient Software offers customers one of the most affordable offshore developer pools in the world. Talent at Orient Software are not only experts with high technical expertise in various industries but also individuals with good qualities, always willing to learn and adapt quickly to different working environments.

Diverse Hiring Methods

Orient Software provides two main hiring methods, namely dedicated software teams and staff augmentation services, suitable for a variety of customers. While dedicated delivery teams are ideal for long-term projects that require exclusive working, staff augmentation allows clients to take advantage of a talent pool available on an as-needed basis. Despite the hiring methods, the final outcomes are always the factor that developers prioritize.

Full-stack Development Services

Besides Blazor web development services, Orient Software is also a tech hub that offers customers across multiple industries diverse types of software development services such as custom software development, UI/UX design, mobile application development, blockchain software development, etc.

Each service is the enthusiasm of the development team to contribute to the success of customer-unique projects. With specialized development tools and business communication support software, Orient Software ensures that every stage of your development life cycle is carried out with great effort and outcomes.

Time to Take Your Web Applications to the Next Level

The rapid development of the Blazor framework facilitates the result of a plethora of Blazor integration services in recent years. However, only the right Blazor web development company can bring customers success.

Whether you are in need of Blazor development or other software development services, consider Orient Software as your top choice to contribute to your project’s success. To request a free price estimate for Blazor development services, contact us today. It is time to take your business to the next level.