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Vue.js Development and Outsourcing for Your Business

Choosing the right framework for your project can be tricky. Which do you pick: Angular? React? Backbone? There’s a lot out there, and the one you pick can have a dramatic impact on not just the development cycle, but also the quality of the final product.

For this reason, it’s vital you pick a framework that is easy to use, lightweight, high performing, scalable, and flexible enough to integrate into virtually any kind of website or web application. As a result, you’ll have a product to be proud to show off, and one your audience will love too.

Vue.js Development and Outsourcing for Your Business

Introducing Vue.js

Introducing VueJS

With this in mind, Vue.js is just one of the many frameworks that tick all of the above boxes. And despite being relatively young – officially launching in 2014 – it has quickly amassed a loyal following, earning praise from Vue.js development companies and businesses alike.

But what makes Vue.js stand out from other frameworks out there?

As you’ll soon see, the beauty of Vue.js lies not in offering unique features and ideas, but consolidating the best parts of existing frameworks like Angular and React into a more user-friendly environment, one where developers can integrate the framework into their workflow on their own terms.

What is Vue.js

What is VueJS

On the surface, Vue.js doesn’t appear that different from other frameworks. It’s based on JavaScript. It’s used for building User Interface (UI) components for websites and web applications; although, it can be used to build desktop and mobile applications as well.

Vue.js also uses the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) software architectural pattern to create dynamic graphical user interfaces. It even has a Virtual DOM (VDOM), providing an efficient way to update an application in real-time. Plus, as a frontend development tool, Vue.js is great for building a range of UI components, such as checkboxes, icons, sliders, notification panels, and message boxes.

True, this isn’t radically different from other frameworks out there. But there are many factors that set Vue.js development apart. Most notably its: ease of use, concise (yet comprehensive) documentation, the freedom to use as little (or as much) of the framework as you wish, and lack of restrictions on the development process (unlike Angular, which has a set ‘way’ of doing things).

The result? A framework that is highly accessible, lightweight, and easy to integrate into a wide range of projects – be it a new or existing website; web, mobile, or desktop application.

Benefits of Vue.js

Benefits of Vue.js

Component reusability

Vue.js makes it easy to implement and reuse all kinds of UI components. This greatly saves time on repetitive coding tasks, especially for aspects of a website or application that feature duplicate components across several pages or sections of the app, where it’s not necessary to create unique, individual components for each page or section.

Incredibly lightweight

With a download size of a mere 18kb, Vue.js is very lightweight. Aside from being convenient, this makes it easy to quickly download the framework and incorporate it into your project, without having to worry about performance issues. For websites, this offers tremendous SEO benefits, as it will result in faster page loading times.

Virtual DOM rendering

A Document Object Model (DOM) is a representation of an HTML page. By creating a Virtual DOM (VDOM) to supersede the real DOM, this enables Vue.js developers to implement changes into their project, and then have those changed reflected – in real time – in the Virtual DOM, without requiring the framework to scan the entire DOM. With a VDOM, this greatly speeds up the change implementation process in a project.

Easy to integrate

No matter what stage of a project you are currently at, Vue.js is easy to integrate into your project. You can include as little or as much of Vue.js as you wish, without impacting the rest of your project. Since it’s based on the JavaScript, it’s as simple as putting new code into your project. Better still, most third-party Vue.js components and libraries work and are supported by the framework.

Two-way communication

Vue.js relies heavily on two-way communication to streamline the workflow. Similar in function to Angular (which also speeds up HTML blocks), whatever changes you make in your UI is passed to your data and updated automatically in the data reflected in your UI. Put simply, Vue.js reacts immediately to changes you make, whenever those changes are made.

Great for all kinds of business applications

Great for all kinds of business applications

Are you planning on building a new website? Updating an existing web application? Or even building a new mobile or desktop app from scratch?

Whatever kind of project you hope to launch, outsourcing your Vue.js development is a convenient and affordable way to bring your vision to life.

At Orient Software, our team of Vue.js developers have years of experience building lightweight, beautiful, scalable, and user-friendly websites and applications for many global clients.

We are passionate about delivering digital experiences that enrich the user experience. And we’re incredibly easy to work with, equipped with highly skilled project managers and English-speaking developers who are ready to listen, understand your requirements, and deliver the kind of quality website or application that you will be proud to show off.

Most importantly, we are highly skilled in a range of web technologies, including Angular, React, and Backbone. Therefore, no matter how simple or complex your project may be, we have the skills, resources, and capabilities to satisfy your project needs.

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