Offshore Development Center

As an offshore software development center, our dedicated teams of software developers can focus on your core value competencies and dramatically increase your agility while embracing our expertise and saving you unnecessary costs for implementing a local team.

What is ODC –
Offshore Development Center?

ODC Definition: An offshore development center (ODC) is a software development center located in a different country than the company’s primary location. It provides all the infrastructure, support, and equipment necessary to remotely run an entire software product development team.

ODC teams are made up of highly qualified developers with extensive experience in your company’s technologies. The main objective is to meet the increasing needs of businesses by offering competitively priced services located anywhere in the world. In addition, by placing ODC offshore, companies can stay flexible while outsourcing their product development needs.

What is ODC - Offshore Development Center?

Why Offshore?

Wondering how to lower your development costs but improve your software quality? Make Orient Software your offshore development center today to reduce operating expenses and raise productivity. The offshore development center model is proven as a highly effective tool that gives you greater visibility and predictability throughout your development process.

Why Offshore?

Skills & Knowledge at our Offshore Software Development Company

When selecting an Offshore Development Center, many companies are understandably concerned with the talent base of the individuals who will be working on their projects. This is an important factor in outsourcing decisions.

Vietnam has a great pool of talented software developers who are updated fully with the latest and greatest technologies, as well as in depth education about software.Through Orient Software Development Company, your company can scale the team up or down as needed to accommodate the project’s changing needs.

Hire Machine Learning Experts on Your Team

Offshore Software Development Advantages

The benefits of creating an ODC depend on the industry you’re in, the market for your products and services, and the new business-model opportunities your company is aiming to exploit. Companies benefit from lowered costs, increased flexibility, proximity to high-tech resources, access to new markets and talent pools, time savings through lower communication costs, and more significant business continuity through disaster recovery options.

Some of the benefits for our offshore software development company include:

Shorter Timeframe

Selecting an ODC on the other side of the globe can speed up application development by facilitating a 24-hour workday, where someone is always working on the project. This type of work environment maximizes space, equipment, and other resources, resulting in a decreased time to market. Having a shorter timeframe for development projects accommodates the tighter competition, shorter product lifecycles, and the increased demand for a rapid turn on investment in today’s business world.

Cost Savings working with an Offshore Development Company

How much can you expect to save with an offshore development center? Depending on the project’s characteristics, cost savings could be 40-80% with a well-managed ODC. This is a result of the cheaper labor cost in Vietnam without sacrificing quality or level of expertise. In addition, the client has fewer capital expenditures by opting to work with an offshore software development company.

Tailored to Each Client’s Needs

At Orient Software, our professionals always adopt the client’s norms, standards, and work environment while focusing on domain knowledge, skills, and products. The client’s needs and requirements are stated explicitly and understood implicitly to deliver top-notch business solutions that improve our clients’ bottom-line precisely by combining our technical skills and business knowledge in proactive ways.

Knowledge Retention

Orient Software guarantees that all knowledge shared during the project remains within the center even if there is a change in staff, ensuring that exceptional development services can be provided to the client for years to come. In addition, the offshore development company always has complete responsibility for completing the assignments as promised and delivering solutions that meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

Technology Expertise & Innovation

Orient Software has experienced developers with knowledge in multiple development platforms and integration technologies. We provide an array of service models to consider for your project, including custom software development, AI implementation, mobile apps, and web development.

Faster Deployment & Scalability

By utilizing an ODC, you can access the technical expertise and talent needed to update your software in a faster timeframe than using in-house resources. By outsourcing for your ODC needs, we’ve also created a scalable model that allows us to meet any demand that comes your way.

On Time

Finally, our offshore development center professionals always strive to adhere to their deadlines, so our clients don’t ever have to worry about us delivering our products late. We have enough flexibility in resource utilization to focus our efforts where – and when – they’re needed most.

Offshore Development Center at Orient Software

Orient Software uses a special model for application development that uses methodologies, processes, tools, and technologies customized for each client’s specific needs. Because each offshore software development center is dedicated to only one client throughout the project. Each team member shows a commitment to the work and embraces the client’s goals and business processes. Hence, they become a valuable extension of the client’s onsite team.

Offshore Development Center at Orient Software

Dedicated Team Options

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

We will set up dedicated teams for your projects. As a result, you will save the overhead costs as we handle the management, yet the teams constantly communicate with you.

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Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

This model is appropriate for a growing company planning a market entry. We will build up a team working for you and transfer the operations to you when you are ready.

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Offshore Development Center (ODC) vs. Software Outsourcing: What’s the difference?

Offshore development center (ODC) is slightly different from software outsourcing. An offshore development center provides products and services from another country. The geographical location does not matter for software outsourcing.

Offshore development centers and software outsourcing have many things in common. They offer access to a large pool of IT talents and developers with lower cost but the same or even better quality. They also empower businesses to save budget on recruiting, training, accounting, office while improving productivity.

The ultimate goal of ODC and software outsourcing is to save costs and give businesses free hands to concentrate on more important tasks.

Otherwise, offshore development centers provide multiple services such as building software development teams, project-based development, QA testing, setting up ODCs for clients, and so on. To handle such services, ODCs must have specialists, including developers, QA engineers, product managers, project managers, UX/UI designers, marketing specialists, copywriters, etc.

Offshore Development Center (ODC) vs. Software Outsourcing: What's the difference?