QA & Software Testing

In today’s competitive business world, companies expect faster, more efficient software solutions with no quality sacrifices. Orient Software provides QA & software testing services to fulfill all your quality and testing needs.

Quality testing included in every project

Wondering how to lower your development costs but improve your software quality? Make Orient Software Vietnam your Offshore Development Center today to lower operating expenses and raise productivity. The Offshore Development Center model is proven as a highly effective tool that gives you greater visibility and predictability throughout your development process.


Independent dedicated QA & testing teams

For standalone testing services, Orient Software provides you with a multi-skilled QA & testing team. Experts are chosen based on their skills and qualifications to suit your project’s demands. Our professional management ensures you the best resources for your needs. Our work is transparent and efficient and thus regular check-ins are welcomed.

Why Orient?

Over a decade of experience in quality assurance services

Orient Software believes in ultimate quality. We have been carrying out high quality testing services for clients around the globe for over ten years. With our experience and dedication, you can be sure that all your software is taken care of properly prior to release with no compromises.


Reducing cost by automation of manual tasks

While manual testing is undeniably important in the initial stages of the testing process, automation testing reduces the workload for the post-deployment testing of an application, especially when the application has a long maintenance life or there is a requirement for frequent execution of test cases. Automation testing is not only cost effective, but also increases stability, effectiveness, efficiency and test coverage of your software and application and produces consistent and accurate results.


Proven QA Process

Our QA process has been tested and constantly improved for over ten years in the IT industry. We yearn to be the best in the business and dedicate our time and effort in pushing ourselves and bettering our services. Our history of satisfied clients can further prove our success in all our testing implementations.


Agility - Frequent check-ins and check-outs

The Scrum framework allows us to work agilely in short sprints, carrying out tests after tests for every single details in a repetitive and scripted process. This ensures the utmost quality for all your products and improve project transparency.


How We Do It


Manual/Exploratory Testing

Whether it is manual or exploratory testing, Orient Software guarantees that all your testing is done in a strict manner, to ensure the final product’s quality and stability. Our testing teams have years of experience in testing all kinds of software products and can foresee any potential errors that should be addressed. With us, you can rest assure that your software is taken care of from 0 to 100, bug-free.


Automated Testing

At Orient Software we realize the disadvantages of doing each and every task manually, and have gathered wide knowledge of test automation. With your input, we will identify the functions and workflows most suitable for automation and create scripts for them, making the test case easily repeatable and freeing resources for creative and exploratory testing.

Our QA & Testing process

We encourage our clients to join in on our meetings and observe our transparent testing process.

Testing Expertise

More testing services

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  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • Localization and Internationalization Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
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  • End-to-End Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
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