Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a fundamental aspect of our application testing services because an application’s performance relates directly to your organization’s credibility, revenue, and customer satisfaction. While performance testing methods have traditionally been reactive by virtue of sudden and unexpected need, reactive methods inevitably contribute to higher testing costs and extended time to market. At Orient Software, our testing services combine proactive performance testing and engineering techniques to smoothly blend your old and new applications.

Business Objectives

Performance Management

We help you manage the performance of your software, not by merely reacting to recognized performance issues but by giving you control of your application productivity right from the start. We provide you with efficient monitoring, accurate performance planning, and practical improvements throughout the software lifecycle.

By presenting performance predictions for usage scenarios and load dynamics, Orient Software provides an essential tool for short and long-term improvements of maintenance and operation costs, hardware investments and recovery plans.

Application Availability

Poor web service or decreased application availability means lower income and higher operational costs. At Orient Software an element of our application security testing includes lowering the likelihood of service being denied (or similar business impacts) brought on by a software application’s feeble load resistance.

Experience of the User

Issues with performance most likely decrease the user’s experience. An awesome user experience is crucial for consumers of online services as well as for employees who facilitate operations using software solutions. At Orient Software, we believe that the manner in which an application’s behavior directs its usability is as important as creating top-performing metrics and conducting pertinent technical analysis.

Types of Performance Testing

Load testing

At Orient Software we reveal application behavior using many load variations based on business context and use cases. Using pre-defined metrics, Orient Software approximates applicable indicator values, like the largest allowed number of simultaneous connections or a normal functioning software system response time limit.

Stress testing

In stress testing, we assess how your new software runs under stress loads, what the load resistance limit is, and the software restore speed once the load returns to normal load levels.

Scalability testing

At Orient Software we uncover software solution capability to improve productivity by amending architecture, adding more resources for computing, and implementing configuration changes.