Artificial Intelligence Services and Solutions

We provide AI development services that help you gain a competitive advantage. From computer vision and natural language processing to business intelligence and complex data analytics, we are here to help with your digital transformation.

AI Services for Businesses of Any Size

Orient Software provides a variety of AI solutions. We can help you incorporate AI into your existing products, start from the ground up with a new product, or integrate AI into your business processes.


AI Strategy

Today AI should be part of a business's digital transformation strategy. If you're looking to add AI capabilities to your business but don't know where to start, we can help. Orient Software will work with you to develop a tailored AI strategy and implementation plan that meets your specific needs and goals.

Your benefits:

  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly changing digital landscape.
  • Incorporate AI into your products and processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

AI Development & Integration

We can develop custom AI applications for your business. Our team has extensive experience with AI software development and technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. We can also help you integrate AI into your existing systems and processes.

What you get:

  • Custom AI applications that meet your specific needs.
  • Integration of AI into your existing systems and processes.
  • Support for all aspects of the development process, from design to deployment.

AI Consulting

Orient Software offers expert AI consulting services. Our AI experts will analyze your requirements, recognize possibilities, and select the ideal AI solution for your company.

Your benefits:

  • Reduce risk and uncertainty.
  • Get expert advice and recommendations from AI experts.
  • Avoid making costly mistakes by choosing the wrong technology or implementation plan.

Data Science

We provide data science development services, including predictive analytics for specific business use cases. Our data scientists can take on any project where sophisticated AI techniques are applied to complex datasets.

What you get:

  • Expert data scientists with experience in AI and data science.
  • Solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • Support for all aspects of the data science process, from data exploration to modeling and deployment.

How We Develop and Deliver AI Solutions

We will assist you in harnessing machine learning and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to help you achieve your growth targets. We are an AI business with a wealth of expertise.

Machine Learning Pipeline & Modeling

Our experts utilize state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to develop a robust, scalable, and high-performance machine learning pipeline. For some projects, we conduct feature engineering to produce better results.

Model Deployment & MLOps

Our team has developed a cloud-based, end-to-end platform to deploy scalable artificial intelligence solutions. We work with you to integrate your new AI solution into existing systems and processes or build a custom application for a more streamlined approach.

Data Exploration & Preparation

We help you prepare your data for processing and understand the nature of the dataset to design an optimal artificial intelligence solution. We will also validate and test your datasets to ensure they are accurate and perform as expected.

Requirements Analysis & AI Consulting

Before we further explore the scope of an AI solution, our experts help you define your requirements and business objectives. Our engineers will define a clear scope for the project and establish key performance indicators.

Model Performance Evaluation

Our artificial intelligence experts continuously monitor the model's performance through a series of tests to validate that it meets the original requirements. Once those objectives have been met, we deploy the solution into production.

AI Development Services for Any Industry

We specialize in providing custom AI solutions tailored to your specific business needs.


Medical and Clinical Data

We can use AI to find statistical relationships in large, complex datasets that are otherwise impossible for medical researchers and practitioners to interpret. We can also build custom AI models for medical data analysis or any other domain where machine learning algorithms make raw data more digestible.

Education and Learning

Our artificial intelligence development services can be applied to any area of education to improve the learning experience for students through intelligent data analysis, assessment scoring, and other applications. We have experience in many different areas, including language learning, math problems, physical fitness testing, essay grading, and more.   

Customer Relationship Management

Orient Software can use AI to improve commercial relationships with your customers and partners by providing prescriptive, actionable feedback. We support a broad range of applications, including personalized outreach, training materials, and customer satisfaction analysis.

Human Resources Management

Our AI solutions have broad applications in human resources, including employee screening and hiring, behavior-based coaching systems for managers, workforce planning, and more.

Data Mining

We can process massive data sets to create predictive models that help you discover hidden patterns in your information. We use machine learning techniques like naive Bayesian classification models to find outliers, predict new transactions, or identify the most critical factors in a dataset.

Customer Analytics

We use AI to analyze trends in customer behavior and provide actionable recommendations for insightful business intelligence. We have experience with social media data analysis, market basket analysis, personalized engagement with customers, discovering new revenue streams from existing products, and more.

Finance & Financial Services

Orient Software uses sophisticated financial data analysis, market basket analysis, and recommendation engines to provide prescriptive feedback for finance and banking businesses. From credit risk assessment to dynamic trading strategies, we can build a machine learning model that provides you with exceptional results.

Industrial Automation

AI is a valuable tool for automation companies because it allows mapping complex, multi-step workflows that are not easily handled by traditional software. We can build operational models for predictive maintenance, demand forecasting, risk management systems, warranty analysis, and more.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Our AI solutions can generate personalized recommendations for marketing campaigns, customer acquisition channels, and lead generation systems. We also have experience in email outreach optimization, landing page optimization, competitive analysis, product cross-sell/up-sell recommendations, market research reports, predictive churn analysis, form abandonment analysis, and more.

Logistics and Transportation

AI is beneficial for logistics companies that need to manage inventory, plan optimized routes, track shipments, or analyze past performance. We have experience building data models for transportation companies in the following areas: predictive maintenance systems, demand forecasting, predictive analytics for staffing at warehouses and trucking hubs, freight matching platforms, waste management, fleet management tools, and more.

We Are Up-To-Date on the Latest AI Trends

A large language model, one of the hottest topics in AI, is a model that is designed to learn the structure of natural languages. It is trained on enormous data sets of sizes up to 45TB. The transformer model is a large language model that is particularly effective in machine translation, text classification, and sentence understanding tasks.

The benefit of transformer models is that they can be fine-tuned on many tasks with few-shot learning. Few-shot learning is a type of learning where the model is only trained on a few examples but can still generalize well to new tasks.

At Orient Software, we stay up-to-date on the latest trends in AI to provide our clients with the best possible solutions. We use large language models and transformer models in many of our applications, and we are constantly exploring new techniques that might be beneficial for our clients.

We Are Up-To-Date on the Latest AI Trends

Our AI Expertise

Orient Software has provided AI development services since the industry’s early days. We have experience in many of the fields of AI.

Machine Learning

We apply supervised and unsupervised machine learning to develop intelligent systems that make sound judgments with minimal or no human input. Our machine learning services are tailored to your specific needs and business goals.

Natural Language Processing

We specialize in a broad range of natural language processing tasks, including text classification, sentiment analysis, document summarization, and more. Large language models based on transformer architecture are the foundation for most of our artificial intelligence services.

Computer Vision

We offer custom computer vision solutions for various applications, including object detection and recognition, scene understanding, semantic segmentation, and video analysis. Our deep learning models are based on the latest architectures, such as ResNet and Inception.

Speech Recognition

AI can be used to build advanced voice recognition platforms. We use natural language processing and deep learning systems to help you understand human speech with greater accuracy, improving customer experience.

Predictive Modeling

Orient Software has a great deal of experience building predictive models in many industries. We can analyze your data and provide actionable insight, whether you need to predict the likelihood of a customer defecting, optimize inventory levels or staffing needs, or make accurate forecasts about possible new revenue streams.

Large Language Models and Transformers

We can build large language models that scale efficiently, allowing for accurate unstructured or semi-structured text mining. We use machine learning algorithms like BERT and GPT to process vast unstructured information so you can uncover valuable insights.

Regression Analysis

We can help you conduct robust regression analyses to answer critical business questions. Our software engineers have the expertise to build prediction models that give you unprecedented insight into your data and drive better decision-making.


AI can build optimization models that provide prescriptive feedback for business processes. For example, we can help you optimize your supply chain, pricing strategies, or production planning.

Classification & Clustering

Orient Software has extensive experience building machine learning models that classify and cluster data. Whether you want to understand the features in your data or need help with anomaly detection, we can provide actionable insight using clustering or classification algorithms.

Recommender Systems

We can help you build and deploy recommender systems for your business. Whether you need to understand customer preferences better, provide personalized product recommendations on e-commerce sites, or use real-time data from social media posts to tailor marketing outreach efforts in real-time, we can automate this process.


AI can be used to build powerful chatbots that handle customer support, sales inquiries, or other real-time interactions by phone or text. These bots can process natural language inputs and provide answers or initiate tasks based on the data they have access to.

Face Detection & Recognition

AI can detect and recognize human faces in images or videos. We have extensive experience using facial detection algorithms for security purposes, including detecting individuals in crowds, detecting faces in surveillance footage, and much more.

Game AI

AI can build artificially intelligent players for games like chess, Go, and Dota. We use formal game trees, Monte Carlo tree search, and deep learning algorithms to adaptively learn how to play the best possible move in a given scenario.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a methodology for automating business processes in an enterprise. Robots can be taught to automate complex tasks by mimicking human behavior based on how the job has been performed in the past. We are experts at adapting current IT systems or developing new ones using RPA.

Why partner with Orient Software?

We will assist you in implementing machine learning and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies for your company’s needs.

Data-Centric Approach

We use proven and advanced big data technologies to convert the raw data into actionable insights.


Our experienced team of Data Scientists and Customer Success Managers drive ROI by a customer-centric approach and help you achieve your business goals.

Transparent & Secure

We are governed by ISO 27001 to safeguard your data with complete transparency through data security privacy and comply with all data compliance requirements.

Demonstrated competency

Our AI specialists are well-versed in IT trends, artificial intelligence algorithms, and deep learning architectures.

Technology Agnostic

As a technology-agnostic company, we maintain expertise in multiple technologies and help you choose the right technology for your business needs.

Commitment to quality

We commit to delivering on your business needs through quality R&D and applications of AI technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI allows computers to do tasks commonly associated with intelligent behavior. This includes understanding natural language, recognizing objects in images or videos, and playing games. Some typical applications of AI include self-driving cars, chatbots, face detection and recognition, and Robotics Process Automation.
Deep learning is a subset of artificial intelligence involving neural networks with multiple layers for processing abstract data such as images, sound, and text.
AI consulting helps companies use AI technologies to solve business problems. The AI solution consultants work with the businesses to understand their pain points, research new solutions, and help implement them within existing infrastructures.
AI is powerful as it can process vast amounts of data and automate tasks. By applying AI, companies can improve their existing systems by using the power of automation. Other benefits from using artificial intelligence include:
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency at lower costs
  • More time spent on value-added business activities instead of process execution
  • Reduction of cybersecurity risks associated with human interaction
AI has applications in nearly every industry. Industries that are seeing rapid change due to AI include finance, manufacturing, automated customer service systems, business productivity software, security software, and the Internet of Things. In particular, AI is changing how enterprises handle data by allowing for deep learning and machine learning for predictive analytics.
AI will significantly impact all industries. However, some of the most affected industries include transportation, finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. In particular, AI will significantly impact the way businesses operate and the customer experience.
AI can be used to solve tasks that humans currently do. However, it is not yet possible to develop AI systems that can replicate all the capabilities of human beings. As such, AI will likely supplement human workers instead of replacing them.
As with any new technology, there are risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence. These risks include the loss of jobs as AI is used to automate tasks, data misuse, and malicious AI systems. It is essential to be aware of these risks and mitigate them when possible.
Today's most popular AI applications include facial recognition, customer service chatbots, automated trading systems, self-driving cars, and cybersecurity software. Many new applications are being developed in health care, retail, and agriculture.
AI engineers design, build and implement AI software solutions. Their job is to research new technologies, integrate them into existing systems, and test the results. They also monitor the performance of AI systems in production environments.
A data engineer is a professional who manages and processes data for business intelligence and analytics purposes. They work with large data sets to clean, transform, and load the data into a data warehouse or data lake.
Data science is the field of gaining insights and knowledge from data. AI is the application of computer systems that perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent behavior. A data scientist will use AI techniques as part of their analysis.
The cost of AI services can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, the price is lower for data-driven projects and has a clearly defined goal. For larger, more complex projects, the cost may be higher due to the need for custom development and integration with existing systems. Contact us for a detailed quote.

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