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The Business Benefits of Outsourcing Your Java Development

Java is the third-most popular programming language in the world.

Developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995, Java was revolutionary for its cross-platform capabilities, object-oriented approach, robust security features, and ease of use for both new and advanced developers – especially those switching from one programming language to another.

These days, Java powers a wide range of applications on web, mobile, cloud, desktop, and streaming environments. And for heaps of industries too. From the banking and financial sector to entertainment, gaming, industrial, health, and automotive, to name a few.

The Business Benefits of Outsourcing Your Java Development

Experts in Java Since 2005

Experts in Java Since 2005

Since opening in 2005, Orient Software has built outsourced Java applications for hundreds of global clients.

Our software developers are intimately familiar with the Java framework. We know how to choose the right technology for your project. And we can deliver high quality, scalable, secure, and functional applications that meet your unique business requirements – in a timely, cost-effective, and seamless manner.

As a result, you benefit from a smooth development journey, and receive a product designed to help solve even the most complex challenges.

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Why Choose Java Development?

Why Choose Java Development?

There are many reasons why Java is the programming language of choice for developers and businesses alike.

Faster development cycles

Java is an object oriented framework, a style of programming that is highly accessible to developers.

It enables developers to view the data they work with as objects. They have the freedom to choose the objects they want to work with, modify them as they see fit, and then determine how they behave within the context of an application.

This greatly speeds up the development process, since developers can reuse portions of existing code to finish a project.


With a few exceptions, outsourced Java developers only need to write one piece of code to build a cross-platform app.

This is because Java has an in-built compiler, which translates the native build code into a language known as bytecode. The bytecode runs the application through a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which can then be executed on virtually any operating system – such as Windows, Unix or Mac OS.

As a result, this greatly reduces development costs.

Robust security features

Java has numerous security features like bug detection, garbage collection systems, and code management. All of which are designed to help reduce accidental data loss, code errors, and protect users from cyber security attacks.

Rich history of community support

With over 9 million Java developers around the world, the framework has a strong community network. This makes it incredibly easy to troubleshoot all kinds of issues. This way, you avoid unnecessary delays, and you get total peace of mind that your project is on the right track.

Very powerful applications

Java has everything you need to build a powerful application from scratch. It features a robust class of libraries and assets, a compiler, a virtual machine, a bytecode verifier (which can automatically detect illegal code), and heaps more. Thus, you only need to outsource one Java development company to get the perfect application for your business.

How to Choose the Right Outsourced Java Development Team

It’s one thing to choose the right programming language. But having the right team is just as important.

Ideally, you want your outsourced Java development team to be partners in success. The kind of people who listen to you, understand your objectives, and know how to help you realise those goals. While, at the same time, delivering excellent work on time – at the best price.

To help you choose the right Java development team, consider these key deciding factors first:

How to Choose the Right Outsourced Java Development Team

Relevant experience

Choose developers with a history of completing projects similar to yours. This could be relevant experience with your industry, the right Java technologies (i.e. web, mobile, desktop, or cloud), your target audience, or the existing technology you use. Most importantly, ask to see a portfolio of their work.

Hands-on project management

Your developers should guide you each step of the way. From consultation and idea through to prototyping, building, launching, and even post-launch support. They should be asking the right questions and taking the time to understand your goals. This way, you can be confident that they understand what you’re looking for, and how to deliver the right application for you.

Communication at work

Outsource your Java development to people who speak the same language as you. Both, in a cultural sense, and from an industry perspective too. You should be able to understand what they’re saying to you. And, you should walk away from each discussion with a clear sense where the project is heading, too. Having a fresh open dialogue with your development team will make the process a lot easier.

Java expertise

Within Java itself, there are many types of programming language platforms. These include: Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, and Java FX. Each version has their unique pros and cons. For example, Java ME is best suited for mobile application development. So, when you approach developers, make sure they have relevant experience with the platforms you wish to build for.

Why Choose Orient Software

Why Choose Orient Software

Since 2005, Orient Software has had the pleasure of building innovative Java applications for hundreds of global clients.

Our highly skilled developers have experience all relevant Java platforms. These include the various technologies such as containers (i.e. GlassFish, WebLogic), ORM Tools (i.e. Hibernate, iBATIS), UI Frameworks (i.e. Primefaces, Richfaces), and Coding Frameworks (i.e. Tapestry, Struts), to name a few.

Regardless of the size and type of application you wish to build, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience required to bring your app idea to life. Better still, our post-launch support will ensure your app continues to be enjoyed on the latest platforms.

Best of all? It’s absolutely free to book a consultation with us. All you have to do is share some relevant details about your project. And we’ll let you know what we can do to help out. It’s that easy!

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