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Transform your business with our blockchain solutions. We offer consulting and blockchain development services for your company.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can efficiently record transactions between two parties in a verifiable way. A peer-to-peer network typically manages a blockchain collectively to validate new blocks as a distributed ledger. It offers protection from tampering of existing blocks since no single entity controls the blockchain, and it provides an avenue to facilitate and authenticate transfers.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain Services We Offer

Orient Software provides consulting services for blockchain development and design. We are the leading blockchain development company that helps you ideate and transform your business by implementing blockchain software.

Blockchain Consulting & Strategy

Blockchain Consulting & Strategy

If you have a business idea that requires blockchain as a solution or wants to innovate and ideate with blockchain technology, we will find the best strategy for you. We analyze the risks and returns on your blockchain ideas and guide you through the entire process.
Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

We offer a wide range of blockchain software development services, from proofs-of-concept to final product delivery. Build your next prototype, Testnet, or Mainnet, based on the Hyperledger platform. Again, we start with a clear scope and design document, so there are no surprises regarding time or budget.
Why Hire Blockchain Developers from Orient Software?

Why Hire Blockchain Developers from Orient Software?

We have a strong blockchain development team for your software development needs. We provide high-quality services, quick delivery, and prompt customer care for all your blockchain development needs.

Orient Software has a team of blockchain developers who can research, design, and build your decentralized application. In addition, we provide end-to-end services that drive the success of your project.

Blockchain Solutions

Turnkey custom blockchain development and consulting solutions to accelerate your business growth

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are protocols designed to facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of an agreement. We use smart contracts in blockchain development, including Ethereum, Stellar, Hyperledger Sawtooth, and Corda.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a revolutionary and disruptive technology that promises new levels of trust and transparency, streamlining processes and reversing the roles of traditional intermediaries. Orient Software offers expert advice on planning, architecture, design, and implementation of distributed ledgers.

Centralized Applications

Centralized applications are applications of blockchain that run on a centralized network, usually controlled by a single entity or organization. Our blockchain development team can help you build a centralized application that takes advantage of blockchain software's security and transparency features.

Blockchain Security Solutions

We provide blockchain security solutions to protect your business from the ever-growing threats in the digital world. Our custom blockchain development solutions are designed to protect your digital assets against unauthorized, fraudulent transactions that could corrupt or compromise your network.

Decentralized applications

We turn your business requirements into a fully functional, decentralized application that your organization's people can use. In addition, you can leverage blockchain-specific features such as smart contract capabilities, immutability, and transparency.

Blockchain Wallets and Exchanges

Orient Software provides expert blockchain development services to create secure, reliable, and user-friendly blockchain wallets and exchanges.

P2P Transactions

The transfer of funds between two people directly without an intermediary is called a P2P transaction. Traditional payment methods and cryptocurrencies facilitate direct and person-to-person (P2P) transactions.

Are you looking to innovate with blockchain?

Orient Software, a blockchain software development company, helps companies adopt new technology and innovate. We provide a wide range of blockchain development services, from proofs-of-concept to final product delivery.

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Our Blockchain Development Process

We follow a straightforward, iterative process to ensure our products are delivered on time and within budget. You can also expect clear communication throughout the development cycle, so you know exactly where we are on your project every step of the way.

Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

Our team will gather all the requirements from you. Then, we can offer a simple questionnaire to quickly establish if blockchain would be an appropriate technology for your business needs.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Orient Software's developers analyze the information gathered during the needs assessment and develop a project plan, including the time and cost it will take to design and build your custom blockchain solution.

Proof of Concept Development

Proof of Concept Development

After discussing critical milestones for successful project completion, Orient Software's blockchain engineers work with you to create a PoC that meets all your needs. We use blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Corda.

Prototype Development

Prototype Development

We are developing a solid understanding of your objectives, working closely with your team on updates and content for the prototype. We follow agile methodology to produce a high-quality product that is always available for change requests.

Development and Testing

Development and Testing

Using a phased approach, we develop and test the elements of your blockchain solution in stages. We also use automated testing tools to ensure stability and security before the final release.

Enterprise deployment

Enterprise deployment

We can help you plan for an enterprise rollout to support future growth and integration with other systems in your organization.

Project Post-Launch Support

Project Post-Launch Support

We establish a dedicated team to monitor and maintain your blockchain solution. We will also inform you of any security patches and updates.

Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain can be applied to various use cases. The following is a sampling of how blockchain services can be used.

Supply chain management

We offer customized blockchain solutions to help you maintain a secure and reliable record of your supply chain. As a result, protect your business from counterfeit goods, reduce settlement times and increase transparency throughout the entire process.

Asset Management

Orient Software offers customized blockchain solutions to help you digitize your assets onto a decentralized platform. As a result, enhance security, reduce settlement times and share the entire history of any asset with all stakeholders simultaneously.

Identity Management

Provide an immutable way for consumers to prove their identity without using personally identifiable information (PII). This protects customer PII while maintaining the highest security for sensitive data.

Data Management

By implementing blockchain into your business processes, you can ensure all parties are on the same page with accurate, up-to-date information and eliminate the need for intermediaries

Claims Management

Blockchain technology can be used to verify and protect any type of digital asset. Moreover, the decentralized network delivers increased trust and transparency for all transactions within a business network.

Copyright & IP Protection

Intellectual property (IP) protection is one of the critical challenges content creators, and distributors face. Using a blockchain lets you track how your IP is being used and prevent unauthorized parties from duplicating and profiting off of it.

Entertainment and content distribution

Blockchain software allows for transparent, secure, and efficient content rights management in a digital media supply chain. In addition, we offer complete lifecycle support – from development to final implementation.

Track Ownership

An individual or entity that purchases an asset can register it on a blockchain to create a permanent record of ownership. A car buyer, for example, could buy and transfer vehicle registration documents to their new owner by adding the documents to the blockchain at the time of sale.

Detect Fake Goods

Businesses can use blockchains to create permanent records of transactions so that consumers can verify the authenticity of goods, especially luxury items purchased online. For example, a manufacturer could add a QR code representing a product serial number at the point of manufacture, which would tie the item or batch back to an original order record or bill of materials. Consumers could then verify the product's authenticity by scanning the QR code to check for its existence on a blockchain.

Industry Applications

Blockchain may be used in a wide range of industries. We have deep industry knowledge, and the following are examples of how Blockchain Services can be utilized in different industries.

Financial services

Track and record financial transactions, maintain immutable ledgers of assets held by customers, and automatically process payments upon transfer or maturity while minimizing the risk of fraud.


Ensure patient safety by securely storing health records and sharing them with authorized healthcare providers. Our blockchain solutions can help protect your patients, reduce costs and increase efficiencies throughout the process.


A blockchain ledger can reduce inefficiencies and increase transparency in a trade finance process. We offer customized solutions to ensure an efficient chain from the factory floor to distribution channels.


Create a transparent product provenance record by recording how products are manufactured, transported, stored, and sold - providing full transparency over your supply chain from origin to destination.

Transportation & Logistics

Dramatically increase visibility and efficiency using a digital, shared ledger that records transactions in real-time.

Real Estate

Create a permanent and transparent record of property ownership so residents can quickly look up information about the property they're interested in buying or renting.

Advertising & Media Industry

Ensure that you are paying your advertising partners what they are owed. With smart contracts, you could eliminate the risk of non-payment and minimize disputes.

Crowdfunding & Donations

Blockchain can be used to build an immutable record of transactions between parties so that donors know their funds were received and used as intended. It can also be used to provide transparency for funders; they can see how funds are used and verify the impact of their donations.


Manufacturers can use blockchain technology to create a digital history - recording when products change hands along the supply chain, through to final installation in buildings or vehicles. Blockchain is also being explored to manage and automate the movement of products through a supply chain.


Public services organizations can use blockchain technology to securely store and share sensitive data, ensuring high-level trust between citizens and government agencies. In addition, blockchain-based smart contracts can be used to enforce agreements with citizens, eliminating paper-based record-keeping while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Additional Software Development Services We Offer

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We offer you a complete range of custom software development services: UI/UX, mobile & web applications, custom blockchain development, and more. Our team has the proper mix of technical expertise and business domain knowledge to deliver superior results.

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Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams

Seasoned software industry experts lead our development teams with diverse backgrounds. In addition, we have devoted Blockchain Specialists that can support all stages of your project, from strategy to implementation.

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Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation Services

We provide dedicated staff augmentation services to supplement your blockchain development team. As a result, we can offer an experienced team of specialists with the skills and experience needed to support specific projects or tasks that require additional resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain is an open, decentralized, and distributed digital ledger used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively. This allows companies and consumers to conduct business over the internet without relying on (centralized) trusted third parties, like banks or other financial institution.
No, it is not; Blockchain is an emerging technology that allows users to perform tasks securely, reliably, and efficiently by removing the need for trust in third parties. Blockchain should be considered a new type of database with wide-ranging implications for businesses, governments, and society.
All of them. No programming language is best suited for blockchain development, as different blockchains are tailored to specific applications. Some examples of the languages used for building blockchain-based applications are Go, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, Scala, and Solidity.
Existing implementations include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Namecoin, Factom, Hyperledger (IBM), Corda (R3), and Ripple. These blockchains act as distributed ledgers to store the complete history of interactions between parties through transactions.
Hire companies with hands-on experience building blockchain applications, ideally on multiple blockchain platforms. It is also essential to work with a blockchain development company with expertise in your industry and map out potential use cases for your business.
Private blockchain networks are built to serve specific purposes. They allow businesses to tailor the technology to their needs, which means they are less decentralized than public networks. Large organizations are primarily exploring private blockchains due to the relative simplicity of setting one up and the lower risk of security concerns.
It depends on various factors, including the level of customization required, availability of data from clients, etc. Blockchains are built with a specific purpose, so it is vital to formulate the use case before developing a blockchain. The experience level of the blockchain developers and the type of platform being used will also play a part in how quickly a blockchain project can be completed.
Hyperledger refers to several open-source blockchains and related tools managed by the Linux Foundation. They were inspired by and will eventually be interoperable with a cross-industry blockchain effort. Hyperledgers are designed to support business transactions, and some work is done with smart contracts.
Blockchains are very secure by design, storing data across a network of users rather than in one central location. This means that there is no single point for attacks to occur and increases the difficulty behind hacking into the system. In addition, every unit in a blockchain is secured with encryption.
Public blockchains are open access to anyone with an internet connection. Consortium blockchains allow only trusted parties to validate transactions, whereas private blockchains can be further subdivided into different consensus rules depending on the use case.

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