Today’s traveler profile is changing in both the leisure and business travel industries. Online purchases on desktop once overtook travel agent industry, but now mobile purchases on smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular.

Hurdles and Opportunities with Online Bookings for the Transportation and Travel Industries


Consumers online and offline have many ways to book transportation and travel needs today. So maintaining marketplace agility and marketing across multiple channels is key to success in the travel industry. Orient Software can develop an effective tool to promote your most attractive amenities and your best deals to smart online shoppers.

Compatibility Across Platforms

Buying decisions and media consumption happens everywhere you look, online and offline. Smart companies know that effective marketing to their potential consumer means branding their messages on multiple devices from cell phones to tablets and desktops.

Optimizing Your Resources

Do you want to know the number of available rental cars in the lot or how many seats are left on the flight to Los Angeles? Either way, being able to manage inventory well is critical to your success in the transportation and travel industries. With good asset management through sophisticated capturing analytics, you will maximize your profits and be more successful.

Target Marketing

You’re probably marketing to many demographic groups. So you know the transportation and travel needs of a small family are vastly different from those of a regular business traveler, and a single marketing approach won’t do the trick. You need to target different groups in different ways, keeping your message agile and always up-to-date with current market trends.

The Customer Comes First

The best way to be successful in the travel industry is to customize your services to meet the needs of your consumer. Technological advancements allow consumers utmost involvement in the buying process. A savvy consumer will often do a lot of research before purchasing anything. The active consumer will also share his/her experiences and buying choices —more often the bad ones than the good—to friends through word-of-mouth or online marketing. Create a lasting positive consumer experience the first time around, because you may not get a second chance. Use Orient Software services to help you choose the best tech tools available for your needs.

Providing Effective Transportation and Travel Web Development Services

At Orient Software, we have a proven success record in the transportation and travel industries. We are ready to drive your travel company above the others. At Orient Software, we believe in investment on quality design. Having good photographs help transportation and travel websites, but a web design incorporating many features is what really invites users to visit and revisit your company site. If you’re looking for product development, customer service, an API bridging application, social media integration or inventory management, Orient Software can design the perfect solution for your business.

Hotels and Airlines

Succeeding in the travel industry means having low percentages of errors and maintaining low operational costs. We can help you do just that by creating a cross platform, dynamic application programming interface (API) that draws real time fare information from Sabre’s Global Distribution System. We can also develop a system to manage your inventory and automatically update your promotions and marketing initiatives.

Car Rentals

We provide cross-platform application development so you can offer your users access on any device. You can track and manage inventory while gaining analytical customer data.

Bureaus of Tourism

Use a custom technology tool designed by Orient Software to publish detailed information about area offerings, targeting specific groups. Let us design a portal for customer-generated content so you can leverage word-of-mouth and passive marketing tactics.

Using our custom technology solutions, you increase your efficiency and develop long-term partnerships while reducing operational costs. We integrate internet, mobile and wireless technologies to give you the competitive edge.

Application Development and Design Offerings for The Transportation and Travel Industry

  • Create online hotel booking and flight ticketing options
  • Design a graphically rich design to best reflect the destination’s appeal
  • Build travel apps for smart devices like iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android
  • Add special options like weather indicators, value-added currency management, and content management systems