The healthcare system of the future promises to be more affordable, more efficient and more effective. Technology is driving growth in the healthcare industry. And you don’t want to be left behind.

Hurdles and New Opportunities

Realizing Greater Efficiency

When you’re in business, mistakes and redundancies mean higher bills for you. Unfortunately, this is even more obvious in the healthcare industry. With technology expertise, it can be corrected. When you increase your effective business practices and decrease ineffective practices, you’ll have greater patient impact. The end result for you is lowered costs through less effort.

Healthcare Provider Costs on the Rise

Greater upfront costs, higher prescription drug costs, and increased numbers of uninsured patients all result in increased costs for primary and secondary healthcare providers. Furthermore, newly implemented Meaningful Use criteria and unexpected coverage denials may make it difficult for providers to control their stream of income.

New Interest in Ongoing and Preventative Care

Today, a growing number of people want to be informed about improving quality of life. Your business can capitalize on this consumer market by offering information and services regarding prevention, early detection, wellness and fitness. Doing so can help develop your reputation as a preventative healthcare provider who empowers patients with the most current prevention and wellness knowledge while reducing unnecessary patient revisits.

New Regulations

The healthcare industry everywhere in the world has witnessed a variety of changes with government regulations in the last few years. With today’s technology, we can easily integrate your complete client list with the most effective web solutions to bring your business up to speed with the changing healthcare market.

Improving Patient Care

The quality of patient care can raise dramatically when healthcare providers leverage the analytical power of technology. Healthcare providers can use analytical data to improve patient’s general health and improve the quality and standard of care.

Our Promise to Optimize your Business’ Value

At Orient Software, we can increase your value due to our expert staff maintaining up to date knowledge regarding the most popular software disciplines. That knowledge allows us to develop products that have the most innovative and robust options.

We don’t aim to merely comply with the healthcare industry’s changing regulations. We want to create products that meet standards while, more importantly, preventing future problems. Our commitment to excellence decreases our clients’ risks, costs and efforts. The tools we build will facilitate better illness management and greater control for the healthcare industry.

Patients and Providers

Our consulting and tech-savvy expertise helps us solve intricate business complications while prioritizing your goals. We help you maximize your web use with efficient resource management, by streamlining workflows and syncing offline records and data. Orient Software is in it for your bottom line and will help you to best profit from your assets while ultimately bringing your costs down.

Healthcare Offerings

At Orient Software, our technology solutions can help you best meet the business requirements associated with offering secondary services through continuing care or insurance. From billing and claim management to fraud detection and analytics, we design software solutions to help you provide better services for your clients and increase your business efficiency.

Product Developers

At Orient Software, we can provide you with a creative mobile solution or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product or system. Whichever you need, you can be assured that products developed by Orient Software will stand the test of time and will be improved according to healthcare industry needs to optimally protect your investment. At Orient Software, we stand firm in our belief that the best quality from the start results in the best results for your business in the end.

Medical Services and Health Industry Offerings

  • New Product Creation
  • Migrating Legacy Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Systems to Manage Inventory
  • Tutorials and E-learning Solutions
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Workflow Streamlining
  • Migrating Data
  • Website Development
  • Designing Mobile Applications