The primary mission of most non-profits is community improvement. Our high tech culture offers a selection of technological solutions to help non-profits succeed. Choosing the best tech tool is the challenge. Obviously, a non-profit wants to use the tools that will maximize their reach, their effect and ultimately, their success.

Hurdles & Opportunities

Realizing Efficiency

Ideally, balancing your organization’s budget should mean direct community benefits. But because of bad organization, inefficiencies abound. Valuable resources are often diverted for group management expenses, resulting to undesirably high overhead costs. Applying the most appropriate technology solutions, your organization will be more effective qualitatively and quantitatively, increasing the number of people you serve and the impact you have.

Cashing in on Collaboration

When you partner with like-minded community members, you increase your ability to offer even better quality services. You get the same effect when you offer customized content in more than one language. As such, your message is delivered directly to special interest groups and cultural minorities, especially targeted at them with the content and form they’re looking for.

How Orient Software Builds Your Business Value

At Orient Software, we’ve built a robust group of web developers, business experts, testers and designers that have proven and effective results for non-profit organizations. Let us help your organization customize the user experience by targeting your products so both you and your supporters get the most out of your organization’s technical tools. We always keep in mind the need for your tech solutions to evolve as your organization evolves so we develop both functional and flexible solutions. This helps you save in operational costs down the road.

Non-Profits and Charities

We offer to build a portal that will collect tax information, accept donations, and regularly inform supporters of your new developments. This high tech non-profit web development solution will keep your non-profit or charity more efficient and organized at the same time it will help streamline business processes.

Product Development

At Orient Software, our developers can design a mobile cross-platform solution for smooth global and local service.

Orient Software Web Services For Non-Profits & Government

  • Migrating legacy systems
  • Designing customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Improving and designing inventory management systems
  • Integrating web applications and enterprise resource planning systems
  • Providing tutorials and e-learning solutions
  • Making e-commerce easy
  • Designing and smoothing out workflow systems
  • Migrating data