A good economy runs on great logistics. The best logistics companies provide global manufacturers and suppliers with packaging, warehousing, freight and cross-docking assistance. But with today’s economic stresses, logistics companies are in search of hi-tech, innovative solutions to bring down operation costs while boosting efficiency.

Hurdles & Opportunities

Increasing Costs

At the same time you’re cutting costs by decreasing waste in your business, you probably still feel the financial burden of increasing gas prices, warehousing costs and product losses from errors. Such costs combined with a sluggish economy can impede businesses from making a profit.


Every business must comply with environmental and government regulations as well as local, national and international taxes. These are just to be accepted as the cost of being in business.

Getting a Piece of Emerging Markets

As the economies of developing countries mature, global business owners in Asia, Latin America and Africa are beginning to look for well-established and dependable logistics companies to manage their raw materials and goods’ transport.


Whether you’re operating on a local, national or international level, you’re bound to meet with fierce industry competition when it comes to transportation and logistics. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors alike are always looking for the best price and most efficient way to get their products to the market.

Forecasting and Accessing Information

Your profits are undoubtedly affected by market slowdowns, seasonal changes, and supply and labor fluctuations. Once we design the tool to understand your business analytics, examining metrics and market trends, you can expect to fare better in such business landscape.

How Orient Software Builds Your Business Value

At Orient Software, we build tools to help streamline workflows. We will build a customized tool that can help with scheduling and capacity planning, capture analytics, help with integration and error management and streamline workflows, Whatever your business needs, we can build the best solution for you.

Your Inventory Management

Let us design a true-to-life picture of your business workflow and customize an inventory management system for you. Our software experts will integrate your online and offline workflows for smoother transitions. They provide a solution to predict upcoming sales and best manage your costs so you can ultimately serve your customers better and save money in the process.

Asset and Fleet Management

Orient Software is able to optimize your business’ efficiency by designing a custom solution to manage your assets and fleet.

Orient Software Services for The Logistics and Transportation Industries

  • Migrating legacy Systems
  • Managing inventory systems
  • Integrating web applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Designing smooth workflow systems
  • Migrating data
  • Managing assets