From computers to airplanes and energy drinks to the latest fashions, manufacturers everywhere make the marketplace go round. But because of our ever-evolving global marketplace, manufacturers are regularly confronted with the need to lower prices while maintaining quality, and keeping an eye on the profit margin.

Hurdles & Opportunities


Today’s global market allows more and more businesses the opportunity to efficiently transport goods internationally. This raises competition for domestic manufacturers. The rising cost of labor, supplier shortages and inefficient process flow can all inhibit your capacity to produce a quality product at a reasonable rate.


The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States aims to improve employee’s working conditions on workplace safety. Businesses found negligent of OSHA regulations must pay heavy fines and face various penalties.

Improving Business Processes

Wasting resources? If so, it is a symptom of inefficiency. Whether due to overproduction, product defects or delayed transportation, such problems simply equate to decreased profits for your business.

Managing Capacity

Businesses operate best in lean environments, when production and materials flow are interdependent. Businesses that can easily predict production needs can thus lower costs resulting from input-output imbalances such as storage fees and extended times to market.

How Orient Software Builds Your Business Value

Orient Software is aware that every manufacturing company has unique requirements for collaboration and automation. Our expert consultants in manufacturing will design a solution to standardize your business processes, improve rapid deployment with quicker returns, and raise profits while minimizing waste.</p>


At Orient Software, we understand there is an adjustment period when it comes to using new software. So we design our software solutions to fit your functional needs as well as your budget. Our clients span the gamut of the manufacturing world to include those in the food and beverages, consumer goods, automobile and many other industries.


Your capacity to provide manufacturers with raw materials and without deficiencies is critical to marketplace survival. Let Orient Software streamline your business processes. We’ll integrate your processes with your current system by offering a customized solution to boost your bottom line.

Construction and Manufacturing Industry Services:

  • Migrating legacy systems
  • Designing customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Managing inventory systems
  • Integrating web applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Designing e-commerce capabilities
  • Building smooth workflows
  • Migrating data