All the Compelling Reasons to Leverage Outsourced IT Support for Small Business

Trung Tran

Trung Tran | 05/10/2023

All the Compelling Reasons to Leverage Outsourced IT Support for Small Business

In recent years, outsourcing has undergone a disruptive transformation and has shined as the go-to strategy for all IT needs of all-sized businesses. Startup companies and Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are often the most receptive to IT outsourcing services primarily due to their limited budgets and resources.

In actual fact, “outsourced IT support” is an umbrella term encapsulating a myriad of services, diversified not just by categories and methodologies but also by their end goals. This breadth enables a managed service provider to tailor solutions to the specific business needs of any client, irrespective of their size or budgetary capacity.

In the simplest terms, micro-enterprises find themselves short-handed, and IT outsourcing is precisely their way out. In this post, we will go beyond merely listing the common benefits of outsourced IT support. Instead, this post will blow your mind on the different facets of advantages and opportunities from the viewpoint of small business owners.

Why Small Businesses Should Capitalize on IT Support Services?

Why Small Businesses Should Capitalize on IT Support Services?

There must be good reasons for IT-managed services to be preferred as the “small business technology solutions” du jour. Entrepreneurs who are yet to hire IT professionals may have a hard time grasping the fact that such services can be beneficial for their small business unless they figure out these:

A Way to Accomplish Tasks Without Breaking the Bank

True. The very objective of outsourcing to a third-party company is to grasp tech support without bearing any more financial burdens.

More often than not, most startups, humble-size companies, or small projects rarely need or afford full-time IT staff because they do not have many technical issues. Even if they do, hiring a full-fledged tech team to run around the clock is a very expensive proposition, especially for startups and SMBs struggling to get off the ground. However, the problems are still there, waiting to be solved. So, what choices do small entrepreneurs have? Outsourcing is the answer.

Based on the complexity of the IT tasks, you can hire vendors to work hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. This flexibility lets SMBs save a considerable chunk of money on recruitment and training expenditures. Moreover, the outsourced support costs are predictable, enabling companies to plan their budgets and reduce the risk of unexpected expenses.

For software development projects, the dedicated team is a popularly known service utilized by any small business owner when they require immediate or short-term technical assistance for a project. Young and newly-established companies are often short on operational funds and usually struggle with the IT department’s cost, so they can contract out IT help desk support to control their expense and still ensure that the IT department is taken care of and the recurring technical issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Expertise on Demand

Outsourcing is not just about cutting down on costs for equipment or personnel; it is also about enhancing operational efficiency and addressing technical issues. Managed services providers are not just handymen; they come with an extensive range of expertise that helps entrepreneurs deal with their tech headaches without a hitch while providing ample opportunities for scalability.

In many cases, such a quick fix may suffice; however, in more serious situations, an outsourced IT support provider can address the root cause of an issue and implement long-term solutions that ensure business continuity. In situations where IT problems are more complicated, outsourcing services support companies to identify, analyze, and provide an accurate solution to the issue.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Can a business thrive with the minimum investment in IT infrastructure? Possibly, but only if outsourced IT support is leveraged in a proper manner.

Many small businesses often wear multiple hats and have limited resources at their disposal, making it challenging to allocate sufficient time and resources toward IT tasks. By entrusting IT support tasks to a service vendor or a self-managed team, entrepreneurs can make better use of their internal resources and focus on crucial aspects of their operations.

Additionally, entrepreneurs can get favorable support pricing for their small business needs. Therefore, an IT company has all the freedom to select the services it needs only and avoid paying for unnecessary support or features that they don’t require. As a result, they not only can save time but also can maximize productivity and growth opportunities for the business to thrive.

Round-the-clock Support means Business Continuity

Round-the-clock Support means Business Continuity

Uptime is essential for any business these days. It is commonly seen that downtime can cost you thousands of dollars per minute. However, entrepreneurs of most small businesses should understand that managing IT infrastructure is a cumbersome process, and it may be challenging to ensure 24/7 support with an in-house team.

Fortunately, IT outsourcing services ease this burden by providing round-the-clock support, ensuring business continuity, and avoiding costly downtime. It means businesses can rest assured that they have experts monitoring their systems and handling any issues that may arise at any time of the day.

This creates conditions for small businesses to concentrate on their operations without worrying about any technical problems disrupting their business. Plus, outsourced IT support providers offer finer security options that protect your sensitive data from any potential threats, ensuring the safety and continuity of operations.

The rapid technological progression can be overwhelming for small businesses and projects, as they might lose their breath, striving to stay abreast of the latest technical innovations and trends. Even if they try, their resources won’t allow it. For example, it is a huge challenge for a startup to get started with the artificial intelligence (AI) game, right?

Enter outsourced IT support providers - your beacon in this tech storm. Business owners can rely on managed service providers to keep them updated on the latest technological advancements. Adepts from service companies offer valuable insights and expertise, guiding you to make the right choices and implement them in your business operations.

Furthermore, outsourcing is a cost-effective facilitator for the technological race as it enables even small companies to access the latest cutting-edge tools and systems that are otherwise too expensive for them to acquire and maintain. The IT support providers are well equipped with infrastructure and technologies close to those of giant companies and pass on their benefits to the small and medium businesses sector.

So, when you utilize IT support for small business models, you attain peace of mind knowing they have the backing of outsourced support for their operations. Outsourcing your IT support not only frees you up from technical problems but also provides a competitive edge over other small-scale businesses that opt to manage all their technical needs internally.

In brief, outsourcing IT support might not sound like an obvious solution, but it enables small business owners to ensure that their money goes into the right place. The outcome is that they can reinvest their resources in the development of their core competencies, achieve strategic growth, and avoid being paralyzed by technical problems.

Outsource Technology Solutions to Orient Software

Outsource Technology Solutions to Orient Software

Now that you have a better understanding of how IT support outsourcing can aid small businesses, it is your turn to take action to find the right partner for your business. You will need a thorough process in order to screen, assess, and appoint a capable service vendor. But first, you will need to picture the portrait of one before you start.

A good IT support company should be a one-stop shop for a variety of technology solutions, covering a comprehensive range of business needs and requirements. It should be able to tailor one package of IT support services for the unique needs and budgets of your own business.

In addition to this, a service provider can offer in-depth insights and technical expertise on any industry-specific solutions you may need, as well as a vast pool of resources to work on your project.

Moreover, the vendor should have a solid track record of delivering solutions that meet your unique business needs. This can be reflected in their customer success stories or case studies, which you may request during the evaluation process.

All of these are the basic points to consider when choosing an IT support provider. At Orient Software, we offer all this and more. Our team of experienced professionals and tech talent can provide a complete range of technology solutions catered to your business needs, from startups to SMBs or even enterprises.

For almost two decades in the IT industry, we know your challenges and aim to help you - small businesses - gain opportunities to join the bigger market with a strong and proactive IT support vendor. Would you like to go faster with us? Get in touch now.

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