How We Work

Step 1: Find the Right People for Your Assignment

We will review your assignment as soon as we get the requirements. Based on the size and complexity of the project, we will assign the right people for the project. Once we have chosen the developers for your project, we will send you a report with the qualifications of each developer. You can at any time ask us to make changes to the team, if you feel that other qualifications are required on the team.

Step 2: Plan for the Assignment

The developers will be installed to fit your assignment immediately after we have gotten your approval. The team leader/developer will make a project plan for your assignment on our project Wiki. You will be given authorized access to the project Wiki, so that you can track the progress of the project. You can also leave your comments at each step in the plan. By this way, you and our team leader can keep track on the work done by each developer without wasting spending too much time on direct communication.

Step 3: Reporting

The team leader/developer will make a progress report to you and our manager every week. Our managers will keep in touch with you and make sure everything goes according to schedule.

Step 4: Evaluation

After one or two weeks into the project, we recommend that you evaluate our initial performance. If there is anything you are not happy with, please don’t hesitate to give us feedback. Open and frank communication is essential for successfully completing a project. It is especially important to eliminate any misunderstandings early in the project, and thereby make sure that our future cooperation will run smoothly.

During the project, we would invite you to give us early feedback on what we have done so far. You will be able to access the software we are making for you, either on a test server, or by sending you an alpha version of the software. This feedback is important to us, to ensure that we will deliver software that meets your quality and functional expectations.