Insider Tips for Successful Angular Development Outsourcing

Vy Le

Vy Le | 08/11/2023

Insider Tips for Successful Angular Development Outsourcing

Angular development is a popular open-source JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google. Over the past years, it has provided support to many software development teams, making thousands of scalable web applications successful around the world. The increasing demand makes developers specialized in Angular frameworks increasingly scarce.

Lack of competitiveness compared to well-known organizations is the main reason why many startups and enterprises give up in the quest to find and retain the right talent. Instead of building an in-house team which involves extensive recruitment and training processes, companies choose to outsource Angular development needs to leverage the expertise of external resources.

However, partnering with an Angular development outsourcing company is indeed a daunting task. You cannot jump into a random vendor with the hope that they will bring successful results to your Angular project. So, how do we make things right?

Why Are Experienced Angular Developers on Demand?

Why Are Experienced Angular Developers on Demand?

Looking at today’s recruitment market, you can easily see a large number of Angular software developers being sought after across forums and job boards. The demand for Angular developers is identified by the number of companies that use Angular regularly. However, that is not the only reason for Angular widespread adoption.

Increasing Popularity of Angular Web Development

With easy-to-use operations, a user-friendly interface, diverse features, and component-based architecture where code can be reusable, Angular helps coders ensure high-performance product delivery in a matter of time while fully meeting their needs. The Angular framework’s numerous benefits have made it increasingly popular among technology companies worldwide. Although Angular’s popularity is threatened by some potential challenges compared to other frameworks like React, it is still considered one of the top JavaScript frameworks globally at present, resulting in higher demand for Angular experts.

Shortage of Skilled Angular Developers

Hiring developers for Angular development projects is not only a need of large organizations as startups are also favored ones looking for this human resource. Unlike some other frameworks that are only suitable for small-scale software products, Angular serves large-scale applications that have high overall complexity across industries. Matching diverse types of software projects requires developers to have extensive expertise to become skilled Angular developers. The outpaced demand and skill gaps have unintentionally created a competitive market where experienced Angular professionals are sought after by companies looking to build quality web applications.

Future Growth of Angular

To adapt to the evolving digital world, Angular has a roadmap for continuous evolution and improvement and evolution. Efforts are being made to enhance developer ergonomics, improve debugging capabilities, and reduce the framework size. Inheriting the advantages and gradually improving the defects through updates is what we are seeing in the latest versions of Angular. While the development of the framework may not be exponential, it is expected to continue to attract developers and gain traction in the industry.

Proven Strategies for Angular Software Development Outsourcing

Proven Strategies for Angular Software Development Outsourcing

Partnering with an Angular development company can be a smart move for businesses looking to reduce costs and leverage external expertise. However, with the wrong approaches, companies can encounter failure at any time during the development process. How do we beat the odds and succeed then? These expert tips may give you some clues.

Communication Is Key

Clear communication and open lines among parties are vital components in achieving positive outcomes and fostering healthy relationships. As a key unlocks a door, communication unlocks understanding, opportunities, and collaboration. Whether it is between clients and outsourcing agencies or between departments within an organization, consistent communication helps parties establish clarity, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

For internal operations, with a deep understanding of business goals and timelines, members across the development project optimize the app production process using the Angular framework, together contributing to the overall success of the partnership. In professional settings, effective communication is also a useful tool in building trust. Receiving clear advice about service packages right at the initial stages from the third-party vendor partly demonstrates their professionalism and enhances your using-services satisfaction in the later stages of the project.

Despite the language barrier, you can give communication tools like Slack or Office365 a try to achieve desired levels of efficiency.

Screen Software Outsourcing Team Like In-house One

Although Angular outsourcing services only provide certain functions and support to customers for short or long periods depending on the project, don’t take the screening third-party vendor process easily. On the contrary, carefully evaluate and select potential Angular outsourcing partners the same way you would hire an in-house development team.

Why is doing this necessary? This is because the performance and reliability of your vendors can greatly influence the reputation and success of your business. It goes without saying that a software development company can bring positive outcomes for your business. However, if this is not the case, it can leave a bad impression on your customers and cause a significant loss in budget - things that can be difficult to recover from.

Conduct comprehensive background checks with specific actions such as verifying the vendor’s credentials and track records, asking for any relevant certifications or licenses they may possess, and reading previous client testimonials, etc., may help in finding the true pieces.

Put Quality Above Price

Outsourcing is an undeniable way to reduce costs. However, it is not always the thing. While affordability is a crucial consideration, focusing solely on the cheapest outsourcing option may lead businesses to subpar services that fail to meet your expectations.

You may find affordable outsourcing services that bring cost benefits to your financial strategies during initial phases as businesses have more budget to focus on core competencies such as marketing, project management, infrastructure, etc. However, cheaper alternatives often require frequent repairs, replacements, or upgrades, leading to additional costs in the long run. On the contrary, investing in quality can potentially save you money by reducing the need for repairs, frequent replacements, and dissatisfaction with poor performance, getting you the best value for your investment in the long run.

Set Specific Milestones for Progress Tracking

Handing over all the requirements to the Angular outsourcing partner, letting them be, and assuming that the job is finished is a completely wrong approach and can potentially cause the project to fall into a state of failure. Instead, make sure you’re always there to moderate each small step in the development journey.

No matter what form you outsource Angular development projects, dedicated software teams, or staff augmentation, it is always recommended to break down the entire software development process into small periods, each with distinguished milestones for ease of management, monitoring, and measurement for work progress. This way, you can easily observe the overall performance of the project, thereby making specific assessments of each tangible marker and deciding to make necessary adjustments.

Besides, achieving milestones also gives businesses a sense of accomplishment and boosts their motivation. Each milestone reached makes the software development time shorter, strengthens your progress, and encourages you to keep going.

Provide Active Evaluation and Feedback on Each Development Phase

How does your Angular development outsourcing work? You will never answer this question if you do not provide regular feedback throughout the development process. It is not advised to wait until the end to provide such an evaluation, as this may potentially lead to missed opportunities for course correction, addressing issues promptly, and improving the final outcome.

The process of regularly giving feedback and reviews obviously takes you an amount of time. However, the consequences of doing this further benefit your final web application. You can easily see this method appearing in Agile development methodologies. By providing evaluation at every step throughout the partnership, businesses can make timely adjustments for any appearing concern and issue, ultimately saving time, staying on track, and enhancing the overall project quality.

Think Twice Before Taking Action

Thinking twice does not emphasize the indecisiveness of an organization. It is simply the process of taking a deliberate pause to consider, reflect, and analyze the best course of action. As the future is always an unknown pathway, considering all the possibilities may help businesses avoid potential pitfalls and make more intentional choices that are more likely to lead to positive outcomes.

It is undeniable that rushing into action saves much time. However, that is also the reason why you miss out on many better alternative solutions or approaches that require research. Besides, Angular services that you think are suitable for your business now may not be in the future due to constant change. That is why, more than anyone else, you need to take the time to allow yourself to explore different options and realize different perspectives in the long run rather than short-sighted decisions that may have regrettable consequences.

Contract negotiation is one of the typical examples that requires careful consideration of the terms and conditions.

Choose the Right Outsourcing Destination

Although the outsourcing market has gradually become richer with the constant appearance of new companies, only some countries offer skilled resources for outsourcing Angular development according to client recruitment criteria. In addition, there are big differences in physical conditions, ability to adapt to technological advancements, and even political stability between countries.

Upon closer inspection of the current outsourcing market, it becomes evident that many large and small businesses worldwide are choosing Southeast Asian countries, particularly Vietnam, as their primary partner for collaboration. Why outsource to Vietnam? Vietnam not only has experienced Angular developers who are fluent in English but also offers competitive pricing due to a lower cost of living. Businesses can now hire multiple software engineers of the same level in Vietnam for project development needs instead of being limited to only one engineer from European countries.

Regarding the definition of “suitable,” each business has its own idea of what constitutes “the right outsourcing destination.” For some clients, a nearby location may be the preferred option, while for others, an area with lower outsourcing service costs is more suitable. So, make sure you understand what you want and choose a reliable Angular outsourcing company that is aligned with your budget, requirements, and long-term goals.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

A business cannot survive long without business secrets and confidential information. Protecting your intellectual property during an outsourcing partnership is essential to preserve your valuable ideas, inventions, and proprietary information and create attraction in the marketplace.

In order to limit the risk of intellectual property theft or misuse, businesses should choose reliable partners who have robust security measures in place and a culture of respecting intellectual property rights. Through legally binding agreements such as NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), service users ensure the absolute security of confidential information. The terms within NDAs need to be listed specifically to avoid disputes over rights between the parties. The consequences of breaching the agreement are also an indispensable element to having evidence to challenge the court in the worst-case scenario.

Even if it is a partner in software development, businesses should limit sharing access to proprietary data and trade secrets on a need-to-know basis. Only sharing the necessary and relevant information with the outsourcing partner helps companies add a layer of protection relationship against potential infringements or legal disputes, leading to a strong working relationship.

Make Comparisons for the Best Price Value

Make Comparisons for the Best Price Value

Price value refers to the concept of whether the price being charged is justified by the value received in return. With the presence of numerous Angular development outsourcing companies available in the tech world, it is difficult for businesses to be sure if they have optimized their budget or not without making true comparisons. By evaluating factors such as pricing, level of expertise, services offered, and client reviews, companies determine the best deal, make more informed decisions, and ensure that they are getting the most out of their budget.

Except for vendor-to-vendor comparisons, there are some common comparisons that can help you determine the best price value, including:

  • Feature vs. Price: Compare the features offered by different services at various price points.
  • Quality vs. Price: Compare the quality of services being compared and how it relates to their respective prices.
  • Brand Reputation vs. Price: Compare the reputation and trustworthiness of different brands.
  • Long-Term Costs vs. Initial Price: Look beyond the initial price and consider the long-term costs related to a service.
  • Bundled Packages vs. Individual Purchases: Compare the total cost and value of the package (of the same provider) versus purchasing individual items separately.

Over the past two decades, Orient Software has become a trusted outsourcing partner for hundreds of clients, providing a wide range of services. If you are looking for Angular development services with top-notch professionals, look no further than us to turn your project idea into reality. It is time to complete your software development and gain an edge over your competitors. Contact us now.

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