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Vy is a content writer at Orient Software who loves writing about technical matters in an accessible way. She upgrades her knowledge daily by reading and learning well-rounded aspects of technology.

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The Future of Technology in 50 Years to Come

The Future of Technology in 50 Years to Come

Trying to predict the future can be risky. Get it wrong, then your predictions come across as silly and far-fetched. Some good examples of this include meals in pill form, flying cars (we’re getting close though), and teleportation.

Linh Nguyen | 04/06/2024

14 Things You Can Do with JavaScript

What Can You Do with JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that you can use to build websites, create online games, and much more. Learn what you can do with JavaScript here.

Øyvind Forsbak | 20/05/2024

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