Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers: A Comprehensive Guide

Quynh Pham

Quynh Pham | 15/07/2023

Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers: A Comprehensive Guide

Laravel is a PHP framework and one of the best open-source frameworks for scaling modern web applications. With over 74,000 stars on Github, it is a powerful tool for building beautiful and dependable applications.

The number of websites built using Laravel is growing every day. You may have caught wind of this trendy framework and want to engage Laravel developers to help with parts or the whole web development process. If you are looking to build a Laravel team, whether it is an in-house team or an outsourced one, use this guide as a starting point.

Why Do You Need to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers?

Powerful and advantageous features like built-in authentication, MVC architecture, multiple file systems, etc., are already available in a Laravel PHP framework. Companies of any size stand to gain a lot from this with the aid of skilled Laravel programmers who make good use of the framework.

Laravel Developers Build Future-ready Software

Technology is growing in leaps and bounds. In order to stay cutting-edge and relevant, businesses would prefer software applications and frameworks that are flexible and constantly adapting. This is exactly what a Laravel framework does.

As it is built with modern programming principles and techniques, it allows developers to adapt and produce software that aligns with the newest technological trends. It’s also easy to migrate to a newer version without breaking existing code because of Laravel’s modular structure. Dedicated Laravel developers need not worry about the Laravel framework being outdated, so they focus on catching up with technological trends and working on creating innovative projects, pushing the business forward.

Laravel Developers Build Global Software

If your business is looking to expand the business across international borders, hiring Laravel developers is highly beneficial.

Experienced Laravel developers can develop a variety of multilingual websites and applications using third-party packages or by using Laravel localization to build a completely new website. The team will find the way that best fits the organization.

Being able to create multi-language apps allows your business to cater to audiences around the world, leading to more marketability and revenue. For startups and entrepreneurial companies aiming for a global reach, hiring a Laravel developer is extremely advantageous.

Laravel Developers Build Software for Traffic Management

Having people visiting your website means that your brand awareness is increased - there will be more prospects, which will eventually lead to more sales. However, in today’s digital age, customers have high expectations of smooth digital experiences. Businesses need to build websites and applications that have the ability to handle heavy traffic without crashing.

Handling a large number of requests each second often leads to an increase in host cost. By hiring Laravel developers, your web apps have better traffic control capability, lowering hosting costs and guaranteeing that your web apps can handle high traffic volumes without any problems.

Laravel Developers Build Software with Increased Security

Laravel’s built-in security functionality allows developers to create web apps quickly and with ease. The strong security features protect its users from any potential security or data breach with the help of features such as routing, authentication routing, etc.

With such strong security measures, you and your team wouldn’t have to constantly be worried about cyber-attacks or malware.

Laravel Developers Have Great Expertise

A dedicated Laravel developer is often very knowledgeable in various aspects of the PHP framework, including elixir, hashing, artisan console, etc.

Such knowledge allows them to utilize the flexibility of Laravel to develop both simple and intricate websites and APIs.

Consider These Factors When You Hire Laravel Developers

Consider These Factors When You Hire Laravel Developers

Knowledge is power, so it is advisable to exercise caution when selecting your Laravel team. The following are some of the essential factors you should consider at least once while looking to hire Laravel programmers.

Your Goals

Before starting any kind of project or team, always try to identify what your goals are. What are your expectations? What is the goal? What are your requirements? Write down a list that revolves around these questions. Use this list to guide you through the entire hiring process.

Take your time to look through the different projects you can tackle with Laravel, e.g., Laravel app development, customized Laravel development, maintenance, support, and the list goes on.

Having a clear vision from the beginning allows you to hire the right team of Laravel developers.

Your Budget

The next step you should take is to conduct research to have a better understanding of what the payment of a qualified Laravel developer looks like. From there, start putting together a budget.

If you don’t know where to begin, try breaking down the project into smaller scopes or phases, then forecast the resource needed. From there, you may have a better idea of the amount of money you are willing to pay.

If this is your first time trying to build a developer team, it is a wise choice to outsource a software team. Not only does your partner help you build a dedicated Laravel team, as they have a talent pool readily available, but they will also provide useful insight so you can make timely adjustments to your project.

Look for Experience

If you want the top Laravel developers on your team, look for those who have more years of experience under their belt.

Have a look at the candidate’s portfolio first to get a clearer picture of their hard skills, soft skills, and professionalism. Don’t forget to check for references from their previous managers. The more projects they have tackled, the more extensive knowledge they have to deliver high-quality products and excellent performance to meet your needs.

Check for Technical Skills

As mentioned earlier, you need to check your candidates’ portfolios. Always look into their technical skills, even if they are an experienced Laravel developer.

Building new web applications or making updates to existing ones is a Laravel developer’s primary duty. Therefore, a skilled Laravel developer should possess the following technical skills:

Fundamental Web Development Technologies

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript are absolutely essential skills, as PHP Laravel works directly with them.

Database Management

A Laravel programmer should be an expert and managing databases, allowing end-users to locate and share the data within the organization easily.

Knowledge of MVC and OOP

Laravel is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, so it goes without saying that they need to have solid knowledge about it. A Laravel developer must also be familiar with methods, traits, and classes because Laravel employs an object-oriented methodology.

Knowledge of Project Management Frameworks

Having a solid understanding of project management frameworks allows a new team member to quickly catch up and collaborate with other members. Some of the most popular frameworks are Agile and Waterfall.

Check for Soft Skills

Don’t overlook soft skills, as they are just as important as technical skills. Other than possessing the essential hard skills, hiring dedicated Laravel developers also means that they:

  • Communicate efficiently
  • Always strive to be better and are open to constructive feedback
  • Manage time well and follow deadlines
  • Have strong problem-solving skills

Support After Delivery

Your dedicated Laravel programmers should be able to assist you after the delivery in addition to performing successfully during the development process. In order to prevent future issues from being unresolved, look for someone with experience in after-delivery support.

Where Can You Find Dedicated Laravel Developers?

Where Can You Find Dedicated Laravel Developers?

After you are done with the preparation phase, it is time to actually start finding and hiring skilled Laravel developers. There are a few options when it comes to this step.

Outsourcing Laravel Company

If you have a highly sophisticated project and need long-term support, working with an outsourcing company would be one of the best choices out there. Also, such a project often requires professional Laravel developers.

Outsourcing to a Laravel company saves you a lot of precious time screening and interviewing - which can sometimes last up to months. With businesses with a proven track record, like Orient Software, you wouldn’t have to worry about transparency, the team’s experience, or work efficiency. The worries about employee turnover are also gone, as everything will be taken care of by your partner.

The cost of this model can be higher compared to the other ones. Even then, the long-term benefits are worth it, and the prices have become a lot more competitive.

Laravel Freelancers

Hiring freelancers is becoming mainstream these days with both pros and cons. This model works great if you have short-term projects with simple functionalities. You can easily find and hire remote Laravel developers from portals like Fiverr, Linkedin, etc.

However, with no organization to do the screening and interview beforehand, it can be difficult to verify their experience and credibility.

Laravel Developer Recruiting Models

Should you opt to work with an outsourcing partner to hire expert Laravel developers, there are three ways to go about the partnership with the following engagement models.

Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated Laravel development team is ideal should you have a long-term project that you would like to tackle, if you wish to reduce time-to-market, or if you need a minimum viable product (MVP) to see how the product does in the new business environment. As the name suggests, you get a focused team of Laravel app developers who will work on your project.

No matter the reason, a dedicated development team is cost-effective, gives you complete control over the project, and allows for better quality control.

Fixed Price Model

As the name of this model suggests, your software development team works within a predetermined budget and deadline. Hence, this model requires careful and thorough planning. This model works best when you only need limited features and have clear requirements since it can be difficult accommodating to changes.

Time & Material Model

When there is no predetermined scope of work, and a great deal of flexibility is needed, it would be a good idea to choose the time and material model. In contrast to the fixed price model, clients pay for the amount of work completed in the Laravel project instead of having a set budget from the beginning.

Hiring Dedicated Laravel Developers with Orient Software

The process of building an entire team of expert Laravel developers can be long, time-consuming, and somewhat intimidating. Even then, to stay in the curve and be future-ready, you should seriously consider hiring a team of professional Laravel developers.

Why not look for help from experts in the field and allow you and your team to focus on value-driven, core business activities? Let Orient Software Team take care of the long processes and paperwork of building a dedicated Laravel team for you - you can always expect only the best from Orient Software as we have a proven track record and want to be there for your team’s success.

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