What to Know Before Considering an Outsourced Development Team

Trung Tran

Trung Tran | 08/02/2023

What to Know Before Considering an Outsourced Development Team

Do you know that every one in three software development companies utilizes some kind of software development outsourcing services? And above all, an outsourced development team or dedicated team is the most preferred function as an economical way to access additional resources without putting more pressure on the in-house teams or stretching the budgets while maintaining control over the progress as well as the personnel working on your projects.

Especially in today’s context, where the demand-supply gap of software developers is growing more significant, having an outsourcing development team is steadily becoming standard. As revealed by a research, 75% of startups improved productivity by leveraging a remote development team. This makes sense why more and more organizations decide to hire an outsourced team rather than insisting on a full development team of in-house developers.

What Is an Outsourced Software Development Team?

An outsourced team or commonly referred to as a dedicated software development team, is a squad of IT professionals managed by a third-party service provider. Such development teams often include multiple positions, ranging from software engineers and UI/UX designers to quality assurance specialists and business analysts. A software development company can hire these outsourced developers to work independently or closely with its internal team. The roles, responsibilities, as well as team size heavily depend on the project’s requirements and the client’s business needs.

The outsourcing companies will be in charge of the whole hiring process and management of the outsourced teams, which is one of the best things as you are freed from operational tasks and can focus on your core business. This also means all the costs related to the recruitment, training, and management of the outsourced teams are covered by the outsourcing company.

When companies outsource software development teams, they can decide the location of their outsourcing partner. Generally, it is either in the same country, nearby, or abroad. Among the location-based models, the offshore software development team is the most popular choice due to its wide range of competitive advantages compared to a full-fledged in-house team or onshore or nearshore outsourcing.

So, Why Hire Outsourced Development Teams?

What are your reasons for considering starting an outsourcing relationship with an external team? Perhaps, it is cost-savings, staff shortage, or else. No matter the goals you aim at, an outsourced development team can bring these benefits up to your plate.

Reduce Software Development Costs

It surely does. The cost of hiring a software developer through outsourcing vendors is relatively lower compared to in-house ones. Moreover, outsourcing developers comes with a customer-friendly cost structure, where the clients are only required to pay for the actual hours of work performed by the team members. This provides greater flexibility and allows companies to optimize their budgets according to their business requirements. However, no matter how tight your budget is, there’s always something that software development services can do to help at an affordable cost.

Easy Access to IT Talent Pool

By partnering with a reliable outsourcing partner, companies are no longer limited in their internal resources. They gain access to the broader pool of tech talent and are capable of bringing the best outsourced team members with fresh minds and solid domain knowledge into their in-house development team.

Do not worry about time zones and cultural differences since the advancement of telecommunication tools and project management tools has made them no longer a hassle in outsourcing software development projects. On the other hand, a lot of projects have taken advantage of the gaps in location and time zones to speed up the turn-around time of their projects.

Flexibility & Scalability

When conducting a project, there is no way for you to 100% guarantee that it will not last longer or cost more than anticipated. At times like this, you may need to scale up or down the project scope as well as the team size to keep up with the progress. In such situations, changes made to an internal team are more often than not more troublesome than an outsourced team. In other words, outsourcing developers give you more flexibility in terms of budgeting and scalability, which come in extremely handy in times of need. Thanks to the sufficient IT workforce and the outsourcing business models provided by service providers, businesses have the privilege to add more or cut down on personnel of their project teams at their disposal. This can help them to save costs and bring the project back on its track.

Better Project Management

For most organizations, building a full-fledged team of high-performing developers from scratch is always a daunting task. Finding the right team members is already challenging, but finding the right project manager who can keep the team on the right track is even harder.

When you outsource development teams, you will surely have less concern about management as there will be a project manager assigned to each team, who takes responsibility for directing it toward the project’s success. The outsourcing vendors also implement different project management methods to arrange everything well in place for you. This somehow takes away the burden of being there and watching over the team, giving you free hands to prioritize other more value-added areas of your project.

In-depth Industry Experience

Nothing is more advantageous than working with experts in the IT industry, and outsourcing companies are truly one. They have the opportunities to cooperate with a variety of businesses of different sizes and across industries and fields, as well as work on many projects, solve different problems, and also achieve success. Therefore, they boast experience and a robust network to track down the top developers better than you do. For that reason, your chances of ending up with the right team are increased.

Final Thoughts

So, Why Hire Outsourced Development Teams?

Hiring and working with an external team can offer you a wide range of benefits that enables you to get projects completed in a shorter time, within budget, and without sacrificing quality. But for many, managing outsourced development teams is not and will never be an easy task. Certainly, the existence of challenges and difficulties is inevitable when you delegate your business processes to a remote team. However, it is by no means impossible to overcome such obstacles as long as you have the right business partner accompanying you along the way.

Orient Software – operating in the IT industry for almost two decades – is a top-tier software outsourcing company providing a full set of services. Not just dedicated teams or IT staff augmentation services; whatever your IT needs are, we are ready to serve. Want to know more about Orient Software? Hesitate no more; drop us a message today!

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