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Trung Tran

Trung Tran

Technical/Content Writer

Trung is a content writer at Orient Software who blogs about IT-specific topics, namely software development and IT outsourcing. He nurtures his interest in technology by researching and learning a lot, and he imparts valuable insights to the audience through his writing.

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Kubernetes DevOps – A Perfect Pair

Kubernetes & DevOps: A Perfect Pair?

Learn about the connection between Kubernetes and DevOps to see if they are a good match and what benefits they offer your software development process.

Trung Tran | 16/11/2021

DevOps: What is Infrastructure as Code?

DevOps: What is Infrastructure as Code?

Let's go over the definition of Infrastructure as Code and its benefits to have a good idea of whether it might work for your business needs or not.

Trung Tran | 28/10/2021

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