Hire C# Programmers From Orient Software

An Overview

Microsoft has created a programming language similar to Java that is known as C# (pronounced c sharp). It is a simple language, which is good for programming, yet it is as powerful as C++. This makes it the best tool for programming in Microsoft .NET.

C# is easy to read due to its similarities with Java, C++, and C. Programmers appreciate the greater elegance of object inheritance and class declarations that are .NET features in C#. This language was created from scratch specifically for .NET and its simplicity and lack of verbosity means that programmers spend less time entering keystrokes.

The Benefits of C#

C# has many benefits over other languages:

  • Speed. Execution of code written in C# is much faster than that of VB.Net, so applications can perform more quickly – and C# can deal with data types that aren’t signed.
  • Restrictions. With C#, programmers can’t accidentally include un-typed methods and variables or undeclared variables, as sometimes happens with VB.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft. Thanks to the innovation and flexibility of its features, C# is now the programming language of choice for Microsoft
  • Variety of Compilers. Solaris, Windows, Linux, Mac, and almost all other platforms include compilers for C#.

When comparing C# with VB.NET, it becomes obvious that the syntax in C# is much more straightforward. It can also be embedded with “unsafe” and “dangerous” blocks and idioms of C++ code, for example when a programmer needs pointer power. When comparing C# with C++, the safety, productivity, and simplicity of the former makes it shine. Because the CLR manages all the code that has been compiled, there’s no possibility of performing actions without authorization or of having leaks in memory. Also, the CLR helps programmers avoid pointers, case statements, and fall-through switches, which are common in C++ idioms. C# compresses definitions and class declarations into single files that are more manageable. For this and other pragmatic reasons, C# is sometimes referred to as one-stop coding.

The greatest advantage of C# is strategic: it can work with other .NET languages and codes, so companies can have some programmers use C# without having to require that the entire software development team switch over. C# has a lot of technical improvements over its predecessors. For example, it’s now harder for pirates to rebuild the source code because there are Microsoft obfuscators that change the IL bytecode. This makes C# great for generic programming. And C# makes it easy to generate XML documentation from the comments on source coding.

What should My Company Look for When Selecting a C# Programmer?

To obtain a solid, business-oriented solution, your company can’t rely on a programmer with technical skills in C# alone. You also need the right combination of professional experience and personality traits. In particular, you should try to find a programmer with who has:

  • Creativity, a willingness to consider new ideas, and the ability to apply those traits to your project
  • An online portfolio of past ASP programming that he or she has completed successfully
  • Two or more years of experience in C# programming or equivalent education that includes coding with an object orientation
  • One or two years of experience in creating websites that are driven by databases
  • Experience in developing transaction websites if your desired business solution is related to ecommerce