Windows Phone

Developing mobile apps with the widest reach demands targeting the right platforms. Windows Phone is Microsoft’s mobile platform, rapidly growing in popularity, market share and feature support. Businesses looking for new markets, exciting opportunities and the ability to support all the common platforms do well to start development for Windows Phone apps now.

Windows Phone Advantages

Your mobile app benefits of Windows Phone in multiple ways.

Market Opportunities

The most obvious advantage Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform provides is the fast and sustained growth of its market share around the world. The market research data suggests that in many markets Windows Phone is already the second largest mobile platform and it’s still gaining in popularity. From the business point of view, it is almost a necessity to support Windows Phone, if you aim for any of the markets where it already has a large share, or if your goal is a truly global reach.

Windows 8

Being an integral part of Microsoft’s technology ecosystem, Windows Phone benefits of tight integration with Microsoft’s new operating systems. Starting from Windows 8, the user interface and functionality of the operating system is mobile-first, and the “metro-style” layout of Windows Mobile is applied also to the desktop version. This allows much greater synergy between mobile development and development for desktop or web, as similar solutions will work in both environments. Combination of Windows Desktop app and Windows Mobile app is very effective in comparison to combining other platforms together, and provides great value as with the popularity of desktop Windows, large market can be reached.

Many Development Options

Windows Phone is an interesting platform from development point of view, as it has very robust tools available for app development. Natively it is C++ meaning that native code written for it is generally very fast, giving you the advantage of performance. Even more importantly, it allows the utilization of popular C and C++ libraries for Windows and other operating systems. In addition, .NET framework development with C# language is well supported, making it possible to benefit of Microsoft’s powerful integrated development environments (Visual Studio product family) and of the large supply of well qualified .NET developers, such as Orient Software’s many .NET experts. This ready availability of great development resources also makes Windows Phone a good option for an easy start of new mobile ventures.

Innovative Features

Windows Phone’s advanced technical features may be the decisive aspect in selecting the platform for your apps. To show the power of just one feature, consider the Live Tiles on Windows Phone home screen. These tiles represent the functionality that in other mobile platforms is basically the icons or bookmarks for apps, but in the Windows Phone way, the home screen is intended to put the user in the center of an experience. One way your apps can take advantage of this is to display dynamic content sourced from your app directly on the live tile of the user’s home screen. With well thought out design and functionality, this offers many opportunities to improve user engagement and the value your app creates.

Windows Phone Development at Orient Software

You will discover that Orient Software combines our experience in mobile development with our vast resources of .NET development to create quality Windows Phone apps. You can rely on us to make your way to this growing, exciting platform successful. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your project going!