Orient Software Won Top 6 Vietnam IT Companies 2023 by ITViec

Orient Software and 18 years of branding

Orient Software and 18 years of branding

The IT industry has been changing rapidly in recent years. That’s why building a corporate culture, ensuring benefits, creating an engaging working environment, and paying attention to employee training play a crucial role in a company’s growth.

Established in 2005, Orient Software is oriented to be a company that provides solutions for software development and IT personnel to customers globally.

From a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Orient Software has grown continuously, built a strong team of more than 350 talented employees, and expanded nationally and internationally with one headquarters and seven branch offices in major cities such as Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Tokyo, Singapore.

Not only growing in scale, but Orient also focuses on promoting an ideal working environment for employees full of benefits. After more than 18 years of operation in the information technology industry, Orient has affirmed its position as well as the quality of its services when leaving many imprints in the domestic and foreign arena with a series of different awards such as “Top 500 High-growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2022” voted by Financial Times magazine, 7 consecutive years winning VINASA awards in the categories “Top 10 Outsourcing Companies”, “Top 10 ICT Companies” and 12 international awards other notable. This is considered the most explicit demonstration of what Orient has been trying to maintain and develop over the years.

New award in 2023 thanks to good welfare policy

New award in 2023 thanks to good welfare policy

With unremitting efforts, most recently, on March 28, 2023, Orient Software was honored to be in the top 6 best IT companies in Vietnam 2023 by ITViec. Accordingly, the list of the best IT companies in Vietnam 2023 is compiled and ranked based on 18,000+ reviews of IT staff working at technology companies in 2022.

Honor, joy, happiness, and pride when our efforts are recognized are the feelings Orient encapsulates when being named in this award of ITViec.

By promoting the three elements of collaboration, openness, and learning mindset in the working process, Orient considers people as the heart of the whole company’s development. In particular, it can be said that the employee-specific welfare regime is the most important policy to help Orient win the award of the top 6 best IT companies in Vietnam by ITViec this year.

With the main customer file being foreign customers, Orient focuses on developing language skills for all employees to serve their work better. English training classes take place at a reasonable density to help employees hone their communication skills while working directly with foreign customers. Besides language, Orient indirectly pushes up employee morale by providing bonus policies based on ability and flexible working time. Additional policies include opportunities onsite abroad and Orient’s branch offices, support for rotating work locations between 4 branches, team building activities, breakfast, snacks, etc.

The economy’s challenges are also opportunities

The economy's challenges are also opportunities

For an enterprise specializing in technology and digital transformation like Orient Software, the Covid-19 pandemic is both a practical test and a potential development opportunity.

Amid the wave of layoffs spreading around the world in 2022 due to the negative impact of the pandemic, Orient has tried to maintain the employee happiness indicators for the working environment to create employees’ financial solid support. Despite many difficulties and challenges, Orient still faces them as an opportunity to expand its market to reach more potential customers.

Many people think that technology jobs are losing their appeal with the current wave of significant layoffs. However, the reality is less when the demand for information technology labor is enormous.

At the same time, the brand and reputation built up during the past time have helped Orient maintain a stable, loyal customer file. The company still has many projects for employees to work on and is always in state of recruiting more new employees to serve the company’s development.

As for other companies, the wave of layoffs is a challenge. For Orient, this is another opportunity to easily access more quality human resources while limiting the market’s competitiveness. In order to nurture a generation of good human resources for the IT outsourcing industry, regardless of social context, Orient always maintains the policy of on-time salary payment, project-based bonuses, and other exciting activities.

In 2023, Orient aims to upgrade and improve its welfare policy while still focusing on human development. In particular, regular check-in will be a new policy that Orient focuses on perfecting to capture and timely support employees’ difficulties, thoughts, and aspirations.

Hoping not only to receive an award from ITViec in 2023, but in the coming years, Orient will still receive attention and love from industry personnel and achieve higher milestones.