Scan These Indicators for Top-tier IT Companies in Vietnam

Trung Tran

Trung Tran | 18/09/2023

Indicators for Top-tier IT Companies in Vietnam

If you are reading this post, you must be in search of a reliable IT company, a partner who can handle your project with care and take your idea from a blueprint into a functional product. And you have come to the right place – Vietnam – one of the alternatives for outsourcing software development services preferred by many global businesses for many good reasons.

The Vietnamese IT outsourcing market has been getting more vibrant over the past ten years, with a revenue projected to reach US$590.40 million in 2023 (mostly generated in the United States). The statistics do not lie, and they shed light on how global tech powerhouses are viewing outsourcing services in Vietnam as a wise business move. You are considering this option in the same way, aren’t you?

But guess what? Even the grandest plan can fall flat without the right partner. So, how can you identify the perfect match? Honestly, this is an arduous task, but it is not clueless if you know what to look for in a Vietnamese IT outsourcing company. As long as you figure out the key metrics and stick to them, you will find your best suit without breaking a sweat.

What Signs That Tell You’ve Found the Best Service Provider?

What Signs That Tell You've Found the Best Service Provider?

In the IT industry, it is no rare thing to see a global software development firm partnering with a service provider for some of their projects. Fortune-500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Amazon have worked with IT companies in Vietnam to outsource certain services due to the cost efficiency and other advantages these agencies offer.

The outsourcing market is expanding at a neck-breaking speed in tandem with the evolution of technologies and the soaring demand for software solutions. So, sorting out a perfect fit among a vast ocean of service providers will be arduous.

Top software outsourcing companies in Vietnam can be numerous, but the perfect match can only be one. Usually, a technology company has to travel a long way to narrow down a list of potential candidates by repeating the same process of vendor selection and due diligence time and time again. You should immediately settle for any services companies if they are the accurate answer to the following indicators:

A Diverse Spectrum of Technology Solutions & Strategy Consulting Services

The very first sign of a capable, tech-savvy vendor is its covering of software outsourcing services. Why? The answer is simple. It somehow reflects the depth and width of technical knowledge and the maturity level of a service vendor and its personnel so that they can handle complicated projects in various domains and tailor software solutions to meet the requirements of any clients worldwide.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that a niche company – a provider only specializing in one particular service – cannot be a good partner. Perhaps you do not need an all-in-one house for comprehensive solutions, but it makes the foundation for assessing a competent service vendor. So, based on your needs, you should choose a specialist in the service you are seeking.

Custom Software Development

A sheer number of world-class digital solutions are custom-made in Vietnam. Custom development is a service model in which a software solution is designed and developed from scratch, catering to the unique needs of a business. It can be web development, mobile app development, game development, e-commerce development, or enterprise application development.

Software Testing

Quality assurance is paramount for delivering a functional product with zero risks of bugs or failures. Like any counterparts in other renowned IT outsourcing destinations, service companies in Vietnam provide a comprehensive range of testing methods (It covers design testing, functional testing, integration testing, user experience testing, security testing, performance testing, and more.) to serve every testing demand of a client.

System Integration & Deployment

Integration and deployment are two equally critical processes in software development that experienced technicians should handle. System integration requires the unification of various software components so that they can interact with each other and function as one system. Deployment, conversely, is about pushing the finished product to production-level servers for public access or internal use.

Technology Consulting

Strategy consulting and digital transformation are two of the most sought-after services in outsourcing. They range from cloud consulting, big data consulting, and software architecture consulting to other areas in technology, and their objective is to provide a strategic plan for developing digital solutions. Business owners can leverage these services to align their project objectives with technological capabilities so that they can develop timely strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

Many tech giants have already made great strides in their respective industry fields with the help of external advisors who possess an extensive knowledge base and growth hacking techniques to ensure a smooth journey through any challenge and obstacle. For your information, 92% of G2000 companies are reported to be using some form of IT outsourcing.

Staffing Services

The fierce war for talent and the scarcity of software engineers have driven the wave of tech companies outsourcing to offshore software development countries due to the renewable source of resources there. As a result, IT staffing services become “the best-sellers” in the Vietnamese outsourcing market. These services come with various models, such as dedicated teams, extended teams, and remote staffing, that let you hire a team of engineers and have them work on projects exclusively for you.

UI/UX Design

User experience and customer journey are critical elements to measure the caliber of product development. A tech company cannot afford to ignore these essential aspects, or they will suffer severe consequences regarding user engagement and ROI. Therefore, many software houses seek project-based UI/UX designers to help them create seamless products with smooth navigation and attractive interfaces to ensure a delightful user experience. They don’t have to stretch their resources further by hiring full-time designers.

Years of Experience & a Record of Client Retention

In addition to technical expertise, another fundamental marker that you should never ignore is experience. A services company’s history of operation tells a lot about how well-equipped they are and what they have done for their clients. So, take note of the total number of years they have been on the market and check out their portfolio of successful projects.

But remember, consider the longevity of a service provider as a reference for your decision only. Sometimes, the number of years and the window of experience are not synced. A vendor providing excellent software development and having diverse experience may not be around for a long time, while another with many years of service may be an amateur.

The software engineering excellence, quality, and reliability of an outsourcing partner can be reflected in their rates of customer satisfaction and retention. Those with positive testimonials will be more likely to have a constant flow of new as well as recurring customers.

Cutting Edge Technologies

In the technology sector, progress is mandatory. The latest digital solutions are built from cutting-edge technologies, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

The quicker you adapt to and become proficient in new technologies, the greater your edge in staying ahead of the game. The ability to keep up with the ever-changing trends of technology and market demand proves a tech company’s commitment to excellence. Therefore, when choosing a partner, it is a rightful need to verify that they are well-versed in the most up-to-date technologies and have an extensive knowledge base.

Transparent Pricing

Indeed, outsourcing saves on development costs and similar expenses. However, it may carry inherent risks if the service provider does not have transparent pricing.

During due diligence or interview, some service companies might offer you the lowest possible cost by cutting back on essential elements like development speed, quality assurance, or staff retention. Even if they meet your project timeline, there is a chance that they have compromised in other areas to save their costs.

Thus, the right choice is not always the cheapest cost but one that offers quality services at an affordable price and, more importantly, transparency in the pricing structure.

Which Areas in Vietnam to Scout for Software Development Companies?

Which Areas in Vietnam to Scout for Software Development Companies?

Vietnam is a promising, fertile land for services and businesses related to information technology to thrive. The country has advantages on different fronts to beat other destinations and become the most preferred, thanks to its sizable tech talent pool. Not only vast in number, Vietnamese IT professionals are also well-trained and qualified. They are spread over a host of cities, like Hanoi capital city, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang City, and Hue City, to name a few.

You know what they said? Go fishing where there are plenty of fish.

Ho Chi Minh City

Coming to prominence as the most vibrant city by all means, Saigon or Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, is the first destination to reach out for managed services and IT resources.

It is passed on to each other as the land of opportunities for the young, where youthful and dynamic developers work their way up to the top with enthusiasm and passion for technology. Additionally, Ho Chi Minh City is home to a multitude of software development outsourcing companies, startups, and agencies. Furthermore, the unparalleled growth of the economy, the population density, the proximity to the leading tech hubs in the world, the links to well-funded venture capitalists and investors, and many more factors all make Ho Chi Minh City a perfect spot for tech companies looking for hiring qualified engineers.


As the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is also a significant player in the country’s tech landscape, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with its southern counterpart. Here, there is a large volume of startups and middle-sized companies operating in the field of software manufacturing, and the capital city also boasts a vast pool of IT talent.

While it may appear less vibrant compared to its southern counterpart in the IT outsourcing sector, this is largely due to Hanoi’s deep-rooted commitment to preserving traditional Vietnamese culture and heritage. With its strategic goal to transform into one of Vietnam’s leading science and technology hubs between 2021 and 2025, Hanoi is poised for remarkable growth. This evolution signals enormous potential for the future of the software services industry in the city.

Da Nang City

Speaking of potential, Da Nang is referred to as the most livable city in Vietnam and is also anticipated to be the new hi-tech industry hub not only within the country but also in the Asian region.

This coastal city owns the serenity of a beach town, the modernity of an urban center, the young population, and the low cost of living. All the privilege advantages return an abundant IT workforce and a favorable environment for business and investment. That’s why Da Nang City is viewed as a paradise for those looking to start new businesses or extend their current operations in software engineering with the most passionate and creative minds in Vietnam.

Hue City

Despite its relative obscurity and smaller size compared to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Hue has been quietly making strides in the tech industry in recent years. As this growth continues, it’s projected that Hue will emerge as a compelling destination attracting the attention of global companies looking to outsource their IT needs. This evolution positions Hue as a potential powerhouse in the IT outsourcing landscape in the near future.

Orient Software - The Top-rated Custom Software Development Company Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Orient Software - The Top-rated Custom Software Development Company Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Your search ends here. There is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse that fulfills all the indicators outlined above. It is Orient Software - a top-tier global software product studio and consulting company based in Vietnam.

Founded in 2005, this Vietnam-based tech powerhouse has been at the forefront, providing technology solutions and services to a diverse clientele – startups, SMBs, or even tech enterprises from across the globe and industry – for almost two decades.

Orient provides an extensive array of services. With a customer satisfaction rate of 95% and a high rate of repeat business, we have rightfully earned our reputation as the leading company in software outsourcing services, committing to service delivery excellence.

At Orient, every project undertaken adds to our rich tapestry of hands-on experience. Years over the years, we have successfully executed countless projects of all categories, each one further honing our skills and expanding our knowledge base. We have cultivated a powerhouse of exceptional talent, embodying the best the IT industry has to offer.

Our global footprint is evident in the popular tech hubs across the globe. Orient Software has made its mark on the global IT outsourcing map, from our headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to branch offices in Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Tokyo, Singapore, and more upcoming expansions.

Talk to us now. Orient Software - your best IT partner - is waiting for you.

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