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Trung Tran

Trung Tran | 09/06/2023

How to Hire Android App Developers

In 2022, the number of smartphone users was reported to reach 6.6 billion, and this figure is projected to increase to approximately 7.7 billion by 2027. As an inevitable result, the massive increase in usage and demand for mobile applications has driven the mobile app development market toward advancements and elevations. Unsurprisingly, tech businesses, both startups and large companies, have been proceeding to the door of mobile app development in the future to build a presence in the market and share a slice of the cake.

With the ambition to create high-quality mobile and web apps, most companies choose to initiate their projects with their in-house resources, while others with less technical potential or limited budgets turn to reputed mobile application development services for expert assistance.

In this sector, the Android platform surpasses iOS by users as it grips 72% of the global market share for mobile apps. Therefore, most decide to go for the applications under Google Play Store. There seems to be no need to remind you of the paramount role of having a robust mobile app development team on board. Even if it is Android or iPhone app development, hiring a team of proficient and experienced developers is the key to creating an interactive, feature-rich, and high-functioning application.

Behind the success of Android apps is a team of dedicated Android developers devoting their effort to bringing your mobile app idea to life. Unfavorably, it is not a walk in the park to spot and hire Android developers who can cover all aspects of your mobile app development projects. That’s why you need this article - to provide you with tips and advice on sourcing the best Android app developers for your project. Let’s dive into it!

Essential Skills Required for Android Developers

Essential Skills Required for Android Developers

The ideal structure of a mobile application team is not made up of the same type of software developers but rather a set of diverse skills and experiences. Hiring Android developers is about much more than only technical know-how. An extensive range of tech and non-tech skills is exactly what is required to build interactive, feature-rich, high-quality mobile apps. Let’s drill down at the most important qualities Android app programmers must possess to become the missing pieces of your team’s bigger picture.

Technical Skills

First and foremost, a qualified Android app developer must suffice some major technical requirements:

Android SDK

This is an abbreviation of a software development kit that provides necessary Android tools, libraries, APIs, and documents for the Android app development process. A strong understanding of the SDK components, such as Activities, Fragments, and Services, is crucial for creating functional apps. When you hire Android app developers, it is essential to look for those that are already familiarized with or well-versed in Android SDK.

Java and/or Kotlin

Java has been the primary programming language for Android mobile app development since its inception. Kotlin, an alternative to Java, is also gaining popularity as a reliable JVM (Java Virtual Machine) language since Google declared Kotlin as its official language for Android app development now. Selected developers should either be skilled in both of these programming languages or master one of them. However, it is best to pick those that can work efficiently on both Java and Kotlin.

Android Studio

It is the official Integrated Development Environment, or shortly IDE, commonly used for any Android development project. It offers a unified environment where developing Android mobile apps is much easier and faster. IDEs are incorporated with libraries, debugging tools, emulators, and other development tools that enable efficient coding. Knowledge of these IDEs is a must for seasoned Android developers, so be sure to inquire about this when you are hiring.


XML (Extensible Markup Language) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) are used for data transfer and exchange between two different apps. XML is a markup language that stores and transports data, while JSON is a lightweight interchange format that is easy to use, read, write, and understand. In order to construct powerful apps with an awesome UX/UI design, the Android professionals you onboard should possess a solid understanding of both XML & JSON.


RESTful APIs, or Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces, are a type of web application programming interface (API) that makes it possible for web and mobile apps to communicate with other systems. They enable software developers to create applications that can communicate with different types of systems over the internet, such as web services, mobile devices, and other websites. Understanding how to work with RESTful services and integrate third-party APIs into your apps is essential for developing feature-rich applications. So, look for this skill in an Android developer too.

Unit & Integration Testing

The entire development process of an application must be verified to ensure proper functionality. Unit testing runs code on the smallest level, while integration testing verifies how two units work together. By selecting Android developers that possess experience with unit testing and integration testing practices, it is easier to make sure that the mobile application is error-free and performs as expected by its users.

Agile Methodologies

Your Android development team must stay relevant to the Agile methodologies (such as Scrum and Kanban), which are used to manage and organize projects. It requires a collaborative environment among developers, designers, marketers, and other stakeholders while breaking down an app project into small sprints or chunks. Agile methods empower teams to deliver quality apps in short periods of time and gain customer feedback quickly. Therefore, hire Android developers that are not only familiar with Agile methodologies but also adept in using them to bring app projects to fruition.

Database Management

In order to store, manage, and retrieve data from a mobile app, Android developers should be well aware of popular databases such as MongoDB, SQLite, MySQL & Firebase. Besides that, they must know how to use those databases in creating practical applications that can handle large quantities of data without any errors or lags.

Cloud Computing

Nowadays, people use cloud computing services more frequently for their applications due to the substantial benefits it offers over traditional hosting solutions. Thus, your Android developers need to possess expertise in leveraging cloud services like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure in order to create robust applications with high scalability and reliability.

App Publishing

The final step in Android app development is to launch the product on the Google Play Store. This requires an understanding of the store’s policies and guidelines, as well as familiarity with releasing updates and bug fixes to existing apps quickly. Therefore, any qualified Android engineers you hire should also boast knowledge about how to publish mobile applications in the Play Store.

Security & Performance

Lastly, it is essential for your Android developer to have expertise in security protocols such as encryption, authentication, and authorization so that data can be securely transmitted throughout the web servers without getting compromised. In the meantime, they must have a deep understanding of performance optimization techniques for faster loading times within mobile devices or tablets. A skilled Android developer will ensure your application meets all security and performance criteria.

Essential Skills Required for Android Developers-2

Soft Skills

As aforementioned, dedicated Android app developers must grasp the solid foundation of Android as well as the development best practices. However, as your team members, they will need more than just technical skills and experience. In specific, an experienced Android developer to consider for your team should own a collection of soft skills that helps them to excel in their careers.

Effective communication is the first one, as it enables developers to articulate their ideas, present solutions, and provide clear explanations to others, including non-technical stakeholders. Secondly, your hires should have the abilities of problem-analysis and critical thinking skills to tackle complex challenges and come up with solutions on short notice. Thirdly, adaptability is vital for keeping up with the ever-evolving Android ecosystem and embracing new technologies, methodologies, and best practices. Time management skills ensure the timely delivery of projects, while teamwork fosters a collaborative environment that leads to higher-quality results. Lastly, empathy and emotional intelligence are invaluable for understanding user needs, providing exceptional user experiences, and maintaining a positive work environment.

Tips to Source Top Developers for Your Android App Development Project

Tips to Source Top Developers for Your Android App Development Project

Indeed, the hiring processes of iOS app developers and Android application developers are entirely different; therefore, business owners and project managers need to have respective approaches to pull off the best team for the job.

Define Your Requirements Carefully Before the Hiring Process Starts

As outlined above, you already know the core qualities to put on the scale when you hire dedicated Android developers. But above all, you need to rely on your specific project requirements to build an effective project team accordingly. When you are clear about what skills and qualifications are necessary for the job, it will be easier to identify the right Android developers with suitable experience.

Expand Your Pool of Android Talent

If you do not want to confront tech giants to acquire top-tier talent, you can always consider extending your recruitment pool beyond the borders of your city or country. By this, we mean hiring remote Android developers from other markets instead of paying a fortune to get well-experienced developers from your local area. With this option, you can find qualified Android developers at an affordable rate and with the same high-quality skills or even better.

Regarding IT staff augmentation, you can either hire freelance app developers or contract a dedicated team to work with your counterpart. Both freelancers and outsourced teams offer their pros and come with their own cons, so it is up to your project requirements and your will to decide which is the most appropriate option.

Consider Utilizing Android Development Services If Needed

Don’t hesitate to delegate the entire project of your future Android application to a third-party company when you do not have sufficient resources. Why remain reluctant to do so when you can enjoy multiple benefits from this business model?

By availing of Android development services, you can have your projects delivered on time and with quality assurance. Also, an experienced team will provide continuous support and maintenance to ensure your application meets all security and performance criteria.

If you decide to go with outsourcing, then it is significantly important to measure and choose the right destination since there are many different countries offering IT outsourcing services.

Take Your Time for Interviews

The hiring process is one of the daunting tasks that you cannot and should not rush if you want to gain the best outcomes, primarily when you are recruiting remote Android app developers or freelancers. After all, you are searching for dedicated Android developers with the right set of skills, qualifications, and experience. Therefore, try to create a comprehensive interview process that will enable you to determine whether potential candidates align with your project needs or not. This way, you can ensure that your hires will be able to work as expected and deliver the intended results without any issues. So, spend more time and effort vetting candidates during the interview process to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on. Moreover, you should also use various methods to test the candidates’ technical skills, such as coding tests or assignments.

Don’t Keep Your Budget Too Tight

It is great when you can hire adepts at an affordable price. However, budget-friendly options are not always good. Generally, experienced Android developers cost more than rookies. Although you might feel tempted to hire a newbie or a junior developer with an affordable rate, please bear in mind that they do not come equipped with the same qualifications and skills as veterans. If your budget is stretched, try to find ways to make it flexible but never compromise on quality when it comes to hiring top Android app developers. In some cases, you should also be willing to pay extra for their expertise and experience, as they will eventually contribute to the success of your Android project. This is true if you are craving the best remote Android developers.

Never Underestimate Background Check on Their Technical Skills

When you hire Android application developers, it is imperative to perform a thorough background check on their technical skills. This includes skills related to problem-solving, coding, design, and more.

Even though your potential hires have impressive resumes and portfolios, you will still need to assess their knowledge and skills by asking questions that dig deep into Android development principles. You can also ask them to provide code samples of their previous projects or conduct a technical test to verify whether they can actually deliver on the expectations set out.

Give Freshers an Opportunity

Don’t save up your choices and be too harsh on the freshers, especially in the current context where the IT industry is short on resources. Believe it or not, the young and fresh developers (both Android and others) are the next generation of the IT force. And what they lack is opportunities to learn, grow, and excel in their careers.

You can welcome them to your team by offering them training opportunities and mentorship programs - coding bootcamps, for example. With the right guidance, they could grow into talented Android developers with a solid understanding of software development and IT principles. This way, you can benefit from their enthusiasm and skills while giving them a chance to grow professionally. You will also create a culture of learning that promotes knowledge-sharing and teamwork.

Acquire Top Android Developers with Orient Software

Acquire Top Android Developers with Orient Software

Why do top companies hire Android developers with Orient Software? We commit to delivering the best quality of work and customer satisfaction. Our developers and experts have an in-depth understanding of the Android platform, its features, and its functionalities. They are equipped with all the state-of-the-art technologies to provide solutions for your custom needs. We are worldly-wise and have an extensive portfolio of past projects.

At Orient Software, we rely on a rigorous recruitment process to ensure the highest quality of work. So, if you’re looking for top Android developers who are reliable, skillful, and dedicated to their craft, then look no further! Contact us today and have our expert team accompany you to achieve your goals.

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