Investor Relations

Even though our priority is software outsourcing contracts, we are open to potential financial investment discussions that are mutually beneficial, where we can work collaboratively in a creative, profitable way.

Investor relation

At the moment, Orient Software is more interested in software outsourcing contracts rather than in new financial investors. However, we enjoy speaking with people and organizations that have ideas how we can collaborate in creative, mutually beneficial, and profitable partnerships. In the past, we’ve enjoyed participating in numerous professional relationships that have helped both parties.

We would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your ideas. Whether you’d like to consider a joint venture, partnership, or investment in financial shares of our company, we’re ready to give you the information you need about our exceptional employees, our strategic plans for future growth, and the market conditions that we operate under. The best way to contact our management staff is to send us a personalized email (see Contact Us). If you wish, you may call us a few days later to follow up.

Thank you very much for your interest in Orient Software. We hope that you’ve found our website to be a helpful tool for learning about our services and business culture. We eagerly anticipate speaking with you in greater detail about the collaborative possibilities you have in mind.

If you are also interested in a partnership with Orient Software, please contact us now.