How did Orient Software perform in Dec 2021?

Let’s walk you through all the fascinating updates in December and discover how we still makes every moment counts in 2021.


Orient’s office in District 7, HCMC is now in operation!

Orient office in District 7, HCMC is now in operation!

Orient has held a cozy celebration this month to finally kick start our brand-new office in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. Our office ticks all the boxes of an ideal workspace that will inspire and keep our employees’ morale high. This office also reflects how our business has grown and thrived despite a disruptive 2021. Take a peek into some of the footages from our celebration above!

Christmas celebration

Christmas celebration

Holiday season is the chance where we can finally unwind after a busy and hectic year. Orient sought to spread the holiday spirit to our employees by holding an engaging activity where they get to be as creative and artistic as they wish to be. We hope to bring more exciting activity to our people in the year to come so stay tuned!


Projects highlights

Entering the final sprint of the year also means that our projects have more items they need to cross off the list before 2022 comes around. Despite how hectic it has been, our team has managed to bring about astounding results for our clients:

  • Successfully optimize expense for an education project.
  • Troubleshoot system bugs and implement new features on a tight 3-day schedule for an automotive project.
  • Professional certifications obtained by our team this month:
    • 1 Project Management Professional certification,
    • 8 Professional Scrum Master certifications,
    • 1 Microsoft Azure Developer certification,
    • 1 AZ-900 certification



Artificial Intelligence – A step closer to business agility.

Artificial Intelligence is all the hype right now and will continue to prevail in 2022. As such, picking a trust-worthy IT partner to deliver your AI project is imperative.

Orient has a proven track record in several AI projects, particularly, sentiment recognition from end users’ comments, digits detection on screen devices, and document information extraction, just to name a few.

Allow our Artificial Intelligence capability to satisfy your AI/Data Science requirements.



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  • “How to deal with software engineer shortage”- The software engineer shortage is a global issue that has been with us for the past few years. It is estimated to get worse in 2022, which means more companies will have to find new ways of attracting talent. Explore what are the top possible solutions for this issue with us.

That’s a wrap for this month’s newsletter as well as 2021. We hope that your 2022 will be full of successes and remarkable achievements. Don’t forget to look out for our updates for January in the next couple of weeks!