Offshore Software Development Benefits That You Should Not Overlook

Trung Tran

Trung Tran | 11/10/2023

Offshore Software Development Benefits | Orient Software

In the realm of location-centric outsourcing models, IT connoisseurs understand they have a trio of choices du jour - onshore, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing. Each presents its unique advantages and inherent challenges, but offshoring tends to offer more irresistible benefits than its counterparts. Of that, there is no denying. In this writing, let Orient Software walk you through all the offshore software development benefits you cannot overlook.

Irresistible Benefits of Outsourcing to an Offshore Software Development Company

For those new to the concept, this is a quick recap: Offshore software development outsourcing, or offshoring in short, is a kind of business model wherein a company collaborates with a service provider in a far-off destination for either services, resources, or both. The following are some of the key ways that have aided many businesses of all sizes and shapes to save big by outsourcing to an offshore development company.

The Best Cost-cutting Method

The Best Cost-cutting Method

Offshoring software development has always been the go-to strategy for a software project to trim its expenditure without compromising quality. The significant cost-savings are especially beneficial for startups and small businesses with little budgets but big ambitions.

Usually, the overall development cost fluctuates on a variety of factors, both objective and subjective. But with offshore outsourcing, business owners seize the opportunities to reduce development costs considerably on multiple fronts that otherwise would be impossible or not at that level had the project been done in-house.

Keep In-house Development Team Lean

Primarily, incorporating an offshore team can alleviate the burden of hiring software developers permanently or establishing a full-fledged in-house development team. This is an advantage for cost-savings.

Why? Because it reduces the financial strain of dealing with expenses (including salaries, benefits, insurance, etc.) associated with full-time employees. Instead of shouldering the overhead costs, business owners and project managers can delegate their needs or even the entire project lifecycle to a dedicated team. So, they have no need to pour money into racing against their rivals for tech talent as well as employing and retaining them for permanence.

Low Labor Costs

Globally, the salaries of software engineers can usually reach a staggering height, not to mention the fact that tech talent scarcity has contributed to the inflation of software developers’ wages. As a matter of fact, the increasing demand for software engineers has meant that they are becoming costlier to hire.

Even when opting for onshore software development outsourcing, the total expenditure might still exceed your initial budget. The good news is that offshore developers can slash down the hiring costs in this matter as they tend to offer the same level of service and quality at a reduced rate compared to their onshore or nearshore counterparts. Countries like Vietnam, India, China, etc., are prime examples of remote regions providing highly competitive hourly rates for offshore development services. This means hiring an offshore development team will cost much less than an in-house one. More notably, offshore development companies often present a cost structure that is more affordable and flexible. In this approach, you can ensure your project completion with adequate resources and manageable budgets. It is the best of both worlds, isn’t it?

Reduced IT Infrastructure & Operational Costs

Another common cost-related issue faced by most software development projects is the substantial investment in infrastructure and operation. Renting or owning office spaces, furnishing them with facilities, purchasing hardware and software, internet services, IT support, electricity bills, etc., are all incredibly costly affairs. It does not stop there when businesses have to invest to maintain everything operational in good condition. For companies operating on tight budgets, the expenses of project management can be overwhelming enough to stop the project from taking off.

Fortunately, problems are solved with an offshore software development team. You can cut the operational costs to the fullest by transferring such responsibilities to the service vendors. Offshore software developers operate independently from your IT development team and have their own infrastructure in place. You do not need to purchase any equipment or pay utility bills, as the offshore partner will take care of everything else. You will only pay for the services rendered and nothing more.

Share Burdens & Lower Development Risks

Share Burdens & Lower Development Risks

Instead of shouldering the whole software development project on your own, a trusted offshore software development partner can make a great companion who will share your responsibilities.

An offshore partner will handle much of the hard and time-consuming work for you. Not only will they take over the staffing processes for software projects, but they also provide assistance for complexities that come with every stage in your development process, from ideation, concept validation, design, coding/programming, and QA testing to launch and support. With experts joining your project, you can be confident that each project stage is handled by professional developers, mitigating the rates of risks and subsequent losses.

When you have an experienced development team to back you up, you can lessen the workload and stress on your in-house team, thereby boosting the morale of your company’s local employees and reducing burnout. It frees you to prioritize core business areas. Moreover, an offshore development center (ODC) serves as your pillar of mental support regarding the provision of advice and guidance.

An Ability to Morph Per Needs

This is not a privilege offered only by offshoring but also by nearshore and onshore development outsourcing. Most software development services offer adjustable staffing solutions, which enable you to modify your project team in response to evolving requirements with no hassle. With the same feature, you are able to expand or shrink your offshore software development teams as needed.

This adaptability ensures businesses can readily manage software projects with short lifespans or sudden surges in talent requirements. It also eliminates the concern of incurring additional costs for fluctuating needs.

As your project expands, so too can your offshore development teams, and vice versa. There is no need, to begin with large in-house development teams. Instead, you can start with a compact offshore team and steadily increase its size as your project progresses. This approach is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses, enabling them to secure ample resources for their software projects without straining their budget.

On-demand Expertise & Experience

On-demand Expertise & Experience

Offshoring is the best way to avail what you need when you need it.

In the technology landscape, everything moves so fast that you are unable to keep pace with it, especially in technology fields, such as artificial intelligence, data science, big data, and the prominent programming languages. In the matter of developing products around these technologies, business owners trip over multiple hurdles concerning finding and hiring IT specialists with specific technical skills and experience. It is a genuinely daunting mission when the global IT industry encounters a scarcity of tech workers in such fields.

Hence, breaking the borders and reaching out to offshore resources are the opportune solutions to the problem. There is a broader talent pool on the other side of the globe than your local region, where you find skilled developers with unique, in-demand expertise and experience. These experts also possess a diverse cultural background that brings fresh perspectives and ideas to your projects, as well as an ability to stay updated with cutting-edge technology.

With the aid of the right offshore development company, you can unlock unique opportunities to infiltrate local networks and cherry-pick top-tier talent for your project. Not only does this broaden your horizons in terms of skill and expertise, but it also allows you to tailor your team according to the specific needs of your project.

Accelerated Development Process & Fast Turnaround Time

Offshoring empowers you to ramp up your development capacity and bridge the technical gap within the internal team so that you have all it takes to expedite project development processes. In an optimal environment with ample resources and tech support, your project can progress at a faster pace without hiccups. This, in turn, hastens the development cycle and reduces the time to market for the final product.

Furthermore, you can put your worries about any setbacks or delays to rest, as your offshore development partner is dedicated to adhering to project timelines and maintaining quality standards. With a committed team operating around the clock, geographical boundaries and time zone differences are no longer a roadblock but change into a competitive edge. You can leverage the time gap to achieve 24/7 project coverage. It means that work continues even when your in-house team is off-duty or asleep.

Orient Software – The Leading One Among the Top Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam

Orient Software – The Leading One Among the Top Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam

At present, Vietnam is at the forefront of IT outsourcing destinations, with a bunch of advantages in the facets of business, culture, and people.

With many favorable conditions, Vietnam is currently home to a vast number of outsourcing service companies of different sizes and niches. Each of them has different strengths, expertise, and solutions to offer. You will have plenty of options to sleep on and decide. Meanwhile, business owners may be distracted much from the trajectory toward the right offshore development company.

The ideal choice may vary case by case and is highly dependent on your business goals, budget, and timing. Nevertheless, it should be in association with a reputable, experienced company that meets all legal requirements for software development services and delivers quality results.

In terms of quality and reputation, one stands out among the rest in Vietnam – Orient Software.

Made in Vietnam yet with global standards, Orient Software is a powerhouse based in Vietnam in the realm of IT. For almost two decades of innovation and growth, we have carved our niche as a premier provider of IT outsourcing services and solutions for clients worldwide. Serving an array of clients across the globe, we uphold our commitment to excellence.

Our capabilities span a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from custom software development, web and mobile application development, and IT staff augmentation to software testing and maintenance.

Come to Orient Software; we can make your project development cycle a more streamlined and less stressful process. Contact us now.

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