All You Need to Know When Hire Dedicated Full-stack Developer

Vy Le

Vy Le | 29/06/2023

All You Need to Know When Hire Dedicated Full-stack Developer

Information technology has advanced to the point where we cannot even cover all its aspects with just common sense. However, you’ve probably heard of frontend and backend development at least once. Yes. They are two indispensable factors for the success of a basic software product. A well-designed front end provides an intuitive, friendly user interface, while the back end ensures the smoothness of the operating mechanism. Combining the two allows businesses to create a fully functional application or website.

The truth is that not many companies have the ability to invest in both positions when budget constraints are always a problem, especially for startups. Any software engineer with more than one specialized skill naturally becomes the preferred choice for industries. This explains why dedicated full-stack developers are hired by increasing companies in the current context. They can work exclusively on a specific project, quickly adapt to any business model, and have extensive knowledge of the development cycle.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. However, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need about such services, including their definition, where to hire dedicated full-stack developers, and their benefits to businesses regardless of size.

Did You Get a “Dedicated Full-stack Developer” the Right Way?

It seems that this is a relatively new concept in the information technology industry. However, if you simplify it by separating the terms one by one, you will realize that the meaning of “dedicated full-stack developers” is not as complex as you think.

Who is a Dedicated Developer?

A dedicated developer is a software engineer who is hired by a specific client, usually a company or individual in need, to work solely on a particular project. While being responsible for most of the software development lifecycle activities is no different from an in-house developer, including developing, testing, designing and maintenance, etc., dedicated developers are not counted as employees of the hiring company but rather as contractors.

Dedicated engineers can work at your office with in-house staff or work remotely, depending on the requirements of development projects. In which, those provided by outsourcing services often work remotely and are not physically present in the hiring company’s office. This saves businesses a large amount of money spent on investment in infrastructure and benefits.

By not splitting time between multiple clients, a dedicated team is a perfect choice for those who are looking for timely and consistent support from tech experts.

Who is a Full-stack Developer?

Full-stack software engineers are software engineers capable of working on both front-end and back-end components of a web application. Backend development refers to the part of the application handling the business logic, processing, and data storage, which is not visible to end-users. On the other hand, front-end development is about the client side, which presents content, data, content, and visuals to the customer in an interactive way.

In other words, full-stack programmers are people with the skills and abilities to complete the product independently. With general, even extensive knowledge of different software stack layers, full-stack web developers are valuable assets to the company and any development team in the entire development process.

Dedicated Full-stack Developers - The Combination of Flexibility and Efficiency

Thus, it can be said that dedicated full-stack app developers are essentially a combination of both dedicated software engineers and full-stack engineers. They not only have extensive technical expertise and knowledge about multiple programming languages to cater to the needs of building high-quality web applications and mobile ones but are also fully committed to working exclusively for one project or client at a time. Customers can completely rest assured and start projects from scratch when hiring dedicated full-stack developers.

Besides, by using this highly specialized human resource, businesses can save a lot of budgets for the hiring process of a development team full of positions and dedicate them to other core businesses. However, the benefits that dedicated full-stack developers bring to businesses go far beyond that. All will be revealed in the next part of the article.

Why Hire a Dedicated Full-stack Developer?

Why Hire a Dedicated Full-stack Developer?

Hiring dedicated full-stack developers has gradually become a trend in recent years and is expected to continue to grow in popularity when minimizing the operating budget while ensuring the output quality of the product is the top requirement of many businesses. Basically, dedicated full-stack developers also provide the same benefits as full-stack development solutions.

Entire Focus

This is one of the top benefits that make businesses choose dedicated full-stack developers over other options like freelancers, in-house teams, etc. When hire full-stack developers has the added resonance of the “dedicated” element, the business is essentially bringing on a team of members who exclusively work on your specific web development project or mobile app development application. Because full-stack web developer only works on one project at a time, they have the ability to play their best performance to bring success to the project with flying colors.

In addition, giving full attention to a single hiring company also helps a proficient full-stack developer to keep abreast of the project’s up-to-date progress. In case errors arise in the development process, such experts act as in-house developers, easily detecting errors and immediately fixing them to not interrupt the development cycle.

Consistent Communication

As mentioned above, hired full-stack developers can work remotely or directly at the hiring company’s office, depending on the agreement between the two parties. Regardless of the type of work, full-stack development services provide consistent communication since the specialty of dedicated developers is not splitting time between multiple projects.

However, if those expert full-stack developers make the contract’s agreement to work onsite, the business will obviously establish more effective communication with fewer delays and misunderstandings. The daily face-to-face meeting promotes regular interaction of the development team members instead of just working remotely and exchanging messages and calls.

Finally, hiring full-stack developers helps businesses shrink the scope of the development team because dedicated full-stack developers have taken on both frontend and backend development positions. Working with fewer people allows you to reduce the amount of additional communication.

Shorter Delivery Time

Teamwork is always a big deal in any project. The larger the group, the harder it is to coordinate well. Fortunately, hiring a full-stack programmer helps businesses minimize the errors of misunderstandings resulting in ineffective teamwork. With full-stack developer skills covering many stages such as friendly user interface development, server-side application, APIs and database working, etc., a freelance full-stack developer can do the work of two or even three people. This studied the need for multiple software developers with different skill sets, which can slow down the development process.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge of the IT sector, combined with the practical experience from previous projects, the full-stack developers’ team always keeps up with the latest software development technology, adapting according to the company’s methodology, thereby perfecting the product proficiently and quickly, bringing the product to the market and creating a competitive advantage.

Security Factor

Dedicated teams that provide full-stack web development services are often bound by the client’s company with different types of contracts. The NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) is an indispensable confidentiality agreement in the partnership relationship. By signing an NDA, customers ensure that the recipients party will not disclose or use any of their confidential information for personal purposes. Thanks to this legally binding, the hiring company is committed to a higher level of software product security.

Moreover, an experienced full-stack developer, in addition to product development, is also responsible for product maintenance. After completing the development and deployment process, dedicated developers can take ownership of updating, bug fixing, making sure the software remains functional.

Resources Saving

Last but not least, hiring dedicated full-stack developers is a good way to save resources. Resources here include both budget and personnel. On the budget side, since such talent already does the work for the rest of the team, you can save on hiring, management, and fracture costs associated with larger teams. The company can now use that extra budget for other more critical tasks. On the HR side, instead of doing the work of others, in-house developers have time to focus on developing the core business and eliminating burnout.

Where to Hire Dedicated Full-stack Developer

Like other tech resources, you can find the best full-stack developers on several available platforms and resources.

  • Outsourcing company: Not only dedicated full-stack developers, but outsourcing services also provide offshore, onshore, and nearshore developers and countless service packages according to customers’ needs. Some prominent names, such as Orient Software, Otivr, etc., can be mentioned.
  • Freelance sites: Upwork, Guru, Toptal, Behance, etc., are some suggestions.
  • Job portals: Start your search at Dice, Glassdoor, etc.
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter help you find perfect matches if you invest time.
  • Forums: Check out forums like GDG or Reddit.

Hopefully, with this article’s information, you have a better overview of remote full-stack developers. Here is our final advice for you. When starting a talent acquisition process, always consider two factors. Firstly, you should vet the applicator’s skills and experiences thoroughly. Secondly, don’t forget to consider the company’s internal situation, such as budget, project requirements, development plan, etc., to ensure you find the right software developers on the same page. For example, your company is looking to build billing software that uses Python as its primary programming language. You should only come and invite to an interview a full-stack Python developer who has experience in this field instead of a mass interview to avoid wasting time and budget regulations. Good luck.

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