When & Where to Hire a Dedicated Developer?

Vy Le

Vy Le | 11/05/2023

When & Where to Hire a Dedicated Developer?

It is undeniable that information technology personnel is one of the indispensable human resources groups in any company. To ensure the process of building products and keep up with the rapid development, businesses accelerate to hire developers. However, self-built a software development team with full positions, such as software developers, testers, etc., takes too much time and money for the business. Finding a full-stack developer with a thorough understanding of the company culture is similarly tricky, and it’s easy for that employee to burn out when he has to take on too many tasks. Therefore, the need to hire dedicated developers to augment projects with new technological trends has risen.

You’ve probably heard at least once about the benefits of outsourcing, specifically, hire dedicated developers from different sources. Therefore, it is not our topic today. This blog will discuss the situations wherein places you can hire dedicated remote developers and a list of cases where you will have to ask for help from dedicated app developers. Let’s read the article below for more information.

Who Are Dedicated Developers?

Who Are Dedicated Developers?

Dedicated developers are software developers who are solely dedicated to working on a specific project or set of related projects for a company or client. They are typically hired full-time or part-time and are in charge of the entire software development lifecycle, including design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Instead of sitting at the company’s office like an in-house team, dedicated programmers are often remote software developers who work completely remotely.

Dedicated software developers can operate individually or perform as an entire team with full functionality, also known as a dedicated team. This makes businesses more flexible in hiring dedicated developers. A dedicated team might be necessary for larger or more complex software development projects that require a wide range of skills and expertise. On the other hand, a dedicated developer might be more suitable for projects that need consistent support and maintenance for a particular application or software product.

Continuity and consistency are considered to be the most important factors of a dedicated development team model. By working closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and develop customized solutions accordingly, this kind of development team offers a high level of flexibility and control over the software development process, allowing businesses to make changes or pivot as needed while receiving real-time updates on progress.

For you to better understand the terms of dedicated developers, here are some examples of who they are.


Freelancers are self-employed professionals who are also considered dedicated developers in some cases. Why? A freelancer can be regarded as a dedicated developer only when they work full-time or long-term for a specific project. This type of arrangement is common in the world of freelance development, where a client may have a specific project or need ongoing development work and hires a freelancer to work exclusively on that project.

In this way, the freelancer can be considered dedicated to that particular client or project, even though they are not a full-time employee of the company. Freelancers who work on a long-term basis for a single client can provide many of the same benefits as a dedicated developer, including close collaboration and domain knowledge of the client’s business and technology needs.

Offshore Dedicated Team

An offshore dedicated team is a group of software engineers who work together to provide dedicated software development services to clients from a remote location, usually in a different country. An offshore team typically comprises skilled developers, designers, project managers, quality assurance, testers, and other professionals who work as an extension of the client’s in-house development team. They are usually employed by an offshore web and mobile app development company and work exclusively on a single client’s project or projects. Offshore dedicated teams can offer clients many benefits, including access to specialized knowledge and expertise, cost savings, scalability, and 24/7 development.

Nearshore Dedicated Developers

Nearshore dedicated developers are talented developers who work remotely for clients in a neighboring country or region. Unlike offshore teams, nearshore developers typically work in countries with similar cultures, languages, and time zones, making communication and collaboration easier. Nearshore dedicated developers can work on a variety of software development projects, including web and mobile applications, enterprise custom software, and e-commerce platforms.

Where to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Where to Hire Dedicated Developers?

There are many ways you can access this dedicated remote developer human resource, from friends to professional backgrounds.

Referrals: Referrals are a great source to hire dedicated developers who have provided quality work to someone you know. If you have a trusted colleague or friend who has worked with a developer that meets your project requirements, don’t hesitate to ask them for their contact to discuss the project in more detail.

Freelance market: As mentioned above, freelancers, in many cases, are also counted as dedicated developers. Remember to take advantage of platforms like Upwork, Toptal, etc., to access the large pool of talented developers worldwide. With publicly available information about domain knowledge, past development projects, and previous clients’ reviews, it’s easier for project managers to meet business needs in the hiring process.

Job board: By allowing users to create and post job advertisements that cater to the project requirements, you are more proactive in the recruitment process of dedicated programmers, as they are the ones who will come to your business if the need arises. On job boards, you can also monitor the engagement trajectory and directly communicate with developers who have shown interest, saving time in the pre-screening process.

Outsourcing vendor: If you don’t have time for complex hiring developers and need more time to focus on key tasks that create value for the company, a software development company is the optimal choice for you. These vendors offer bespoke software development solutions, deploying their team of experts by reviewing your project requirements and assigning dedicated developers who have the necessary knowledge and experience in the required technology stack.

When Will You Need to Hire a Dedicated Developer?

You’ve heard of the numerous benefits of hiring dedicated developers, such as affordable operational costs, flexibility, consistency, stability, etc. However, you don’t always need a dedicated development team when your business’ in-house software developers are fully capable of meeting all your business needs. Here are some situations where you should think about hiring a dedicated developers team.

Need for Long-term Software Development Projects

Long-term software development projects require a significant amount of time, resources, and effort to complete. These projects can range from developing a new software application to upgrading an existing system which typically lasts several months or even years. In this case, hiring a dedicated development team is recommended because they provide the expertise and all the necessary skills required to meet the project’s business requirements.

Unlike developers who are provided by agencies’ services, dedicated developers only focus on developing one project at a time, resulting in higher work efficiency. Dedicated software developers bring a new level of collaboration, focus, and dedication to the project. By working exclusively on a particular project or client, they can consistently deliver high-quality work while encouraging the progress of the project is uninterrupted.

Build a Custom Software Solution

Custom software applications are a new trend in the technology era because of their convenience and high automation. However, building a complete app development project requires more than development cost and effort. It won’t matter if the product is successful. However, if the product fails, the project manager and his own team can suffer heavy losses.

For all of the above reasons, hiring dedicated developers can be an effective solution. As skilled developers who have had real experience with previous software projects, the dedicated developers’ team adapts quickly to new technology trends and has the ability to apply multiple tech stacks at the same time to software development.

A dedicated development team includes a full range of positions, such as designers, testers, quality assurance, etc., and can cover the entire development life cycle without customer care. They can work closely with you to identify your needs, understand your use cases, and develop a custom software solution that meets your individual business idea.

Lack of Domain Expertise

Technology information is a huge field with lots of different programming languages and sub-arrays. What you know today may become outdated tomorrow. It is possible an in-house development team lacks the necessary knowledge and experience for a given project. However, this is unlikely to happen for dedicated programmers as this is their specialty, and they come into contact with it every day.

If your business is struggling to fulfill project requirements due to a need for qualified in-house developers, hiring dedicated developers can fill the gap. Dedicated developers have specialized skill sets and experience in working on complex coding problems. They can work collaboratively with your in-house team, providing the expertise and knowledge required to complete the project successfully.

No Developer Hiring Burden

You cannot hire a full-stack developer and expect them to shoulder every stage of the development process. Overloading can cause the existing team to burn out and complete the work behind schedule with poor quality. Software development is a difficult and highly specialized industry. People in marketing executive positions can do the job of content writers, but this is impossible in developer positions.

To solve this problem, the project manager is forced to hire more certified developers. However, it is too difficult to find a perfect fit that fits the company’s recruitment criteria. The fastest way is to hire dedicated developers from outsourcing companies. Not only are dedicated web developers and dedicated mobile app developers available in the country, but remote teams from software development services can also be offshore programmers with large domain expertise.

Experienced offshore dedicated developers have a disadvantage in the communication process when they are not in the same language as the customer, but this is still considered an affordable source of human resources that many people forget. Successful software projects in their portfolio are the clearest proven track record that clients can confidently place their trust.

Decrease Operational Costs

An employee can cost the company basic fees such as seat fees, insurance premiums, benefits fees, etc. To minimize these costs and focus on other business activities, you can hire dedicated developers.

While initially, it might seem like to hire dedicated developer is an expensive option, it can actually be affordable costs in the long run. By signing the contract from the very beginning, the dedicated extended team is committed to the quality of the output products in the shortest time and does not incur any additional costs for customers.

Hiring multiple developers to complete the same project can lead to miscommunications, conflicting viewpoints, and a lack of proper coordination. A dedicated development team, on the other hand, understands your business needs and can deliver results that exceed your expectations, leading to better project outcomes.

Ensure Security

Information security is an important issue for every business. However, the transition to keep up to date with the latest security standards is often cumbersome when it comes to the client’s own team. Security standards change every moment, while the responsibility of keeping up with industry standards only falls on senior leadership, and it is not always easy to implement changes.

In this case, businesses can hire dedicated developers to better ensure security for future products as well as within the company itself. The extended development team specializes in software development, which means that they consider security as a separate aspect and prioritize it. By continually learning and adapting to new security threats, web app developers update their protocols to address them quicker and more effectively than the client’s own team.

Besides, the customer and the third party often sign a type of contract called a non-disclosure agreement when it comes to hire dedicated programmers. In the context of dedicated developers, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) acts as an agreement between a business and an outsourcing company or dedicated web app developers. By signing in this contract, the client can rest assured that the outsourced team only accesses and uses confidential technical and business information necessary to complete the project while maintaining its confidentiality.

It is a big deal when a business intends to hire dedicated programmers as they will be directly involved in the output quality of the product. A dedicated development team brings many benefits but also brings incalculable negative effects when you choose the wrong one. As an experienced software development company, Orient advises letting this process go as slowly and thoroughly as possible!

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