Top Six Surprising Benefits of Staff Augmentation When Outsourcing to Vietnam

Trung Tran

Trung Tran | 17/10/2022

Top Six Substantial Benefits of Staff Augmentation When Outsourcing to Vietnam

The demand for IT experts has been roughly increasing over the years. Meanwhile, the world IT industry is facing a rising scarcity of software developers. It is projected that the global tech talent gap will soon reach 85.2 million by 2030, which means tracking down the right IT talent with expertise, experience, and affordable rates is getting more and more challenging in the future. Confronting such a circumstance, most companies consider outsourcing their entire projects to the full-fledged workforce from service firms. Otherwise, a majority takes another path to complement their in-house team with additional manpower provided by an external agency whose forte is in IT staff augmentation.

The IT staff augmentation model is a sort of staffing solution that allows a company to fill its deficit of skilled professionals. The augmented staff will work onsite with your existing staff as the team extension, and they can take part in different stages within the software development life cycle. In contrast to project outsourcing, in which the dedicated team is completely handled by the service provider, the staff-augmented model enables you to personally pick and decide on the candidates in the same way you select members for your in-house team. It implies that while delegating the responsibility to the outside vendors, you can join the staff augmentation companies in structuring the team to align it with your business objectives.

With many IT outsourcing destinations dispersing across the globe, we can enjoy the privilege of picking and choosing the most appropriate place for staff outsourcing. Standing at the crossroad of so many choices, more and more business owners are choosing staff augmentation services in Vietnam but not anywhere else. Why outsource to Vietnam? Together, let’s find out the surprising benefits of staff augmentation services when it comes to Vietnam - the new IT outsourcing powerhouse in Asia-Pacific.

A Sizeable Pool of IT Experts within Your Reach

First and foremost, choosing the augmented staffing model over traditional hiring methods benefits you with a larger, more comprehensive talent pool. You are no longer limited to recruiting within your city or country. The outsourcing service provider will do the job of hunting down the right talent for you based on the requirements of your specific project.

It is even better when it comes to augmented staffing in Vietnam since the country boasts a wealthy and sustainable pool of software developers. In particular, there are currently over 430,000 experienced professionals and more than a million individuals working in the ICT industry of Vietnam. Each year, Vietnamese academies and institutions generate more than 50,000 new tech graduates, enriching the IT workforce. Hence, you can have peace of mind when staffing your project in Vietnam, knowing your problem of software engineer shortage is no longer a big deal.

Cut Down on Hiring & Operational Costs

An IT team of full-time employees incurs different types of costs, ranging from staff wages, equipment, office rental, and tax expenses to employee benefits like health insurance, paid leaves, bonuses, etc. The total spending can be much or less, depending on each particular project. But fortunately, staff augmentation enables you to shift those operational and infrastructural costs to the IT service provider. Additionally, since you do not have to bear the costs of hiring permanent staff, you can save quite a considerable amount of money to invest in more value-added areas. In the meantime, traditional hiring methods are not only costly but also time-consuming. It requires you to post job ads, screen through CVs, conduct interviews, and run background checks - all of which take up valuable resources that can be used for other, more important business goals.

Thanks to the cost disparity, this advantage can get doubled in effect when you leverage the IT staff augmentation recruits in Vietnam, where doing business and running a tech team can be much more cost-effective than in other locations. The development cost in Vietnam is estimated to be 90%, 50%, and 30% lower than in the U.S, India, and China, respectively. Moreover, Vietnam is topping the IT labor market for not only the quantity and quality of software developers but also the competitive rates compared to leading IT outsourcing countries. In particular, the average rate of a Vietnamese software developer ranges from $15 to $45 per hour, which is appealing enough for IT investors to consider.

The Higher Degree of Flexibility

Staff augmentation solutions offer you the flexibility to scale your team up and down as required upon a project basis or the firm’s ability. This facilitates a quick response to sudden changes in project requirements, budget capacity, and business objectives or in case of unforeseen circumstances. For example, when there is a need for short-term hiring, you can always ramp up with more temporary staff to supplement your current team and fill the skill gaps. Afterward, you can cut down on the temporary hires any time when the project comes to an end, or you no longer entail the additional hands. This way, businesses do not worry about overstaffing or bearing overhead costs, allowing parent firms to retain control over their team composition per project basis.

When utilizing staff outsourcing services in Vietnam, you can get all the benefits of staff augmentation as you are promised elsewhere but at an even higher level. This is because staffing outsourcing is an all-inclusive solution that not only helps you supplement your team with the required skillsets but also offers a series of management, consultation, and support services to make sure your project’s success. And Vietnam is one of the ideal destinations to carry out your staff outsourcing plan.

Higher Commitment & Productivity

Vietnam has a great advantage over other rivals in the labor market of its youthful and dynamic workforce, who are more willing to learn and challenge themselves with projects that require domain expertise and experience rather than undertaking traditional jobs. Moreover, Vietnamese engineers are known for their proactive working attitude and a strong sense of responsibility. They are open-minded and always stay updated with the latest technology trends so as to provide recommendations on how the application can be further improved. Moreover, they tend to deliver more than what is required and are always willing to lend a hand whenever needed. That is the privilege you get when hiring and working with developers from Vietnam. Also, the service vendors endorse efficiency by implementing flexible working platforms and practices that encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among team members.

English Communication Advantage

Staff augmentation serves as a bridge between Vietnamese top IT talent and the abroad businesses that require personnel with extensive skill sets. The staff outsourcing vendors have an excellent command of the English language and can communicate effectively with their clients from around the world. Also, they frequently work with foreign firms, so they know exactly how to deal with cultural differences and maintain a smooth working relationship. So, you can always count on them for timely communication about your project’s progress, as well as honest feedback and recommendations.

Reliable Services

Declared an “IT outsourcing hotspot”, Vietnam has seized a good reputation for provisioning quality services in the IT industry. According to the Vietnam IT Market Report by TopDev in 2021, Vietnam was ranked 5th in the best global service locations, 13th in the top 50 digital countries, and 18th in the top 100 IT outsourcing destinations in the world. Are these indexes persuasive enough to you? In addition to the reputable quality services, the Vietnamese government has promulgated a number of policies to encourage abroad businesses to invest in the country, giving these companies and corporations several privileged rights and perks, such as a reduced corporate income tax rate and land lease incentives.

Orient Software – The Best-in-class IT Staff Augmentation Services for Your Particular Project

Orient Software The Best-in-class IT Staff Augmentation Services for Your Particular Project

Vietnam is now the home of many leading IT outsourcing companies; therefore, you have plenty of choices at hand. The key to success lies in how you decide on the right outsourcing partner for your particular project. Established in 2005, Orient Software has been staffing hundreds of all-sized projects and offering worldwide IT businesses the utmost quality services, ranging from custom software development, dedicated software team, and staff augmentation to QA and testing. There is a large pool of IT experts and talent behind us, ready to join you and rock your project any time. If you have a large project looming ahead and are about to search for additional IT manpower, approach Orient Software for our IT staff augmentation services today!

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