Orient Software ensures professional liability – Up to 3-million-dollar insurance

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, July 11, 2020 - Orient Software, a leading software development company in Vietnam, has just officially announced their improvement of their professional liability insurance. This means that all their software projects are now even better protected from all risks, internal and external.

Ms. Nhung Nguyen

Ms. Nhung Nguyen
Orient Software’s CEO

“Clients’ satisfaction and fulfillment are our number one priority. Only when they feel safe and content to work with us, that is when we feel successful.”

To make sure that all their projects are delivered successfully and up to utmost expectation, from 2020, Orient Software has upgraded their professional liability from 1 million dollars to 3 million dollars. This means, their clients now enjoy a 300% bonus on professional liability – with insurance that all their projects will be completed in time, with the highest quality, and of expectation.

Orient Software’s Professional Liability Insurance protects both Orient and their partners of all issues arose from the failure of products, services and/or advice. These include: Errors and omissions, Personal injury and property damage, Compensatory damages, Fraud and dishonesty, Intellectual property, Intellectual property, Loss of data… And more.

Professional liability insurance is a key component of risk management in every business. With this, Orient Software can make sure that not only they can deliver the best work to their clients, they can be protected from all unforeseen situations, as well as all their partners.

About Orient Software.

Orient Software is one of the leading IT companies in Vietnam, specializing in AI, IoT, Machine Learning, and Web/App Development. With 15 years in the market, Orient Software understands clearly what their mission is. They always strive to improve and go above and beyond in everything they do.

Committed to high quality custom software and building a long-term relationship with their global clients, Orient Software prides on their exceptional services in providing solutions for many international problems. With over 100 worldwide companies as their partners and over 250 custom projects, they can fulfill any expectation, to make only the most qualified/profitable software for their clients.

Kyle Khanh Nguyen

Kyle Khanh Nguyen

Marketing Manager