Orient Software Won the Most Impressive Growth Award Despite the Challenges Amid Covid-19

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | October 12th, 2021 - Orient Software, the leader in software development outsourcing, announced that the company won the “Top 10 Impressive Growth Companies” prize awarded by VINASA in 2021.

Most Impressive Growth Award

Orient Software had gone through 3 rounds, judged by the top IT experts and senior editors, and met all the evaluation criteria. Finally, the company had defeated other strong competitors and became the winner chosen for the prize. The award is added to the list of Orient’s achievements as the company also won “Top 10 ICT Companies” and “Top 10 Outsourcing Companies” prizes for the last seven consecutive years.

Being honored by VINASA again means Orient Software has successfully proven itself to be one of the best Vietnam-based software outsourcing solution providers. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Orient Software had an amazing 92% growth in both project scale and revenue compared to the last year. The company also doubled the new hires to adapt to the great demand for expansion. Additionally, it has an ambition to further expand its footprint in the US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and other markets.

Until now, Orient Software has successfully delivered over 250 software outsourcing projects to 100+ global clients, and the company gained 96% customer satisfaction. “The remarkable success of offshore software development and project-based services could not be achieved without the excellent performance of our IT experts and engineers who are all skillful and dedicated”, stated by Øyvind Forsbak, Orient Software’s CTO and Co-founder.

Notably, in 2021, Orient Software also ranked No.2 in the ‘Top 15 IT Companies in Vietnam’ by ITViec thanks to 4.8/5 employees’ recommendations. It helps the company fulfill recruiting talent quickly in the event of projects expansion.

Orient Software Won the Most Impressive Growth Award

Reportedly, Orient Software has been nurturing a big dream to transform Vietnam into a global IT hub. The Vietnam IT market affirms itself as a new promising destination with 400,000 IT engineers and over 50,000 IT students graduating from 153 IT institutions annually. It provides an excellent IT talent pool and software development outsourcing solutions with cost-efficiency, high-quality, around-the-clock services. Therefore, many global technology giants have located their technology hub in Vietnam, typically Intel, Samsung, Panasonic, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

“IT engineers’ skills in Vietnam can compare to engineers in developing countries like the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, etc. We strive to bring Vietnam’s IT market to the next level and make Vietnam as a technology hub, where software outsourcing projects in the world will be conducted with talent and passion,” said Ms. Nhung Nguyen, CEO of Orient Software.

To make it happen, the company has constantly been strengthening its team by significantly investing in staff training, R&D activities to embrace new technologies and create the next generation of IT experts. Remarkably, the team published globally a white paper on Digit detection from digital devices in multiple environmental conditions and received good feedback from local and global IT experts.


Orient Software Development Corp. is a Vietnam-based software development company specializing in AI, IoT, Machine Learning, and Web/App Development. With 16 years in outsourcing software development, Orient Software understands clearly what its mission is. They always strive to improve and go above and beyond in everything they do.

Committed to high-quality custom software and building a long-term relationship with their global clients, Orient Software is proud of its exceptional services in providing solutions for many international clients. With over 100 worldwide companies as their clients and over 250 custom projects, it makes the most profitable software for clients. For more information, please visit ORIENT SOFTWARE.


Vietnam Software & IT Services (VINASA) is a national association in Vietnam, operating on a non-governmental and not-for-profit basis. Established in April 2002, VINASA promotes the development of the Vietnam software industry, protects the members’ rights, and encourages cooperation and mutual support among members. For more information, kindly visit VINASA.