Achieving 96% growth rate despite challenges of COVID-19

In September, Orient has witnessed a wave of initiatives brought to life to help our community stay resilient and agile despite the impacts of COVID-19. Dive into the details with us to be inspired.


Orient was awarded “Top 10 impressive growth companies” by VINASA

Orient was awarded 'Top 10 impressive growth companies' by VINASA

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has placed a strain on businesses’ ability to adapt and grow sustainably. But at Orient, we’ve been trained to turn hardships into opportunities. This award marks Orient’s commitment to delivering exceptional results in the face of challenges.

Orient supports the second dose COVID-19 vaccination for our staffs

Orient supports the second dose COVID-19 vaccination for our staffs

In September our employees in Ho Chi Minh and Danang offices had received their second jab of COVID-19 vaccination. Orient is absolutely thrilled to see that we are leaping towards company-wide immunity as well as community immunity. We are also looking forward to helping fully vaccinated employees easing their way back to the office.

Adding Udemy to our E-learning resources for all employees

Adding Udemy to our E-learning resources for all employees

Talent development stays at the core of every step we take here at Orient. We constantly seek out opportunities where we can assist their academic and personal growth. Orient has decided to incorporate another valuable resource – Udemy to our E-learning library so our members can gain free access to courses of their choice and come out on top.


Projects scale-up

Projects scale-up

Danang has continued to prove itself as a strategic location for ICT businesses to proliferate. Although Orient’s branch in Danang has achieved remarkable growth over the past few years, their expertise and dedication never fail to amaze our clients.

Let’s take a peek at some of the projects some Danang that require expansion due to clients’ increasing demands:

  • Facilitating efficient data storing process by upgrading an outdated and low-performing system
  • Streamline complicated business model to offer swift and agile responses


Application Maintenance and Support: Your road to a robust and resilient system.

Application Maintenance and Support Service

Applications do not just stand the test of time on their own; they need perpetual supervision and revision to maintain their performance. Therefore, regular maintenance and IT support are integral and indispensable components of any vital software development project. Once the functionality is well-taken care of, innovation comes flooding in.

Explore Orient’s application maintenance and support services to see how your business can stay ahead of the pack with what we offer.


Aside from our weekly well-versed articles on technologies and outsourcing businesses, this month we would like to shed light on some of the insightful remarks from our CTO – Mr. Øyvind Forsbak that are featured on Forbes Technology Council.

“Leading The Digital Transformation: Seven Tips For CEO” - To give your business an edge over the market, digital transformation is an inevitable step. It enables your organization to react more quickly and stay agile in the ever-evolving business landscape. Discover some helpful tips on how your enterprise can be the pioneer in the era of digital transformation.

“10 Essential Features Of Good Ergonomic Design Tech Developers Often Overlook” - Design elements breathe life into each of the products we are working on and elevate users’ impression of it. Uncover what Øyvind deems as one of the most important aspects of tech design.

“Freelancers vs. Software Outsourcing Company: A Complete Overview” - In order to step your best foot forward when choosing a partner for your next software development project, distinguishing between different options available to you is necessary. Stick to Orient’s overview on outsourcing options to assist with your research.

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