June was a great month for us

June has been a good month for Orient Software. Here is a summary of what we’ve been up to recently.


Ranked #2 in “Top 15 best IT company” award by IT Viec, Vietnam

It is an honor for us to receive this award. It acknowledges what we’ve been maintaining for years, which is to provide an advanced working environment for all employees, focusing on sharing knowledge and improving employees’ skills. Additionally, we strive to give all our talent the opportunities to work on global projects with international tech experts. Thanks to our continuous effort, our employees and their peers are willing to vote for us as one of the best IT companies in Vietnam.

Company update - Ranked #2 in “Top 15 best IT company” award by IT Viec, Vietnam

A company trip to the North of Vietnam

Despite the difficulties of the social economy, we were still able to make things happened. In April, we held an annual company trip to Ninh Binh province in Northern Vietnam for over 300 employees in both the Ho Chi Minh offices & Danang offices. Fortunately, it was the prime time for us as Vietnam was managing the pandemic well and got no Covid-19 cases. Watch this video to see how exciting the trip was and how we enjoyed every moment together.

Company update - A company trip to the North of Vietnam

Established office & salesmen in Singapore and new hires in Japan

Being one of the top outsourcing companies, we see a high potential from the two markets. With 16 years of operation in software development, providing software services to over 100 global clients on a variety of projects, we are confident to tap on the new Singapore market, further promote business in Japan, and offer our customized software solutions to customers there.

Company update - Established office & salesmen in Singapore and new hires in Japan

All-hands meeting - a virtual event - attracted more than 300 participants

Almost all of our employees have been working from home since the beginning of June due to the complicated Covid situation in Vietnam. To celebrate our employees’ hard work and boost their motivation, as well as updating our achievements for Q2, 2021, we hosted a massive virtual event with over 300 participants to reconnect with our employees.

Here are some awesome moments taken from the meeting. Click here.

Company update - All-hands meeting - a virtual event - attracted more than 300 participants


New commission policy for Referral Partners:

  • For ODC projects: we will pay the Referral Partners a monthly fee of 6% of the monthly contract value for a year.
  • For fixed price projects: we will pay a one-time fee of 6% for every fixed price agreement signed with that customer. It will be effective from the starting day of project for the full first year with a customer.

You can email us at contact@orientsoftware.com to get more details about our new policy or to become our referral partner.

Kickoff Projects:

  • CiAPS: ticket management project to control visitors while entering amusement parks. The project requires specialists in .NET Core, Angular, Microservices. We are grateful to work with the top property company in Vietnam.
  • Social networking app: We’re working on building a social networking app, especially health-related app, which is similar to Facebook, to publish health related, nutrition and body symptom posts. Users can interact, like, share, and comment easily in the app.
  • Expanding our outsourcing teams: up to 30 members for projects in Fintech, IoT, mobile development. As these projects are running smoothly producing great results, customers require more staff for these projects.


We want to highlight bravoSUITE, a smart talent management solution.

As employees are the most valuable asset for any company, this means that the well-being of your employees should be a top priority. One of the top concerns for modern management today is to understand how to maintain strong team performance, motivate employees, and at the same time, enhance individual abilities and skill-set. As for recruiters, hiring the right people, keeping employees satisfied and motivated, along with retaining low turnover rate are the ultimate goals.

Do you want to be able to fully understand your employees’ motivation and individual strengths to increase team performance? Is your HR team struggling to recruit the right candidate or is your recruitment pipeline not efficient enough? bravoSUITE can help. Check out the website to find out more about bravoSUITE and how we can help companies!

Company update - bravoSUITE


Every week, our team releases insightful articles on different IT topics featuring software outsourcing, technologies, case studies and more. Here are our picks for this month:

  • As the demand for smart devices is expected to at least double over the next four years, mobile app developers will become very busy, to say the least. Spend 3 mins to read this article: “What Does the Future of Mobile App Development Look Like?”
  • Software testing is an integral part of the software development lifecycle. Any piece of code written for software should be tested thoroughly for performance and user experience benchmarks to drive its success. Read the full article here “The Ultimate Guide To Software Testing?”

Company update - Blog

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The Orient team.

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