June is Orient’s 2022 highlight for a reason

Time really flies when we work smarter and play harder! Orient has made it through half of 2022 with monumental achievements, and June is the month where we reflect on these successes as well as spend time to unwind.


Orient’s most awaited annual event – our company trip was a blast!

Orient’s most awaited annual event – our company trip was a blast!

The event that everyone has been looking forward to has finally happened! Orient’s 2022 company trip was held in the beautiful beach city of Nha Trang with many exhilarating bonding and team-building activities being planned. The event was definitely a chance for our entire company to decompress and get to know their colleagues better. We can guarantee that the images from our trip below will give a breeze of summer right away!

Two new appointments to our global strategic positions

Two new appointments to our global strategic positions

Continuing to expand globally has always been one of the Orient’s core visions for the years to come. This objective can only be brought to life with outstanding leadership. As such, Orient has made the decision to appoint:

  • Thong Lam – our current representative in North America – to Global Head of Sales.
  • Son Nguyen – our current Danang Branch Director – to Chief Operation Officer.

With their expertise and knowledge in delivering top-notch software services and operational management, we believe that Orient will further accomplish remarkable milestones.

Orient being featured on Vietnam national television - HTV7 for our prominence in the ICT industry

Orient being featured on Vietnam national television

Orient has indeed built a reputation in Vietnam’s ICT industry for our ongoing contribution to the field. We are greatly honoured to be featured in the news broadcasted by the Vietnamese national channel HTV7. Our spokesperson had some insightful sharing on our vision of employing 1000 software talents to fulfill the current needs of global clients. Explore in detail our interview here.


Projects highlights

Orient always seeks to refine and brush up our approaches to new technologies to ensure that we constantly deliver up-to-date services for our esteemed customers. Let’s dive into some new updates regarding our projects below:

  • In a project focusing on the Internet of Things, our team has extended the security functionality as well as fixed and improved the integration test to prepare for UAT environment setup and production. Our client is pleased with the speed that we are currently at and how fast we respond to systematic issues.
  • We have helped a client prepare the environments for all applications, including Translation app, Stragedy app, CSM app for their Power Platform, from Development to UAT, and finally Production. We also assisted clients with their planning for upcoming applications as well as spikes for new and advanced features.
  • For a project in the field of FinTech in Australia, we have deployed the Blazor app for partial transfer to production. Other functionalities, such as Property Feeds and Margin Lending, have also been released for production.



Outsourcing your software and application is a strategic yet daring decision that requires thorough consideration and screening since there are countless firms out there that promise qualities without any clear roadmap and actual case studies.

At Orient, we offer all the details you might need to make the decision before adopting a Custom Software Development service and we also provide in-depth case studies on how we have helped global clients achieve great things. Want to see it for yourself? Register for a free consultation with our experts now!



  • “What Is MLOps and How Is It Changing the Way Businesses Work?” - As we are living in a data-driven world, it’s important to utilize and optimize the amount of data we collect for AI and ML projects. With MLOps models, enterprises can streamline the development process within the organization for the best productivity and efficiency. Machine Learning models also help businesses deploy insightful solutions for better decision-making and improved customer experience.
  • “How different types of data transformation drive business value” - Businesses today have access to a wealth of data, giving them valuable insights to help them make more informed decisions. But with so much data to work with, trying to make sense of it all can be tricky. That’s why many businesses may benefit from transforming their data to help them get the most out of it. But what exactly is data transformation? How does it work? And what types of data transformation methods are out there? Read on to find out.
  • “Multi Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud: Which is Right For Your Business?” - Multi cloud vs. hybrid cloud strategies allow businesses to integrate more than one type of cloud into their workflow. This means that businesses can store their data on a wide range of infrastructure, such as onsite data centers and private and public clouds. What’s more, they can make it so that each type of storage solution complements one another, as opposed to existing in silos, enabling the seamless transfer of data between onsite and cloud systems.

That’s a wrap for this month’s updates! We can’t wait to see you again next month with more exciting news.