A wonderful month with awards and recognition

August 2021 is considered the month with awards and recognition for us all here at Orient. So, let’s take a look at a summary of our updates this month:


Øyvind Forsbak, Co-founder and CTO of Orient Software, has been accepted into Forbes Technology Council.

With 25 years of hands-on experience in the software industry and a strong portfolio to successfully establish and operate Orient Software for more than 16 years, Øyvind Forsbak has proven his leadership and broad experience in many software fields such as software development, software architecture, and artificial intelligence. In addition, he has led a team of more than 350 talents to provide superior outsourcing services to global companies. With the tracking record, he was vetted and selected by the Forbes Councils’ review committee. Read more on his profile on Forbes and press release.

Øyvind Forsbak, Co-founder and CTO of Orient Software

Orient Software was ranked in Top 30. NET development companies by DesignRush

As the .NET framework continues to become a driving factor behind the technology transformation among businesses worldwide, Orient’s honor to receive recognition from DesignRush for our capabilities in this field. With ongoing efforts, Orient seeks to expand our expertise further to boost client satisfaction and strengthen our credibility in .NET development. Find out more about the award.

Orient Software was ranked in Top 30. NET development companies by DesignRush

Offer advanced health insurance package for new members onboard

At Orient, employees’ well-being is our top priority, especially in the circumstance where the Covid-19 outbreak continues to affect every single aspect of people’s lives. Therefore, Orient decides to offer newcomers advanced health insurance packages immediately after commencement to ensure they feel safe and comfortable working in the current setting.

Health insurance package for new members

Conducted advanced Angular training

Orient has recently held an advanced Angular training session to assist our developers in improving their existing competencies and skills. This training session is a part of our wider scheme to ensure that our employees stay on top of their game and gain sufficient knowledge of the latest technology.

Conducted advanced Angular training

COVID-19 vaccination program for all employees

Orient is grateful that most of our staff have been inoculated against COVID-19 through our company-wide vaccination program.

COVID-19 vaccination program for all employees


New commission policy for Referral Partners:

  • For ODC projects: we will pay the Referral Partners a monthly fee of 6% of the monthly contract value for a year.
  • For fixed-price projects: we will pay a one-time fee of 6% for every fixed price agreement signed with that customer. It will be effective from the starting day of the project for the full first year with a customer.

Company update - New commission policy

You can email us at contact@orientsoftware.com to get more details about our new policy or to become our referral partner.

Projects Updates:

High demand from existing customers

We continue getting high demand to expand project headcounts thanks to the client’s business growth. As a result, our recruitment increased 10% compared to previous months.

Big-scale projects require our proposals

We have been working on big-scale projects for our customers, which requires project management and technical experts

  • Industry: Lighting manufacturer
  • Technologies: .ERP system.


bravoTalent - attract, assess & hire top talents with an all-in-one platform

From job posting to hiring the most suitable candidates can be an onerous process. We acknowledge the strain that recruiters have in terms of manually overseeing every step of the way. With bravoTalent, the entire recruitment process will be streamlined and automated to suit your business’s hiring needs. The platform works wonders in helping your company achieve recruitment efficiency and avoiding re-hiring. Check out its website here.

Company update - bravoTALENT


Every week, our team releases insightful articles on different IT topics featuring software outsourcing, technologies, case studies and more. Here are our picks for this month:

  • “Top 12 countries for software development outsourcing” The current software development outsourcing landscape is looking promising with astounding annual growth rate. Explore what top countries in the field are having in store for businesses looking for an oversea outsourcing partner.
  • “Mobile technologies” Mobile development is an exceptionally diverse field with plenty of opportunities for businesses to experiment in. Let’s delve into some of the most prevalent approaches for mobile development as well as Orient’s expertise in this respect.

Company update - Blog

That is all from us for this month. We will continue to update you with our monthly newsletter.

Hope you enjoy our news and wish all the best to you and your family.

The Orient team.