Orient Software Announces Appointments of New Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Sales

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, June 23, 2022 – Orient Software, an IT leader in software outsourcing and consulting based in Vietnam, is pleased to announce its newest promotions: Dr. Son Nguyen from Da Nang Branch Director to Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Mr. Thong Lam from Ho Chi Minh Branch Director to Global Head of Sales (GHoS).

New COO - Dr.Son Nguyen and GHoS - Mr.Thong Lam

Orient has recently expanded its reach to Australia and North America, amplifying its potential in these two continents and new markets. These promotions are one of the many steps that Orient has decided to take to achieve its expansion goals for 2025, including growing its headcount to 1000 staff and IT experts, increasing the number of projects and boosting project performance, and expanding to more markets over the world.

“The first step is always hard. And the people taking that first step have to have the mind of steel and truly believe in the positive outcome of such change. We believe that Dr. Nguyen and Mr. Lam have the capability and the mindset to transform Orient into something exceptional. It is time to push for greater changes, and we want to embrace this moment with everyone at Orient.” - said Nhung Nguyen, Orient’s CEO.

Orient understands that people are the core of every business, and with the right people come the best results. “We have a client-centric business model, and our genuine, remarkable relationships with both our staff and our clients are the essence of our business’ success. It’s crucial to make the right choice, and we truly believe that Dr. Nguyen and Mr. Lam are the right people who can take Orient to a whole other level.” - said Ms. Nguyen.

The company believes that under the leadership of Dr. Son Nguyen - the new COO, the company will be united under one organization, including its current offices in Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, North America, and future offices around the world. Meanwhile, with years of experience in leading and supporting IT projects, Mr. Thong Lam, Orient’s new GHoS will help the company visualize its vision as the best possible IT partner for its clients and other businesses around the world.

About Orient Software

Established in 2005, Orient Software has been proving its worth as one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam, and a global trustworthy IT partner for both small businesses and big enterprises. With over 350 well-trained IT experts and 250+ successful IT projects worldwide, Orient believes in the true value of software and is committed to providing software solutions that can transform businesses.