Orient Workshop

Scrum and DevOps in practice

The one-day workshop took place on 1st April 2016 in a well-facilitated conference venue – Duxton Hotel, all team leaders and key members, from Orient Software Development, aimed to share key concepts, case studies, and practical team modeling tools that are required for improvements of our services and solutions.

Orient workshop at Duxton Hotel

The topics included enhancing communication skills, conducting self-organizing team, and software development best practices.

Besides learning from speakers’ stories, we discussed various situations regarding team performance, task-oriented skills, improvement in personal technical and soft skills, as well as measurable results.

Teamwork to come up with solutions

In the final conclusion, we identified two highlight subjects – Scrum and DevOps. Orient focuses on these two key areas to bring value for better team collaboration, and ensure software quality.

About one fourth of Orient Software Development staff gathering for workshop, we expect that the outcomes reinforce our promise to deliver the best services and solutions to clients.

The professional team of Orient

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Ms. Lai Nguyen

Ms. Lai Nguyen

Office Manager