UIT Hackathon 2016 Results

Orient cheers young talents from Game UIT Hackathon Contest 2016

23 Jun 2016

GameUIT Hackathon 2016 closing ceremony

After 24 hours of hard working, in the morning 29 May, winning names were announced for Game UIT Hackathon Contest 2016 (Hackathon profile). With other sponsors, co-organizers, and enthusiastic audience, Orient key members and staffs joined the final ceremony to celebrate winners and their game products.

GameUIT Hackathon thanks their sponsors, including Orient Software

Given the 2016 theme – Breaking Bad Habits For Better Life, the participants exhibited their programming skills and their understanding of current lifestyle impacts, while at the same time they competed for awards. Teams designed games with an education focus – quitting drinking, environmental protection, etiquette rules, and traffic laws.

There were 216 participants, from 11 different universities within in the city, forming 51 teams. And the results are:

  • First prize:
    Monsterbe team, with the game – Anti Infection
  • Second prize:
    Blue Sky team, with the game – Last Minutes
  • Third prize:
    Piksal Kids team, with the game – Recycling Trash

Orient Software gives prizes to the best teams

The contest gave important opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge from lectures and classes into creating own products. In addition to being a fun competition, there was a significant improvement of product quality from previous contests, according to the chairman of the contest.

Beside personal skills and knowledge, students activated their skills for teamwork, such as helping, sharing, and participating to fulfill their team performance. “The outcomes of the contest are not only final games, but also the growth in each individual” – one of the judges commented.

Audience consisted of participants and spectators

Judges, who were representatives of corporate partners and university lecturers, jointly evaluated and gave feedback and questions to each team, during the final presentation session.

Orient would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the contest on their interest in competitive programming, for their problem solving skills and for strong performance.

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