Event Recap: "Scalable Enterprise Systems: Challenges and Solutions" Tech Talk 2019

Our Tech Talk “Scalable Enterprise Systems” on June 21st has successfully concluded! We were excited for the latest Tech Talk event, “Scalable Enterprise Systems: Challenges and Solutions,” hosted by Orient Software, on June 21st, 2019, and here is a recap of how everything went down.

OSD tech talk 2019Our charming, friendly receptionists are always ready to say hi

The event was held at Liberty Central Saigon Centre, at 79 Le Thanh Ton str., Ben Thanh, Dist. 1, HCMC, from 8.30 AM to 12.00 PM. Joined by over 100 IT and business enthusiasts, the event concluded on a successful, innovative note. The objective of the event was to have the panelists share their personal point of views on the IT subject, in order to push enterprises’ growth and provide solutions for some of the most popular IT challenges for businesses.

OSD tech talk 2019Our MC – Dr. Tuan Anh, PhD in AI and Machine Learning, came early to greet our panelists and guests

9:00 AM – Let’s get this party started!

After a welcoming section, our MC excitedly introduced the panelists, including: Mr. Øyvind Forsbak, CTO of Orient Software; Mr. Thach Hoang, Deputy CCO of Bamboo Airways; Mr. Luong Nguyen, CTO of MPOS; and Mr. Bang Dao, Technical Architect of Inspectorio. We then shortly moved onto our first speaker, Mr. Øyvind Forsbak, on his study about ‘The Native Cloud’ and how it fits into the scalable enterprise systems.

OSD tech talk 2019

Our first speaker, Mr. Øyvind Forsbak, explained the importance of cloud native and how it speeds up everything in our life. Through his speech, we understood more about how cloud native fits into scaling your business in a modern, dynamic environment, as well as the twelve-factor app in building a cloud native system that fits your needs.

OSD tech talk 2019

Our second speaker, Mr. Thach Hoang, explained Amadeus payment system which can handle selling 2 million tickets a day. Mr. Hoang also went through about how to build a successful processing model for massive transactions and increasing operational capabilities. This is an important part in making Amadeus one of the world leaders in the travel industry.

OSD tech talk 2019

Our third speaker, Mr. Luong Nguyen, talked about scalable systems through a case study with Fastgo, a transportation app. Since it is an app with a lot of interaction and users, there are many challenges especially in payment, management and security. He also explained the on-premise system and the differences between Fastgo and other transportation apps and how this can further improve Fastgo’s standing in the future.

OSD tech talk 2019

And our last speaker, Mr. Bang Dao, went through the whole process of building the basic scalable website, including the infrastructure, preparation, application and the working process. Critical notes were mentioned in order to maximize the process and make sure that everything is time efficiency and of high quality.

OSD tech talk 2019

After an interesting section, we finally got to enjoy a tasty, delicious, warming tea break. This was also the chance for everyone to discuss about information that was shared and, most importantly, networking! Greetings were made, business cards were exchanged, this means that the crew will surely stay in touch and join in promoting a better IT community in Vietnam. How fascinating.

OSD tech talk 2019

After our wonderful tea break came the most engaging, interactive part of the event. Question and Answer section was run nicely with the support of our awesome MC. All questions were answered in a calm, knowledgeable manner by all the panelists and further discussion showed their own perspectives about technology in our lives. Our panelists also had a good time in debating, discussing each other’s view about certain topics as well.

OSD tech talk 2019

To finalize the event, our CEO, Mrs. Nhung Nguyen, had the pleasure to hand all these amazing speakers a banquet of flowers and her thanks for their contribution, making this event a great success. It was indeed our biggest tech talk event up to date, and the preparation might have been tiring and stressful, but it was satisfying to see the smiles on everyone who attended. We hope to see you all in the near future, in other tech talk events hosted by Orient Software as well! Thank you everyone!

Some pictures at the event:

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