QC Engineer (Automation)

1 2021-10-31


  • Creating test plans based on requirements/stories and testing cases against them.
  • Write test cases and create scripts to automate them
  • Serve as coach, helping the team uplift their quality practices
  • Reproduce + confirm bugs in production reported by customers or staff
  • Report bugs in jira. Document repro steps, isolate circumstances in which the bug occurs.
  • Adding to our automated test suite. Eventually have a large enough suite of automated tests that devs can lean more on these to determine regressions.
  • E2E tests. Eg Selenium
  • API testing. eg using Postman or Insomnia
  • Integration/Unit tests
  • Recording applications' business rules in Confluence (by-product of managing a large suite of regression tests)


Have working knowledge or experience in:

  • At least 3 years of experience in Software Testing
  • Solid Database knowledge is required
  • Understanding of Backend services is required
  • Experience on performance testing
  • Extensive automation testing with hands on experience using Selenium and Cypress,
  • Working knowledge of scripting language such as C# or Java
  • Experience with story management and testing tools (e.g. Jira, Zephyr)
  • Object identification/recognition and customization
  • Working knowledge about Functional and Non-Functional testing.
  • Working knowledge or exposure to E2E tests (Selenium) & API testing (Postman or Insomnia)
  • Have a proven track record of providing process improvements

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Azure DevOps is a plus
  • Experience working with Agile/Scrum is a plus
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Dax Query is a plus
  • Knowledge of Elastic Search is a plus
  • Knowledge of Data Warehouse is a plus
  • Experience working with Microservices is a plus

Soft skills:

  • Very good in English communication
  • Be a problem solver with great problem-solving skills
  • Proactive and effective self-learning skills and research.
  • Excellent learning and researching skill.
  • Training and coaching skill.

Monthly Salary and Benefits

  • Attractive salary based on your performance
  • Annual 13th month salary
  • Dedication bonus goes up to 40% monthly salary
  • Project bonus will be paid twice a year
  • Premium healthcare insurance, Annual health checks up.
  • Breakfast are available at office in early morning and snack in late afternoon.
  • Happy Lunch every two weeks.
  • Team building allowance.
  • Annual Company team building trip.
  • Clubs (Football, Badminton, Swimming, Chess, Music band).
  • Exclusive training programs for all staff in technical, soft skills and process.
  • Outdoor training every 6 months.
  • English class.
  • Technical clubs.
  • Marriage allowance, having newborn baby allowance, bereavement allowance.