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Trung Tran

Trung Tran | 13/06/2023

Top On-trend Software Business Ideas to Follow

Technology is the most tremendous stride of humankind, and the software development industry is booming. The revenue of the software market will confidently proceed to the point of $650 million in 2023, according to a forecast by Statista. Every digital business and service needs software that meets their very unique needs, so it’s not surprising that software product development is a lucrative field to enter. The potential for innovation within this field is practically limitless, which makes it a fascinating field to explore as a business. Starting with a simple software idea, a tech startup can flourish and become a successful business worldwide. But of course, it must be a good one.

In the current digitalized world, the demand for different types of software is only increasing, and growth opportunities are plentiful. It is no trouble when it comes to selecting one or several innovative software project ideas to get started with. Nevertheless, it is also the most challenging part since most organizations or individuals struggle a lot to figure out their own software startup ideas or fail to pursue the right development direction. That’s why we are here to compile a list of business ideas that any software company can target as their next project. But mark one thing, you may not be the pioneer in these ideas, as the software market is quite competitive, and all ideas may have a few competitors.

Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Oftentimes, a typical software development company runs multiple projects at any one time; therefore, the need for a comprehensive project management strategy and system is ever-increasing.

Project management software (PMS) is built to coordinate tasks, assign resources, monitor progress, and measure performance. Such software makes it easier for the company to record data accurately. Eventually, such software eases the management process and improves project efficiency with multiple stakeholders, tasks, and deadlines.

If you pick PMS as your niche, you can develop a comprehensive software system that streamlines task assignment, collaboration, communication, and progress tracking for teams working on projects of varying sizes and complexity. To remain relevant to the latest technological trends (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, or else) nowadays and stay competitive, you should consider offering advanced features like AI-powered task prioritization, real-time progress tracking, and seamless integration with popular productivity tools.

Now, there are many PMS solutions available on the market that offer lots of unique features and functionalities, such as Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and You can totally learn from the progenitors of these to develop your own software solutions and make them stand out from the rest.

Business Communication Software

Business Communication Software

Look where we are at, the reality in which people can work and collaborate with each other remotely from anywhere across the globe. Therefore, effective communication is essential for companies of all sizes and shapes to exchange information and keep the connection seamless. The presence of a dedicated software system that aggregates all communication channels into one place will make it easier for teams or employees to interact with each other and stay productive at the same time. This has made business communication software a must-have tool in every kit of a modern business. And it can be a brilliant software startup idea for you.

In the current business-tool market, Slack and Microsoft Teams are two of the most popular solutions that offer various levels of collaboration. Therefore, you must develop a software solution that provides not only the ubiquitously used features but also advanced ones that employ AI technology to optimize the performance and experience of users. You can think about creating a comprehensive solution that helps businesses in various departments alike - the HR department exchange information with the sales team quickly, or customer services representatives respond to customer inquiries timely (Similar to what ChatGPT does).

When it comes to internal communication platforms, business owners pay heed to the security of data. So, if you want to make them sink money into your product instead of others, make sure you create software solutions that meet all industry-standard standards on data protection and privacy.

Inventory Software

Inventory Software

This industry is not just limited to these two software ideas. A modern business with extensive inventory counts needs a dedicated inventory management system, which streamlines the process of data entry and tracking of goods or materials entering and leaving the warehouse. For example, food inventory software helps restaurants, bars, and other organizations alike to track their stock accurately.

It is essential that inventories are tracked properly, so the company can determine the current stock level and plan for purchasing additional supplies in a timely manner. Moreover, an inventory software system can also generate reports and analytics data based on the stock levels to help business owners make decisions related to product pricing, shipping, and marketing campaigns.

This type of software requires automation tools that allow users to collect information from different sources (such as barcode scanning devices) and input them into the system as well as manage data. As an attempt to grasp a portion of this big market share, you can develop an inventory management software solution that offers outstanding features and capabilities for business owners to take full control of their operations. Plus, ensure that it is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with other systems (like accounting or invoicing software) to provide an all-in-one solution.

Booking Software

Booking Software

Reservation tools (E.g., hotel booking software) designed to help business owners automate the process of booking and managing appointments, events, and services are also good software ideas.

Typically used by businesses in the hospitality industry (such as hotels, restaurants, and rental companies), such systems streamline the scheduling of resources and allow customers to book appointments online or via mobile applications or web apps. This software type typically includes features like reporting and analytics, customer management, payment integration, and online booking.

To reap the most out of this idea, you should design a system that is easy to use yet provides full control over daily operations. Moreover, it must be integrated with other systems, such as POS (point of sale) and marketing automation tools, for enhanced performance.

Also, this type of software requires excellent UI/UX design to ensure a smooth booking process for customers and secure payment gateways and APIs for hotels to manage their existing bookings. It is also critical that your software solution offers advanced features like automatic email notifications, real-time availability, and customer reviews & ratings. Additionally, you can look into incorporating AI technology into the system for personalizing hotel booking experiences.

Time-tracking Software

Time-tracking Software

Another concept for a software development business is time-tracking systems. These are indispensable tools for businesses to track employee work hours, overtime, and project deadlines accurately. Similar to PMS but more sophisticated, modern time-tracking systems are capable of automating all administrative tasks related to employee attendance.

This type of software can help employers manage their workforce efficiently and make sure that employees are paid correctly and timely. It also enables them to monitor projects’ progress and deadlines accurately.

Developing a time-tracking solution is a simple yet profitable business idea for young software companies. To get a slice of this enormous market share, you should create a software solution that offers real-time updates, visual reports, payroll integration, and more to make sure businesses are able to track their employee attendance accurately. But to ensure its successful market penetration, you need so much more than a minimum viable product with basic functions like that. Your software solution must be versatile enough to let employers use it for different scenarios - from tracking an hourly employee’s work hours to monitoring a remote-working team’s progress. Additionally, you should also look into integrating it with existing online tools and systems that businesses may already be using (such as accounting or human resources software).

In addition, you can also provide an AI-powered time-tracking solution that includes facial recognition to ensure the accuracy of employee attendance data. Lastly, make sure that your product is scalable, secure, and user-friendly so users have a great experience while using the system.

AI-driven Medical Software

AI-driven Medical Software

Why mention AI at this point? Well, AI-driven software solutions are taking over the world. AI is being applied in nearly every sector, and businesses have realized its potential to make their operations more efficient, including entertainment and media. That’s why healthcare organizations are also increasingly adopting AI into their systems to streamline processes such as diagnosis, treatment planning, and drug prescription.

In addition, the global medical software market is expanding at a speed expected to hit $11 billion by 2025. Therefore, any new software business or senior company looking to gain market traction should consider developing custom healthcare software solutions.

Unfortunately, this also means your rivals in this field are vast. To gain a competitive edge on your own, you should design a medical software solution that offers advanced and innovative features such as real-time diagnosis, electronic medical records management, image recognition for diagnostics, and telemedicine services. In addition, make sure it is integrated with existing systems for seamless operation - such as hospital management software or patient scheduling solutions.

CRM Software

CRM Software

CRM, or customer relationship management software, is leveraged by businesses to monitor their interactions with customers and potential buyers. From tracking leads, segmenting them into categories, and automating customer support messages, to scheduling the follow-up processes, many companies use CRM software for efficient customer management.

As this market is very lucrative, you can also develop a CRM solution and make money from it. Make sure that your CRM system is equipped with features like automated lead segmentation, customer support automation, email marketing tools, and analytics & reporting modules. Also, you should make sure it is user-friendly and allows organizations to access the data from any device to ensure maximum convenience.

Furthermore, integrate your CRM solution with other existing online tools, like social media platforms and analytics solutions, for seamless data-sharing. You can also offer customized packages to your customers based on their unique needs.

E-learning Software

E-learning Software

Since the pandemic, the world has been forced to embrace online business in one way or another. This is why e-learning software solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years. Educational institutions are now opting for online software apps and platforms to offer training and courses to their employees remotely.

This presents a golden opportunity for your software development business to develop an e-learning platform and tap into this booming market. However, you should remember that users expect sophisticated and user-friendly platforms loaded with features.

Therefore, your e-learning software should offer features like course creation & management tools, real-time analytics to track the progress of users, automated notifications for new content and updates, voice/video recording options, as well as a range of customization options. Furthermore, make sure that the platform is secure and scalable so it can serve a large number of users without any issues. Additionally, you should also consider including AI-powered features like facial recognition for authentication and automated grading to make your platform more advanced.

Again, you should follow the success of other case studies (For example, Coursera, Udemy, etc.) and learn from their mistakes so you can develop an e-learning software that exceeds the expectations of users and seize a unique market position for your own business.

Now that you have run through some of the trendy yet practical ideas for software startups. Note that there are a lot more brilliant ideas to develop software and make a profit, such as an automated payroll system, mobile medical apps, car parking software, health inspection software, consumer complaint software, ERP software, hotel management software, daily horoscope software, screen recording software, etc.

The varying needs of digital solutions of businesses and users will result in equivalent numbers of ideas and concepts for custom software development. All that’s left is to get creative with the concepts and build your own unique software solutions.

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The door into the software industry is widely opened for you if you get the right idea and the right development team. Outsourcing companies can serve as a consultant to give you expert advice on your software startup ideas and provide you with what is needed to bring them to life successfully. Therefore, it is significantly important to come up with the best software business ideas and also get backed by a solid team or partner.

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