How a Technical Interview Outsourcing Company Helps Your Business Grow?

Vy Le

Vy Le | 30/03/2023

Choosing an Interview Outsourcing Company? There Must Be Reasons!

As Steve Jobs once said: “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” Teamwork and collaboration with every single individual in a business are more than necessary. That is why managers always focus on the process of finding and training top talent for their organization. However, recruiting is never easy, especially in the tech industry.

To optimize the budget, the hiring manager usually tends to use offshore developers instead. However, this seems to also be a big problem.

Although the overall employment of software developers is much faster than the average for all occupations, recruiters are still struggling to find the actual pieces. There are many reasons for this situation: available time, expertise, cost, etc. As a highly specialized profession, the interviewer is required to equip himself with a deep understanding of the tech field to be able to ensure the quality of recruitment. However, the HR department has its job. Learning more about other industries is a good idea, but this is not the optimal option for an employer when it takes a lot of time and effort.

And there, we have technical interview outsourcing services, which solve all the hiring process problems that businesses have so far. Outsourcing IT hiring is gradually becoming a new trend in the context of the constantly fluctuating labor market because of the specific benefits it brings to companies. The article below will help you better understand this issue!

What Is a Technical Interview Outsourcing Service?

Interview outsourcing company is simply a model in which businesses assign the job of recruiting and attracting laborers to a third party. To be more specific, the human resources service provider will perform part of or all the jobs related to the hiring process at the request of the company but still ensure output quality. This service is most used in fields that require employers to have extensive knowledge of the industry, such as technology, marketing, finance, etc.

The process of outsourcing technical interviews is increasingly developing based on the significant needs of businesses. According to aggregated statistics, information technology is the leading industry in outsourcing. In which up to 37% of IT tasks are outsourced. Depending on the needs of customers, the interview process provides different models of recruitment solutions.

  • Staff augmentation: The vendor provides professionals to work remotely under your management.
  • Dedicated teams: By overseeing the whole HR operation from interviewing, and onboarding training, the vendor then gives customers an entire group of experienced software engineers working and developing projects in their own company under your management.
  • Project-based: This is a do-nothing model in which the vendors conduct all the hiring process as well as the project development by recruiting, training, motivating, and supervising its IT team to ensure job quality.

Why Choose to Outsource Hiring Process

Why Choose to Outsource Hiring Process

The constantly fluctuating labor market brings excellent barriers to the recruitment system of enterprises. The demand for abundant human resources for technological advancements is increasing as the world becomes more and more dependent on technology. Although the number of IT graduates each year is high, it still does not meet the needs of large technology companies. Without the help of the service of technical interview, recruiters will face countless challenges when hundreds of rivals out there are also eager to gather the best developer.

High Demand & Low Supply - Competition Is a Big Deal

As mentioned above, the number of IT students graduating every year is enormous. But finding the right people with the right personality and professional skills for the required vacancy is a completely different story. Due to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 1.4 million vacancies available for computer science-related positions in 2020, with only 400,000 candidates available. This situation has even more severe pressure on young startups. As is evident, the interviewee is more likely to seek out well-known corporations with good benefits rather than ageless ones. This reflects the high competition that domestic employers struggle to hire talent.

Cost Saving or Qualified Candidate - Hard to Choose

To save money, it is obvious that interviewers are aiming for a recruitment strategy that saves money but still ensures quality. However, it is difficult to guarantee both above factors at the same time. One thing is for sure; the best will correspond to the “high” price. Experienced candidates are always synonymous with high salary requirements. They know what they can do for their growth trajectory. That inadvertently swapped positions, putting businesses in a passive position in the search for a perfect fit. This is a pretty big challenge, hitting the finances of organizations of any size.

Finding & Training Take Tons of Time

Recruiting is a complex process when it doesn’t just stop at finding a suitable candidate. Depending on the form of hiring, the HR department can conduct interviews in different ways. Whether it’s a phone interview or a face-to-face interview, recruiters still take tons of time for this because of many challenges.

After sifting through hundreds of CVs, employers must also do the paperwork and train IT staff to familiarize them with the product and company culture. However, this whole process can take longer if interviewers choose the wrong candidate in the first place or the candidate quits midway to look for other opportunities that they consider better. The end result of this mistake is that the HR department is reinvesting the time and effort previously spent on finding a new one.

IT & HR Expertise – You Have None of These

Because of the specificity of the information technology industry, this is one of the most challenging professions to find a candidate for. The IT field includes many different professional skills and languages. Depending on the position of candidates, interviewers are forced to equip themselves with specific expertise in the IT field to have enough knowledge to interview and select candidates. This seems impossible since HR has HR duties, and understanding takes time and effort to acquire. At the same time, the lack of skills in building a recruitment strategy, HR expertise to be more specific, will also make the interview process longer and achieve no operational value.

Technical Interviews Outsourcing Definitely Are the Solutions

Technical Interviews Outsourcing Definitely Are the Solutions

It is no coincidence that interview supporters are becoming more and more popular for businesses regardless of size. How can this model solve all the above problems? Surely there must be some key benefits.

They Do All the Job

They Do All the Job

Depending on the hiring decisions that the customer chooses, this kind of third party will be responsible for one or the entire recruitment cycle and bring the most suitable IT seeds. Their interviewers can conduct interviews and plan, conduct, and manage recruitment programs scientifically. In addition, interview outsourcing company also perform the entire job of the recruitment process, from developing recruitment strategies, sourcing candidates, screening candidates, and agreeing to sign a labor contract until the candidate is ready to work. Enterprises will not have to get involved in this talent acquisition process. Managers have a lot of time to focus on developing the company.

They Have a Rich Pool of Global Professionals

They Have a Rich Pool of Global Professionals

IT personnel is not cheap. And, of course, the interviewer understands this. Through many years of operation in the profession, an interview outsourcing company has available abundant technical candidates, from domestic to offshore. This meets the immediate recruitment needs of enterprises when necessary while ensuring the quality of personnel. Not only that, but personnel from outsourced recruitment companies are also able to replace each other in case the primary staff has a force majeure reason to be absent to ensure the continuity of the workflow.

Or when you want to hire a dedicated offshore development team? This is a practical human resource but difficult to access. By linking with potential human resources in other countries, a third party gives clients a diverse selection of leading experts in the field. With different perspectives from many countries, they will help you solve existing problems of the organization in a new and more creative way.

They Save Your Money

They Save Your Money

There are thousands of different kinds of expenses that companies must pay if they go through the traditional hiring process. On the candidate’s side, fees such as salary, insurance, benefits, and training are unavoidable expenses. On the in-house side, the establishment has to pay additional costs for recruitment strategy as well as the cost of training specialized knowledge in the field of technology for the recruitment department. It’s great when technical outsourcing helps you take care of most of these budgets. With outsourced IT services, businesses have more than a cost-saving solution. You only need to pay a moderate, fixed monthly fee and do not incur additional related personnel costs. Covering the entire recruitment and training process obviously also helps businesses have time to focus on the main jobs that bring profits to the company.

They Save Your Time

They Save Your Time

While competitors are still plying the road to finding new candidates using traditional in-house methods, technical outsourcing has helped you almost reach the finish line. Built to serve partners in need, interview outsourcing company has extensive experience in the research process and strategic recruitment, assisting clients in filling vacancies in just one note. The recruited personnel will immediately then perform the assigned tasks, making the workflow uninterrupted as well as speeding up the completion of the goal. If using a fully outsourced model, management levels do not even have to monitor or manage progress when everything is already taken care of by the technical interview service provider.

They Improve the Quality of Hiring

They Improve the Quality of Hiring

Thanks to the hired interviewer’s experience in the recruitment industry as well as their expertise in technology, the outsourced team understands the labor market landscape and delivers stage-appropriate recruitment processes. With a pool of quality candidates with many years of experience in the industry, employees who officially join the career will also adapt to the job more quickly, improve the overall future quality of employees, and achieve higher business efficiency.

You can choose to use outsourced technical interviews or not. However, we cannot deny the significant advantages that this service brings to a traditional recruiter. Also, don’t forget that choosing the right third party is also very important. You certainly don’t want to waste your time and money on something that has no value. So, research carefully before making a decision!

If you have some more questions regarding technical interviews outsourcing in specific and software development in general, don’t hesitate to contact Orient Software for the quickest response.

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