10 Best AI Apps for Android to Make Life Easier

Vy Le

Vy Le | 20/06/2023

10 Best AI Apps for Android to Make Life Easier

As mobile devices increasingly develop and become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives, the demand for productive applications with the ability to improve efficiency and manage our busy schedules has risen exponentially. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Android users can now access a wide range of applications that use machine learning algorithms to make our lives easier and more streamlined.

Most people think of AI chatbots like ChatGPT when talking about artificial intelligence (AI). However, AI technology nowadays has come to the stage of explosion in every aspect of life, such as healthcare, education, design, etc. AI helps you work more scientifically. AI contributes to improving your health. AI simplifies photo editing to use for social activities. Join Orient to discover the ten best AI apps for Android and create a modernized and automated life in our latest piece.

AI Adoption - The Rise of AI Apps for Android

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) was first introduced in the 1950s. However, it was not until recently, when science and technology were increasingly developed, that AI technology really made a breakthrough and was adopted more into all areas of human life.

According to information from Forbes, around 4 in 5 companies deem AI to be a top priority in their business strategy. To keep up with the breath of technology, survive and create a competitive advantage in today’s business landscape, companies spearhead artificial intelligence through large-scale changing in their own technology products or operations.

As for mobile application development, as the number of mobile device users continues to grow, there is obviously a significant rise in AI-powered apps for Android devices. AI has given customers a completely different definition of user experience on enterprise Android apps. AI chatbots answer questions and consult customers quickly 24/7. AI recognizes the account holder’s voice and allows users to use AI mobile apps hands-free. AI protects customer information by detecting threats of cyber-attacks.

Not only bringing benefits to individuals but applying AI to Android apps also helps businesses get closer to the path of modernization and automation. AI has the ability to analyze customers’ behavior and usage habits of mobile apps and recommend necessary changes. AI automates routine business activities such as bill payments and meeting reminders.

All the above examples are a perfect testament to the new era of mobile applications, where the integration of AI is becoming a key factor in delivering exceptional user experiences.

Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android Devices

Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android Devices

Google Assistant

If you use Android phones, you’ve probably heard of Google Assistant at least once. Google Assistant is a voice-controlled virtual personal assistant developed by Google. As one of the Google AI-based Android applications, most smart devices currently come pre-installed with Google Assistant, so you don’t need to download it from the Google Play Store.

By using natural language technology and machine learning, this AI app for Android understands users’ voice commands and then provides relevant responses. Google Assistant even helps users make life easier by integrating other tools used for daily tasks like making appointments, playing music, setting reminders, and looking up information right on search engines, etc.

Bing AI

Microsoft Bing has long been known as a direct competitor to Google in the search engine market. According to Statista, if Google is currently the dominant search engine with a market share of up to 84%, Bing, in recent years, has put up an admirable fight with a nearly 9% market share in the PC space.

Bing’s growth doesn’t stop there. Recently, Microsoft Bing has incorporated ChatGPT - an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI into its search engine to provide users with more conversational and personalized search results. Bing, from a normal search engine, turned into a smart search engine called Bing AI/Ms. Bing with the help of artificial intelligence.

Similar to ChatGPT, Bing AI is a tool that integrates AI with the Bing browser to answer questions from users. A special feature of Bing AI is that it supports continuous updating of the latest data, while ChatGPT is limited to data until 2021. Bing AI tool helps users answer questions and create content quickly and is extremely convenient.

Replika AI

Replika AI is an AI chatbot and virtual app that uses AI tech and machine learning to provide you with a personalized and conversational experience. Unlike conventional AI chatbots that only give accurate answers based on user questions, the app is designed to serve as a companion for users, allowing them to talk about their thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental space.

By using natural language processing and deep learning algorithms, Replika AI is capable of understanding and responding to user queries in a human-like manner. The longer you talk, the better and more realistic the conversation between you and Replika AI will be. This AI application also includes other features, such as mood tracking and meditation exercise, helping users to improve their mental health and well-being.

Lensa AI

If you are a social media lover, you better not ignore Lensa AI - an all-in-one photo editing app that is powered by artificial intelligence. Launched in 2018 by Prisma Labs, Lensa AI is one of the popular AI applications for image and video post-editing available on both Android and IOS devices.

With Lensa AI capabilities, you can get flawless edits based on your real-life selfies in just one tap. This AI app offers users a wide range of features, including filters, effects, auto-enhancement, object recognition, and background removal. However, Lensa AI only really left a strong impression when it launched a feature called Magic Avatars in 2022. By allowing users to turn any image into unique images that almost look cartoon-like, Magic Avatars plays a role as a smart AI image generator and creates a new trend on social networks for a while.

Google’s Socratic

Socratic is a Google product developed to help users learn and solve curriculum and homework-related questions. Using Socratic is very simple. Students post any questions on this AI app. Socratic will use AI tech to recognize the problem and then provide the answer with a detailed explanation.

In addition, Socratic also contains a vast knowledge base of most subjects today, such as math, literature, physics, science, etc., supporting users to improve their overall knowledge and skills. These resources can be in the form of video tutorials, quizzes, or even practice problems.

Socratic has both a free version and a paid subscription. However, they have no functional difference. The only difference is that the paid subscription gives users a more seamless learning experience without having to be distracted by ads or other promotional content.

ELSA Speak

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Speak is the right choice for individuals who want to improve their English-speaking skills. ELSA Speak uses advanced speech recognition and deep artificial intelligence to analyze the user’s voice and provide real-time feedback on their rhythm, pronunciation, and intonation.

Users only need to choose one of the lesson categories available on the app, and they will immediately be provided with a series of exercises and drills by the app to practice and hone their speaking skills. Whether you are a student, a professional, or someone who needs to improve their English language skills, ELSA Speak can help you achieve your goals early.


Freeletics is an AI fitness application for Android that helps busy users of all fitness levels to effectively access training programs and workout plans. Acting as a personal trainer, Freeletics provides you with 20 unique Training Journey of exercises and workouts, including cardio, strength training, and stretching. Every stage of the user’s training journey is analyzed by the AI-powered personal trainer to provide the optimal solution for each different fitness focus.

In addition to workout plans, Freeletics also acts as a nutritionist that provides users with meal schedules and recipes to support their fitness goals. The recipes and nutrition menu of this AI app includes a wide variety of dietary options, from vegetarian and vegan, to paleo diets.


Wysa is a mental health app using modern AI technology designed and developed by Touchkin eServices. Similar to a chatbot, Wysa uses a number of therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), to provide users with 150 different therapeutic techniques through chat conversations. Thereby managing, minimizing, and even eliminating user anxiety, stress, and depression.

For the free version, free users can use Wysa’s standard tools, such as guided meditations, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices. To have access to the entire library of tools and receive extra support from one-on-one sessions with a coach, you must subscribe to a premium version.


Want to learn a new language but don’t know where to start? Duolingo is here to give users a fun and enjoyable language learning experience. Despite being a completely free educational platform, Duolingo offers users online courses in up to 40 different languages.

Instead of providing traditional courses, this app uses game-like elements, such as points, levels, badges, etc., to simplify language learning. After each successful level, Duolingo rewards users with scores for completing lessons and achieving milestones.

Duolingo courses are referenced and correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) - an international standard of language proficiency. In addition to language teaching, Duolingo also offers short assessments after learners complete a Unit in the course. Through this assessment, not only can learners review and test their knowledge, but Duolingo also has a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of its teaching and making necessary improvements.

Google Lens

Ending the list of AI apps for Android is Google Lens. Developed by Google, Google Lens is a visual search engine that uses machine learning and computer vision technologies to analyze and understand images and objects in the real world. Based on the characteristics of the elements on the image you provide, Google Lens gives the closest search results about the origin, definition, and information related to the subject of the original image.

Not only that, but Google Lens also has the ability to coordinate with other Google applications, such as Google Assistant and Google Photos, to handle work. For example, by pointing the camera towards the row of SSID labels on the back of the router, users can easily connect to Wi-Fi automatically. This process is divided into two stages. In it, Google Lens will be responsible for information processing, and Google Assistant will be responsible for activating Wi-Fi.

Above is a list of ten interesting apps for Android for you. The intelligence of AI is undeniably growing. We can expect to see even more innovative and sophisticated AI-powered mobile apps in the future. However, the human brain is still superior to AI. So, instead of completely depending on the above applications, Orient hopes you will use them as effective tools to serve the needs of life.

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