LAMP/PHP Application Development

OSD’s PHP Programmers in Vietnam Are Ready to Work for You!

PHP is an open-source scripting language that can be used for many purposes and is particularly good for Web development since it can be embedded within HTML. PHP has an engine linked to many simple PHP scripts and a full library of scripts that have already been written by others. PHP is a strong language that can provide fantastic server-side functionality and deliver pages at a rapid speed. It is largely developed by Zend, a company that sells PHP products, related tools for programming, and technical support. Approximately 22 million websites and 450 programmers use PHP and that number continues to increase every day. Some of the well known companies that rely on PHP include T-Online (Deutsche Telekom) Lufthansa, and Yahoo.

Uses for PHP

PHP isn’t limited to Web uses. Many programmers use it as a language for command lines. For example, if you have an online application that must run a few lines of code at periodic intervals, the PHP code can be written to automatically schedule this function. Another valuable feature of PHP is that it can determine from where your visitors are viewing your website. Consequently, you can make sure that they’re reading the page in the local language when they first arrive on the page, in accordance with the preferences set in their Internet browsers. PHP is also a good solution when you need to create documents in portable document format (PDF). PHP methodologies are object-oriented and have strong mathematical capabilities. They can use any of the standardized Internet protocols and they can communicate with IMAP and local mail programs. Finally, your company can use PHP and standardized TCP/IP sockets to write news and FTP clients. At your discretion, these can support cryptography for data security and/or servers used for databases.

Trends in PHP Programming

Zend recently estimated that there are approximately 500,000 PHP developers, attesting to the significance of PHP and particularly its many revisions, which make it an important general-purpose programming language and not merely a language for Web development. The wide use of PHP is opening up many new potential possibilities, such as creating search engines with PHP. One item of special interest is that PHP developers seem willing to place some basic standards within the PHP-based engine. As websites increasingly become data-driven and many have powerful underlying databases, PHP is being used more and more with MySQL, a powerful command-driven query languages for relational databases. This combination of technologies brings new power to generators of random facts and search engines.

What should I look for in a PHP Programmer?

Just knowing PHP well is no guarantee that the programmer can help you develop the business solutions you need. When choosing a programmer, you should make sure that he or she has:

  • A creative, open-minded approach to solving problems
  • 2+ years of experience or equivalent education (which must include some coding experience)
  • A solid portfolio of completed work that includes online ASP projects
  • Experience with website creation that is database-driven
  • Experience in transactional website development, for your ecommerce needs

If you choose to use a PHP programmer through an outsourcing firm, you must also consider the offshore company’s qualifications. Specifically, become familiar with the company’s standards for quality, not only in the products it delivers, but also in selecting and retaining employees. Most software development firms have their own standards for coding, often strongly influenced by the relevant national government, so be sure to ask whether the firm is willing to adapt those standards to better meet your needs.

Is Outsourcing an OSD PHP Programmer Cost-Effective?

When you work with OSD, one of our expert programmers is dedicated to your project, so you have access to one of our employees, not a freelancer. You simply pay the costs of their work while we remain responsible for all HR and related issues. Our programmers have impressive experience in software development based on PHP. In addition, they have strong communication skills and have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to understand clients’ needs. They harness their creativity and skills in technology and analysis to deliver solutions that truly work for your business - not for technology’s sake alone. All of these attributes, combined with an entrepreneurial orientation and careful planning, make our programmers the best in the business because they are always concerned with your company’s financial success. Their enthusiasm, energy, and intelligence are what underlie OSD’s impressive growth.

How do You Price the Programmers’ Services?

We recommend that your company contract a PHP programmer on a full-time basis, because this provides maximum flexibility during the project’s development. Our programmers’ services and prices are described on monthly rate cards. You’ll have access to a highly qualified and professional project manager with strong IT knowledge and an active role in making sure that your project proceeds as it should, as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our monthly rates give you the lowest price possible, so you can easily predict your budget and have ownership of the IP. You’ll have a high level of control over the project and you can decide what level of expertise you’re looking for among the available PHP programmers.

Are Programmers Cheaper in Vietnam than in the USA?

In the United States, a typical PHP programmer earns approximately $80,000 annually, but the company where he or she works actually has costs of greater than $100,000 when overhead and infrastructure costs are considered. When you instead outsource and choose to use one of our PHP programmers in Vietnam, you’ll benefit from significant cost savings. This is because many departments and individuals have a role in software development, but you won’t need all those services on a continual basis. For example, most projects have the following breakdown:

  • Design and architecture, 15% of time, 20% of cost
  • Development and testing, 65% of time, 52% of cost
  • Other, 20% of time, 28% of cost

When you outsource to OSD, the work is distributed to these different functions as appropriate, thereby reducing total project costs. What would take one person one year to finish in the United States at a cost of $100,000 can be done by one of our PHP teams in Vietnam at a total cost of approximately $20,000. That represents cost savings of 80%. But you’ll never be obligated to work with an entire PHP team of programmers unless that’s what you want. You always have the flexibility to choose whether you want to hire a PHP team or individual PHP programmers. Please call or email us today so that we can begin putting together our proposal for the best solution to your specific software development needs.