Why Are OSD’s .NET Programmers The Best of The Best?

The .NET programmers at OSD are among the best .NET programmers anywhere in the world. They possess all the requisite technical skills that a .NET programmer should have, and more. But what sets our programmers apart from their peers is their non-technical skills Time and time again, our clients praise our programmers for their thorough and comprehensive understanding of the industry in which our clients work, their reliability, and their strong communication skills. When combined with solid technical skills, these three characteristics are what guarantee that our clients will be satisfied with the final deliverables

Understanding the Industry

Every industry and every sector has its own specific terminology and business processes. If a programmer doesn’t understand these aspects of an industry, then a project is likely to fail. Our programmers however have a basic knowledge of almost all industries, and for those that they might not be familiar with, they study intently and learn as much as they can as quickly as possible.


when our programmers say that something will be finished by a certain date, then that’s exactly what will happen. We know that our clients shouldn’t ever have to deal with frustrating delays, so we do everything in our power to build up trust for a long-term business relationship by ensuring that we are the most trustworthy and reliable software developers anywhere.


Offshore outsourcing inevitably brings communication challenges, because the client isn’t able to have regular in-person interactions with the people who are actually developing the software. But at OSD we have years of experiences building solutions to avoid communication mishaps. Our team members are always available via telephone, instant messaging, and email, and they are expert communicators who know the importance of fully understanding clients’ needs in order to avoid problems and delays.